Summer Love

Rose was an ordinary, 21 year old, London girl. When she meets the gorgeous, flirty, pathetic Harry Styles in L.A her life will be turned upside down.


7. L.A. Hospitals

I awoke in a sleek white bed, with depressingly white walls and furniture placed sophisticatedly around the room. I turned my head ever so slightly and I noticed the wires, plugs, charts and buttons that were dotted all around, looking somewhat organised in the most peculiar way. Confusion and weariness settled comfortably into me, and I awkwardly shuffled on the bed, feeling a strange, unfamiliar pang in the pit of my belly. I lifted my left hand and noticed a piece of tape wrapped around the back of my palm, and a tube carrying a clear, unfamiliar substance peeking through.


I gasped and shoved my hand back under the thin sheet, realisation flooding through my brain, and I moaned loudly into the empty room. Needles. Why, oh why did they have to shove a needle in my arm! Squirming, I murmured reassuringly to myself. I stopped and almost laughed, if it weren't for the queasiness I felt. First sign of madness, I took a deep breath and tried to think things through.


The memories of last night were flooding back, as fragments of the room corresponded with my midday dilemma. I remembered voices and beeps and flashing lights, and I remember staying here until 6 pm, half drugged and half terrified. I held my right hand, free of any foreign needles poking through my flesh, to give the biggest face-palm in the history of my life. I remember the other's murmuring, Sophie calling her mum and Harry squeezing my hand reassuringly. 


I thought back to how I got here, and what happened after my midday meltdown.




"It's OK, we've just given you some pain killers so we can numb the pain. It looks like you've got a stomach inflammation, so we're going to give you some-" 


"Where's Harry?" I asked, cutting off the unnervingly calm man in the white lab coat and the clipboard held in his firmly gripped hands. I, apparently, would be fine in a few hours, but the drugs were taking it's toll and I was losing it. I could feel the Nando's churning inside my stomach and I groaned in regret. I stared menacingly into his eyes, and I could see him flinch as he checked his clipboard, distracting himself as I frantically assessed my surroundings, feeling foreign and lonely. He opened his mouth in response but the door slammed behind him, and we both looked to find a wide-eyed Harry rushing to my side.


"I heard she was awake. Is she alright? Niall was going on about how she might need surgery." The doctor laughed and placed a hand on his shoulder in a friendly manner. Harry glanced nervously at me, concern etched into his expression. Nonetheless, he turned around and chuckled awkwardly with the doctor.


"Does Niall over-exaggerate on a regular basis?" the doctor asked jokingly, and he kindly explained to Harry that I would be fine, but I still needed to stay here overnight. I took this as an opportunity to look at Harry with much more consideration than I ever had before. He seemed normal, even slightly attractive...


It was the Nando's, I swear.


He wore the same clothes as he did tonight; Black skinny jeans and a white polo shirt underneath a light fleece jacket, with his black sunnies resting on top of his head and his white, faded sandals hugging his feet. He was facing away from me and I suddenly was aware that my eyes were moving toward his lower back. I succumbed to my curiosity and I gazed distractedly at his behind, wondering...




I jumped and immediately tilted my head in their direction. I felt my cheeks go red and I looked up at the doctor and Harry as they stared back at me with amused expressions. I glanced sheepishly at the doctor, asking him to give us some privacy silently with my eyes. He looked at Harry, and even with his back turned I could tell he was asking the same thing.


"Two minutes, and then she needs rest." even after he left the room, we could still hear him chuckling. I swear I heard him murmur something about young love, but I pushed that aside as I felt Harry's eyes grazing over my body. It seems that even in a hospital gown I looked amazingly attractive.


"You have a cute bum." I blurted it out without even thinking, and I winced as I watched him smirk. Think before you speak, Rose. He chuckled and I watched the way his eyes lit up. I felt my cheeks get impossibly red as his dimples stood proudly against his mouth, his body turning to face me completely.


