Summer Love

Rose was an ordinary, 21 year old, London girl. When she meets the gorgeous, flirty, pathetic Harry Styles in L.A her life will be turned upside down.


10. I can't do this

I instantly met harry's eyes and all I could see was the hurt and sorrow in his eyes. I couldn't do this. I like them both. If I be with Niall, I hurt Harry. If I be with Harry, I hurt Niall. I can't do it. I let go of Niall's hand and ran straight out the door. I could hear them yelling my name from behind, I only knew one person who could catch me. Harry. I could hear the footsteps getting closer and closer but I kept running. I made it to the beach when harry finally stopped me.


"Are you ok?"He asked. Oh crap his voice is really turning me on. Stop rose we are here to think about all the decisions. I nodded.Harry sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulder.

"I think you should chose Niall. Yes, Niall did tell me. But since the first time Niall saw you he wanted you and he deserves a girl like you more than me. You're amazing Rose, you just dont see it like I do. You're beautiful and always know how to make me laugh. Im in love with you and all your little things"

"You're not even going to put up a fight. Even if you love me?" I asked.

"Sometimes letting the best things go turns out to be the better thing to do" He stated. I nodded.


He jumped up wiping the sand off his jeans and held out his hand for me to grab. I used his hand to get up and instantly let go when I saw who was watching us the whole time. Niall. Urgh, he doesn't give me any privacy.

" Hey, Harry. If I were your girlfriend, would you give me privacy with other boys?" I asked looking straight in harry's eyes. "I trust you, so yeah. A relationship is all about love and trust" He stated. I nodded.




It was time to make my relationship with Niall official. I grabbed Niall's hand and our fingers intwinned petrfectly. I looked over at Harry and he was cheering with all the other boys. "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" They all shouted apart from Harry. Niall looked at me and started to lean in so did I. Then our lips touched and they moved perfecly in sink, but the one problem was I didnt feel anything. Nothing like when Harry kissed me.


Get this stuff out of your mind rose. Harry wants you to be with Niall. Follow his insructions. No I can't do this. I need space and time to think about my options.

"Boys, can you please call your girlfriends, Sophie and I need a day to shop with girls" I demanded.

"Don't Have one" Harry replied. He looked so sad and hurt. I wish I could have done something to help him. I hate seeing him like that.


The girls arrived and I knew who was who because of Sophie. As soon as they got to the house we left for the shops. We all jumped in the car and started to chat.

"So, Rose what's going on with you and Harry?" Eleanor asked.

"Nothing. I thought there was something but Harry made it pretty clear for me to be with Niall. So here I am and I really do like Niall" was my answer. They all looked at me and finally Eleanor spoke up

"You mean to say that THE Harry Styles told you to be with Niall." I nodded.


We reached the shops and started off with the closest shop. We went in there and I brought a white zip up crop top with gold studs on the neckline. With an aqua skirt that stops at my knee at the front and goes to my ankles at the back. I needed a new dinner outfit anyways, because I had to keep wearing the same shit all the time. All the girls got a new outfit too. Which was Sophie, Eleanor and me.


We decided to go into an accesories store and in there I brought some white heels with gold studds and some aqua earrings to match my new outfit. Sophie got all these hoop earrings that she loved and El got so many necklaces. When we were walking out of the store we saw Harry and hid in a bush next to us. He was walking into the store and he picked up a chain and a ring and brought them both. I wonder who for.


We were all hungry so we went to a cafe and ordered some lunch. I got a text from Niall as we sat down. the text read:

Hey, Come back soon. We are all going to go out for a fancy dinner

Niall xx


We ate our lunch really quickly and then headed straight back to the car. But we were stopped by paparazzi. I was so scared. El grabbed Sophie and my hand and dragged us to the car. Sophie was taking model shots and I was starting to get claustrophobic.


We soon arrived back and Niall gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear "Get ready now. We are leaving in an hour" I nodded and ran up the stairs.


I went for a quick shower and got out my new outfit. I ripped off the tags and put my new clothes on. I was about to start curling my hair when I heard a knock on the door. "Come in" I yelled. It was Harry. He walked up to me.

"I brought you this, so that you would always have a piece of us boys when we go on tour" He stated. He handed me a chain with a diamond ring on it. A small smile escaped my lips.

"Thank you so much Harry. I love it!" I gave him a massive hug and he smiled too.


"Can you put it on for me?" He took it out of my hand and started to put it on himself. I chuckled

"No. On me!" I said between laughs. He gave me an OMG look. Then he motioned for me to turn around, so I did. He put the necklace around my neck and I felt something I've never felt before.


After he put the necklace on I turned to face him. I looked into his emeral eyes....

Hi guys, it hazzaisminenoturs here. I hope you are liking our book. Please comment. What do you think is going to happen?

Love you all



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