Moonlight High (Book 1 Of The Moonlight Series)

Cover made by Herleen28 check her out. She is an amazing person and does awesome covers

Moonlight High filled with students not just any students the school is filled with werewolves. Yup you heard me werewolves, every werewolf comes here to learn like any normal school. You have two groups the pure-bloods and the Lycanthropy.

Emily is from the first and last royal bloodline which means danger for her and her family
Blake is a full-blood but is not royal but will protect Emily at any cost

Emily is Blake's mate

But its not as easy as it sounds

Story of


3. 3




The next day I walked into the school and felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, I gasped at the surprise but knew it was my boyfriend James, I looked up to see his brown eyes staring at me, I couldn't help but smile when his lips connected to my forehead.

"You know you can't be here baby not with Blake around If Blake catches you..." I was cut off my his lips hitting mine.

I couldn't help but smile, when I first met James I didn't know he was evil until he told me, I than told him I am very well attracted to bad guys and we started dating. He's not as bad as people say he is, deep down there is a heart wanting to come out, yes he has a temper and so do I, we fight a lot but that's what you need in a relationship like this but than we kiss and make up after the fight is finished. James and I went somewhere secret so we could kiss a little more harder and better, when we pulled away James eyes met mine.

"I wanted to see you" James mumbled.

I smiled, "Just be careful next time, I don't want Blake hurting you and plus with the princess around he would kill you" I said.

"The princess is here?" James asked confused.

"Yeah Emily is the Royal Princess" I said.

"Shit! If my parents find out they will kill her, I won't tell them okay but if they find out its not by me" James said. You see what I mean about having a heart he even cares for the princess the one everyone wants to kill along with her family.

"It's okay don't worry Blake is protecting her and plus I saw bodyguards watching her so she would be fine" I said.

"No last night she almost got killed by some of the pack because she was alone, they will get her when she is alone" James said and kissed me once more. "I have to go and be careful today its not just my parents pack after Emily" James whispered.

"Who else?" I asked.

"You don't want to know and they will get through you guys to get to her they won't care who you are" James said and left, this made me think who could they be.

I walked towards Blake's table since I was in his pack, I spotted Emily and Blake talking but it was cute, people even say Blake is bad. Yes he is a jock but he isn't stuck up he would be there for someone who needed it.

"Ahh Summer there you are" Blake smiled.

"Yeah here I am" I said.

"Summer this is Emily, Emily one of my friends Summer" Blake said.

"Hi" Emily and I said.




When school had finished, I noticed Emily and Blake talking again but they were also talking to some guys in black suits, I walked over to them. They looked at me weirdly as if I had crossed a line or they didn't want me to know what they were talking about.

"Your house was attacked Emily, your parents are fine" A man said with blonde hair.

"Who did this?" Emily asked.

"We don't know" The same guy said.

"You don't know!" Emily yelled.

Blake looked at me, "Summer go" He said.

"No" I said.

"Go now" Blake warned.

"I know who did it" I said and everyone looked at me. "It's a new pack of wolves out to get Emily no one else."

"Why are they just after me?" Emily asked.

"That is all I know sorry Emily, I heard from a friend of mine that none of you know that they would kill anyone to get to you, so they need you for something" I said.

Some of the bodyguards walked off as they talked on their earpieces.









When I got home I heard my parents talking.

"We need to attack the castle soon we can't wait any longer we need the princess to transform so we can make her evil, we need her powers" My Father said.

They want to make the princess evil but she would never transform unless they kill someone she is close to. Her parents or Blake? I don't know but I need to warn Summer when I see her next, I can't let my parents do this, I walked into the kitchen where my parents were and they stopped talking I don't think they want any of us to know what is going on.

"How was school?" My mother asked.

"It was okay" I said there is another school that is just like Moonlight High but it has all the evil packs instead of the good ones.

"Your teachers are proud of you, they say you are the best student there" My Father said.

"Yeah I am" I said and walked to my room where I grabbed my phone and text Summer.



Me: Let Blake know tomorrow my parents are planning to attack the castle to kidnap the princess

Summer: Why do they want her?

Me: To turn her evil for the power she will have

Summer: But what if he doesn't believe me

Me: Its the only way to keep the princess safe, I will tell you more tomorrow

Summer: Okay bye James xx

Me: Bye Summer see you tomorrow beautiful xxoo



When I put my phone down my mother walked in.

"Son we need to talk" She said.

"Sure come sit down" I said.

"Now I know you heard us before but I want you there when we attack the castle" My mother said.

"When?" I asked.

"Soon, we need to hurt someone close to her first" Mother said.

"Okay" I said.

"What is wrong son? You seem distant" Mother said.

"Nothing is wrong, I am just trying to finish school is all" I said.

Mother nodded and stood up, "Oh and your father wants you to kill the princess's parents" She said smiling before she walked out.

I gulped, no way could I kill her parents. This is going to be so hard to protect Summer now and I don't want my parents to find out anything if they did Summer will be dead and I can't imagine my life with out her. My parents don't even know Summer is my mate, they have never met her and I don't want them to.








Blake and I were talking in my room when Blake told them what Summer had said my father had tightened sercuity and I was so scared of what was going to happen, Blake was trying to keep me calm but he knew that I couldn't even stay in that calm zone anymore.

"What if they do get me?" I asked Blake.

"They won't okay" Blake said.

I placed my head on his shoulder, "I'm just scared" I whispered.

"I know you are its okay to be scared" Blake said.

"Were you ever scared?" I asked.

"Of course I was, I found out I was a werewolf same time as you only because I heard my parents talking, you got told and a few weeks after I turned. That's why I want you to be safe along with your parents they know you will turn soon and it will be hard to control your wolf, that's why you need my help and I will help you" Blake said.

I nodded and smiled softly and wrapped my arms around Blake.

"Tomorrow can you tell me a bit about my background?" I asked Blake.

"Yeah sure" He said as he wrapped his arm around you. "Anything you want to know just let me know and I will try to answer some" Blake said.

"Thank you Blake" I said.

That night Blake had left to go home and when he did I felt really scared I mean I know I was protected by my parents and lots of bodyguards but I just didn't feel as safe as I was when I was around Blake. What Summer said today made me so scared, I don't want this pack to be after me I don't even know what they want from me and knowing that they are out to hurt me means they are going to hurt the people I care about most which are my parents and friends, I can't lose them and I also do know they will be after Blake since he is so strong and I don't want to lose him either, I think I like him.

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