"Not so bad yourself." He shook his head and sauntered over to the chair next to me, swivelling it around and falling back on it casually. He ran a hand through his messy curls and I somehow kept myself from grinning as I mockingly scoffed in disbelief. We giggled, getting lost in the electricity that floated around the space between us. Harry had somehow manoeuvred himself around so that his head was resting on the backs of his arms, which were crossed lazily over the iron bars that surrounded the hospital bed I lay in. It was uncomfortable, but I ignored that as Harry and I both stilled and stared deeply into each other's eyes. I gazed at him, bathing in the warmth that seemed to follow him wherever he went.


I noticed now that he had tear stains under his eyes. Only a few, but enough to make me wonder; were those tears shed over me? I mean, I had been ushered into the hospital quite dramatically. Even I was scared! He was looking right into my eyes, and I was staring right back at his. So many emotions were flooding through me now, it was hard to think straight. So, I kept staring into his eyes, hoping for something to happen. I felt his hot breath against my face as he leaned in close, leaving his lips slightly ajar and his eyes gently closed. I felt a rush of anticipation flood through me as he inched closer and closer.


"Alright guys, two minutes is..." The doctor came back with some sleeping pills and a clipboard as he slowed to a halt in the doorway, turning crimson as he noticed our close proximity. Harry stood up and I almost scolded the doctor as Harry strolled out the door with his hands in his pockets. The doctor gave me the pills and a glass of water as I glanced at Harry, staring at me with a smothered grin. He walked out the door and already I felt a part of me disappear with him.


I started to feel drowsy after a few minutes alone with the doctor, but right before I went under, I saw a slightly familiar hoodie slung against the chair, and I saw black as the world disappeared in front of me...




How could I have let myself get that close to Harry?


During my recollection of last night, I had gained the strength to successfully turn onto my side; I now had full access to the bedside table. I gasped in delight as, snuggly placed in between my belongings, there was my phone. It was like a beacon of hope in an ocean of confusion. Even through all this drama, I still had my twitter. I reached over and grasped the cool object in my frantic fingers.


I turned on the thankfully fully charged phone and tapped my passcode on the clear, glossy screen. I noticed several texts from mum. Obviously, Sophie had told her everything. She was helpful like that, and she knows I would've done exactly the same for her. I texted mum saying that I was fine, and she seemed to calm down and said goodbye shortly after. Opening twitter, I reminisced about all the days I spent on this pointless yet annoyingly addictive app. I scrolled down and replied to various tweets. I laughed when I saw a selfie of Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn on Sophie's account. I was there too, and we were surrounded around the wooden table, pulling ridiculous faces at each other. She had gained 2000 new followers after that post, and I was so astonished I actually laughed out loud.


I saw that Harry had replied to her tweet, and I had to cover my mouth with my violated hand to stop myself from howling with laughter. I guess it had sunk in a little that I was hanging out with the biggest boy band in the world, but seeing that tweet was the cherry on top of the craziest cake. I realised that Sophie posted her photo 2 hours ago, and I looked at my phone to check the time. 9am was written in small white writing, and I counted the hours I'll have stayed in this quiet hospital. I remembered the doctor had said I was staying until 10am, and I arrived here at 12:10pm yesterday.


Using my insanely amazing math skills, I calculated that I will have stayed at hospital for 21 hours and 50 minutes. The weird thing was that Sophie posted her photo at 7am, and she always sleeps in late. So why was she all of a sudden waking up early? I read her caption;


Hanging out with THESE BOYZZ! Going to have breakfast with @onedirection ! Can't wait to see you @Rose_Perf_xoxo ! 


I smiled and kept scrolling, the buzz of Twitter fame flowing through me like a wave of relief. So I wasn't alone. I kept scrolling with a smile on my face as I saw another photo of me, except this time Soph didn't take it. Harry was holding the phone at an arm's length, pulling an over exaggerated smile. His dimples shone from the camera light while I lay sleeping, the needle on my wrist clearly visible in the photo. I gasped for probably the hundredth time this morning, and I looked at the amount of retweets and replies. Hundreds of thousands of people had seen this photo, and I glazed my eyes over the caption, still in shock;


Don't eat spicy Nandos. Haha @Rose_Perf_xoxo p.s @SophieQueen3564 gave me your twitter ;)


After four years of that annoying blue dot never being tapped, I finally opened up my notifications, and 800,000 different activities related to me appeared before my eyes. For some reason, I felt suddenly encompassed, and I scrolled down the never-ending page of retweets, favourites, and mentions. It was all too much, and I threw my phone down, quickly turning off all twitter alerts and notifications.


