Summer Love

Rose was an ordinary, 21 year old, London girl. When she meets the gorgeous, flirty, pathetic Harry Styles in L.A her life will be turned upside down.


9. Confusion

When a surprisingly attractive, blond, Irish boy is smacking his delicate lips against yours whilst you're in the midst of arguing with another gorgeous, curly-haired boy you're kind of dating, there's only so much you can do. At the time, I couldn't handle all this information at once. Letting my subconscious instincts kick in, my body decided to give control to;


1. The Department of Unexpected Scenarios and Unprecedented Reflexes. These guys took one look at the situation and said "Make her kiss him". The department bashed and manoeuvred themselves against all different buttons until, after a slightly awkward millisecond, I was successfully pressing my lips gently and passionately against my newly found romantic interest. The department cheered and leaped for joy, happily celebrating their great job of completion.


2. The Bureau of Panic and Disorder is not one to be judged upon, almost as frantic as the aforementioned branch of unconscious thought processing. Their job consisted of taking one look at all the possible, mainly unappealing outcomes, and basically... Panicking. "Harry!" The entire Bureau screeched. The Department of Unexpected Scenarios and Unprecedented Reflexes compromised with the Bureau of Panic and Disorder, and quickly peeled my eyes opened, stopping my body from doing anything but staring at Niall in complete shock. 


3. The Commission of Logical thinking took over, calmly but efficiently sorting out the situation. I, however, was still frozen. My passionate and optimistic Irish friend had not yet realised that I was no longer moving against him. "She does like Niall," the commission stated. "But, Harry is a whole new experience. We believe Rose needs to think about what action she's taking and what consequences there will be before kissing boys all over the place."


4. The Association of Communication was trying to form thoughts into words. Should I remind Niall about the opinions of the rest of the band? No, they said. Too irrelevant. Sophie's opinion? That wouldn't get us anywhere, they collectively sighed. She would definitely support the idea of Niall and I, which is not what we need right now. Harry? Niall would be offended and confront him before you could say 'What do we do now'. So, carefully and precisely, I formed the (almost) flawless verbal, emotional and physical response.


"Niall..." I started, prying myself away from him. "We can't do this. You know that I'm sort of with-" I stopped myself as Niall realised who I'd been talking about, and something inside of him changed, just like the night when I was so close to kissing Harry.


"But you kissed me back." 


"That was reflex. Think about this, Niall!" I yelled. I immediately regretted yelling when Niall flinched. I could tell he was hurt, and all of a sudden that glimpse of pain had turned into a cold hard stare.


He shook his head. First in disbelief, then in anger. He let go of my hand (which I hadn't realised he'd already been holding in the first place) and wiped it on his jeans. I didn't know that he'd been so nervous... He got up off the bed and turned to tower over me, obviously aiming to intimidate me. Large tears were brimmed in his eyes, and his fists clenched until his knuckles turned white and his nails left an imprint so deep that they almost drew blood.


"You think I haven't thought about this? Rose, this moment has been keeping me up at night. You think I haven't weighed up the options? I wasn't just going to let you go that easily. You kissed me back, remember? And, why are you yelling at me? It's not like this is about Harry-..." I flinched, and Niall picked up on it. Pausing mid-sentence, his eyes widened and realisation filled him with more rage. I thought everyone knew Harry and I were... whatever we were. Obviously, Niall had until now believed Harry was just flirting with me, and I felt bad for not being clearer with Niall. After that first night, with the punch, I guess I had just forgiven Harry, but my relationship with Niall had remained the same.


"Niall, calm down-" I started, not wanting him to do something he would regret. He cut me off, looking at me with betrayal etched into his features. Only now had I realised that not only did Niall punch Harry because he is notorious for his reputation of womanising, but also because Niall may have had feelings for me back then too...


"This is about Harry, isn't it?" He shook his head again, and I felt slightly offended. I knew how he felt about Harry. Always taking his girls, always in the spotlight, and where did that leave him? Lonely and under appreciated. But why does he have to rule my life? If I like Harry, he should just accept it! But then I looked him straight in the eye, and he looked... Hurt. 


I looked down at my shoes guiltily, thinking that maybe the reason Niall had been so opposed to me and Harry being together was just because Niall wanted me, not some girl who had a massive, visible scar where Harry had ripped her heart out. Niall wanted to mend my broken heart, I could tell, but he also wanted me to accept his genuine love rather than run back to Harry as many times as I could until all I was left with was a Harry-shaped void in the centre of my heart. 


To put it simply, you can't cram a Niall into a Harry-shaped hole, and Niall seemed to know this more than anyone.


"You have feelings for him, don't you?" His voice cracked slightly, just audible enough to make me look at him again. In a matter of seconds, he had gone from jealousy to disappointment to rejection. I watched as his shoulders slumped over in defeat and vulnerability and instinctively, I held my hand out to him. He sauntered over to me, and I began to weigh up my options. When you came down to it, I only had two choices. 


Harry or Niall?