I turned onto my back, looking up at the ceiling and propelling a loose tendril into the air with one swift breath. I crossed my arms and looked to the chair that Harry sat on. I traced my lips, smiling at the thought but quickly snatching them away. I couldn't let Harry have me completely entranced by his games. I'm sure that he probably only likes me for my looks. I only like him for his looks too. I mean, his hair is nice, his dimples are adorable, his smile is kind, and his laugh is so genuine, it makes me feel like he cares-


I had to slap myself to snap out of it. It was all getting too confusing, my stomach hurt, and I was really cold. I looked for an extra blanket but there was none to be seen, so I reached for the nurse button that had caught my eye yesterday. I turned to press it but as I did, I spotted a black hoodie slung over the chair. I immediately knew it was Harry's, because I remembered everything about yesterday, and I could probably draw that jacket with my eyes closed.


I reached out for it and just managed to clasp the zipper. Dragging it across to me, I slipped my arms in the oversized sleeves and surrounded myself with Harry's musk. I napped for ten minutes, smiling goofily and I snuggled into the jacket. Eventually, though, the nurse came in and said someone had come to pick me up. I stuffed all my items into a bag and got changed, leaving the flimsy medical robe folded neatly on the freshly made bed. I was about to leave when I grabbed Harry's jacket and slipped it over my shoulders. 


I bobbed along the corridor, feeling uneasy but somewhat refreshed, as the nurse lead me down to the ground floor. As we waited for the elevator, she leaned over to me. Placing one hand on her hip and the other underneath her studious gaze, she smiled right at me. I turned and mustered a quizzical expression. She was young, maybe a few years older than me but enough to be imposing and intimidating. I noticed a ring on her left ring finger, and I wondered who would want to marry such a suspicious lady.


"How's that boyfriend of yours? Harry, was it?" His name sparked a strange new emotion in me, and I cocked my head to the side and glanced at her in negation. 


"He's not... We're just friends." She looked surprised at first, but then scoffed in a friendly manner. The elevator arrived and we stepped inside. We were on floor 1, and apparently Sophie or someone would be waiting right outside.


"Well, the way he looked at you... I just assumed... I mean, I'm no relationship guru but this guy means business. I've only seen that look on two people's faces. My husband, and your 'friend'." the invasive nurse made air quotes around the word friend, and I thought back to Harry. He wasn't looking at me that way, was he? Yeah, we almost kissed (again), but he doesn't love, he just flirts.


The doors opened and I saw Sophie staring back at me. I thanked the nurse and she winked back at me. I know what she meant by that wink, and it wasn't just a friendly goodbye. She really thinks Harry and I will end up together. I brushed the thought aside as I asked Sophie about the boys.


"They're having enough trouble over last night, they can't keep coming into hospitals like this." She spat at me, and I blinked in surprise. Sophie stormed ahead and I trailed behind her, calling after her as we walked through the automatic doors. She fished something out of my bag and thrust it into my hands.


"Sophie, this is no time for magazines..." I froze as I read the headline. All over the front cover of it was my face. I was smiling and posing outside of Nando's. Harry stood next to me, poking his tongue out and putting bunny ears behind my head. The OMG's and WTF?!'s were scrawled in pink lettering all over the photo. I looked up at Sophie as she stood with her shoulders squared and her face hardened. I could see why she was mad.


Because all over a national magazine, It was stated that I was dating Harry.


Hi, fellow Directioners! I just wanted to tell you the facts. we each write every third chapter, and the order has gone like this so far; I have written chapters 1, 4 & 7; Madi has written chapters 2 & 5 and Annabelle has written chapters 3 & 6. Our accounts are; Madi- hazzaisminenoturs; Annabelle-annabellekidd and me-An12na. Love you all! Mwah xxx

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