"Even though he's a twisted, filthy, lying pig," Niall continued, calm but aggravated. "You're just going to sit and wait for him to change. You have this... demented fantasy that he's just going to scoop you up in his arms and turn into this... Perfect guy!" He sat down on the bed, holding my hands with this lovesick expression on his face. I wanted to hug Niall, so I did. He hugged me back reassuringly, and I smiled in relief, knowing Niall didn't hate me for having feelings for Harry. Every girl did, I guess.


I found myself thinking about earlier, when Harry had his hands wrapped around my waist, when Niall broke the comfortable silence with his accusing tone. His voice reverberated through me, and I found myself tuning out for several moments, divulging in the steady vibrations. I found myself wondering if I really felt any romantic feelings about Niall. Sure, maybe feelings were there, but how strong were they?


"Why can't you just see me for what I am?" He asked, and I contemplated the meaning of his words. "Why cant you see me for what I want to be? The minute you bumped into me on that beach, I knew that I would always have feelings for you. The way you laugh, the way you're so charismatic and couldn't give a flying hoot about anyone else's crude opinion..." He pulled out of the hug to grasp my full attention, put his palm on the side of my face, gingerly stroking my cheek tenderly with his thumb.


Hmm...Niall or Harry? I thought dreadfully hard for the next few minutes, Niall staring at me with those giant blue orbs of his. Niall was a great guy. He really was, I knew he would always be there for me. I could plan our life out right here and right now. In 10 years, I would come home with two gorgeous children. One with blue eyes, freckles, and dirty-blonde hair like me. Another with blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes like Niall. It would be a simple life. A simple, easy life.


Tedious, even. 


I focused on these things, willing myself to give Niall a chance, but when he touched me, it didn't leave a trail of goosebumps like Harry did, whether it was simply rubbing against my shoulder or trailing his finger across my exposed skin. When Harry and I were in the same room together, you knew that there was a mixture of fire and ice in our relationship. He was so forbidden and alluring, but at the same time so... elusive, and almost unbearable. Being with him was like a thunderstorm in the middle of a desert. So new and so powerful, but would we ever be a perfect couple? Everything Niall's said is true, but there really is something changing inside of him. He even said he'd fallen in love with me!  


But, the logical side of me thought, I don't want to be hurt. Harry could make me feel amazing, but he could also make me feel depressed and unwanted. What if I'm left wanting more from him, needing more from him, and he's already making out with a girl on the other side of the room, laughing at me and my stupid obsession. Yes, he said he loved me, but that's probably what he tells all the girls. I'm not going to be another 'fling'. Almost as if Niall heard my thoughts, he placed his lips softly against my cheek, embracing me and whispering softly into my ear.


"I would never hurt you."


I kissed him hard, my hands entwining around the nape of his neck. He pulled me close, wanting me more and more as time grew, and I felt a tear run down my cheek. It rolled onto Niall's chin, and he stopped and pulled back ever so slightly, kissing my tears away as he smiled against me.


He thought he knew exactly what was going on. Of course, he'd think I was crying tears of joy for finally realising what was in front of me. The truth was that I had been so confused. Kissing Niall wasn't for our sake but for the sake of my pride. All I could think of was the way Harry had been so mean to me, how he had hurt me more than anyone before when I realised he never tried to progress like Niall did.


Why couldn't he just be serious about our relationship rather than say he loved me one minute, then say he didn't after one stupid argument I had with him. Before I had refused to believe this, that Harry was just using me. I thought he loved me, but now I realise that the truth was that he never really cared for me. He just wanted a good hook-up. Well, now that I had Niall, I could do and be whoever I wanted! I was happy, wasn't I? Niall was happy and Harry would move on because that's what he always did, head out to another night club, meet a hot girl and stick his tongue down her throat.


So why was I crying about all of this? 


Niall smiled at me, leading me out of the bedroom and down the stairs. I looked at him with a look of 'Where are we going? I was having fun back there'. He laughed and kissed me lightly as I smiled against his soft, plump lips. Still waiting for a response, I pulled away and looked at him expectantly. 


"By the way... Where are we? What happened to the beach house?" Niall laughed (again) and shrugged it off, telling me we were just further away from the beach. I frowned at him, and made a mental note to talk to Sophie about stranger danger.


"We should probably head back down before anyone gets suspicious about why I came up here. You're pretty alert now, right?" I nodded and he continued. "Well, the boys and Sophie are still awake, so let's go and tell them the good news." He winked at me and I laughed, suddenly very alert, due to him being so close to me. I gave into temptation as I kissed him again. He squeezed my hand reassuringly as he led me down the stairs. He nodded his head and led me through the foyer.


I instantly met Harry's eyes...


Hi readers, it's An12na, one of the co-authors of 'Summer Love'. I hope you guys like the chapter! We've always known about this discrete love triangle but now NIALL'S OFFICIALLY WITH ROSE!! Idk about you but that cliffhanger at the end... I know, I'm mysterious like that ;) What do you guys think Harry will do???? Will he move on or will he be angry?? Find out next chapter and like, favourite and leave a comment below with your predictions :) xxxx Ily!


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