Moonlight High (Book 1 Of The Moonlight Series)

Cover made by Herleen28 check her out. She is an amazing person and does awesome covers

Moonlight High filled with students not just any students the school is filled with werewolves. Yup you heard me werewolves, every werewolf comes here to learn like any normal school. You have two groups the pure-bloods and the Lycanthropy.

Emily is from the first and last royal bloodline which means danger for her and her family
Blake is a full-blood but is not royal but will protect Emily at any cost

Emily is Blake's mate

But its not as easy as it sounds

Story of


2. 2



I woke up the next morning with sweat rolling down my cheeks, I covered my face with my hands, that dream scared the crap out of me. As I stood up I turned on my bedroom light and wiped off all the sweat, I dreamt about killing everyone is that what I am destined to do kill someone, I don’t want to kill anyone. I need to calm down, I won’t kill anyone I know I won’t kill anyone, I sighed to myself and got dressed for school, when I finished getting dressed I fixed everything up in the mirror.

As my dad arrived in the school parking lot I stepped out along with one of the bodyguards Thomas, he was going to check up on me every hour.

“Alright princess Emily if you need anything call me okay” Thomas said.

I nodded, I waved to both of them and walked into the school gates to see Blake hanging out with his friends as he saw me he gave me a small smile which I gave back. I am hoping today is a better day, those boys that walked up to me yesterday walked past me and I felt something from them, something bad so I stopped walking and looked at them as they continued to walk on, could they be related to the pack that is out to get my family. I saw Blake walking up to me and when he got in front of me he stopped walking.

“You had that dream didn’t you” He said.

“What dream?” I asked, Blake sighed and grabbed my hand dragging to somewhere private.

“You know the one where you kill people” Blake said, has he had it to?

“Yeah I did, how did you know?” I asked.

“Every full-blood werewolf gets them just as they are about to…. Oh my god you are going to transform early!” Blake said almost shouting.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“I don’t know but we have to keep this from going around school” Blake said.

I nodded but I was really scared now has this happened before?



“I felt bad energy coming from those 10 boys yesterday could that mean they are with that pack?” I asked.

“Maybe we just have to wait and see” Blake said.

I nodded and followed Blake back to the front of the school where he went off back to his friends, great I’m alone again. I sighed to myself and sat under a tree it’s like Blake doesn’t even care when he is around his friends, I looked around and saw everyone having fun with their friends and then it hit me I will never have friends due to the royal fuckin blood in my veins. I heard the grass move next to me so I turned to see Blake sitting next to me, he went to touch me when I slapped his hand away.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing go back to your friends” I said.

Blake frowned for a second, “Look I know you hate this okay but you have to learn to deal with it, we all are!” He snapped.

“I never asked to be like this and who are you to tell me what to do?” I asked almost yelling.

“What is wrong with you? This morning you were all nice and now you are a bitch?” Blake asked.

“Well I don’t know maybe because you’re a prick!” I shouted which made everyone turn and gasp, I stood up fuming and left Blake sitting there godsmacked.

How could he tell me to live? With the fact I am a werewolf, I never asked for any of this to happen I want to be normal, I want to be able to do things without getting so angry I want normal parents. I heard laughing behind me which made me turn and gasp, in front of me was 10 werewolves, angry looking ones, I could read their thoughts they were here to get me, I started to back away slowly but they were already wanting to pounce. One of them jumped so I covered myself and heard a gunshot, I turned to see the bodyguards standing in front of me protecting me one of them had a gun. The wolf he had shot was now bleeding on the ground, I felt arms pull me into a hug and I saw Blake, I tried fighting but he was too strong and then I just gave up fighting and cried in his chest.







When Emily had run off I couldn’t help but feel guilty, I know she is trying to deal with this and I know I’m not helping by running back to my friends. I stood up and instantly knew something bad was going to happen as I saw her bodyguards running out of the school, I followed them if she gets hurt I would blame myself, when we got to Emily there was 10 werewolves trying to kill Emily but one of the bodyguards stepped in and pulled out a gun and shot the werewolf that had jumped into the air, the others protected Emily.

I quickly grabbed Emily’s waist and pulled her into my chest, she looked at me and tried to fight but I knew and even she knew I was too strong, I could see Emily give up fighting and place her head into my chest where she started to cry. I rubbed her back and gave her calming words hoping it would, it eventually worked but I knew Emily needed to get all the tears she had been holding in.

“Princess are you okay?” Thomas asked.

“Yes I am thank you” Emily said as she had finished crying.

“I’m sorry” I whispered to her.

“It’s okay” Emily said.

“No its not okay I hurt you, I know what you’re going through everyone does” I said.

“It’s not fare Blake” She whispered.

“I know Emily I know” I said.

A black car had just stopped on the side of the road and out came Mr and Mrs Jane running towards Emily, I let go of her and could see Mrs Jane hug Emily. Mr Jane looked at me and I knew he wanted to know what happened and I told him everything, he looked at me in shock but happiness.

“I’m not proud of you yelling at my daughter but I thank you for going with the bodyguards” Mr Jane said.

“Oh Emily if anything were to happen to you” Mrs Jane whispered.

“I’m fine mum thanks to the bodyguards and Blake” Emily said.

Mrs Jane kissed Emily’s head once more, “Do you want to go back to school?” Mrs Jane asked Emily.

“No but I want Blake to come with me” Emily said.

“Of course sweetheart” Mrs Jane said, and I went home with Mr and Mrs Jane.

As we arrived at their place Emily and I stepped out from the back, I quickly placed my jacket over her shoulders as a cold breeze started to blow. Emily looked at me and gave me a thank you smile, I smiled back placing my hand on her back as we led her into the house, Emily and I walked up to her room where we just talked.

“Why’d you ditch me at school?” Emily asked.

“I thought you were going to come with me, my friends a purebloods and they know a lot about your family, they see you at school all alone and they want to you to meet them” I responded telling the truth, my friends did want to meet her the girls especially.

“You could have told me Blake, I felt so left out when you walked away like I didn’t belong and then you snapped at me” Emily whispered.

“Hey I’m sorry, how about tomorrow you stay with me and my friends the whole day, you are only what 2 grades down from us so you would be fine plus the girls would protect you” I said scratching my chin.

Emily smiled and hugged me I couldn’t help but hug back, her hugs were filled with love and passion which I loved in a girl, since Emily is my mate that makes a bonus I know I have to tell her someday just not day or any day from now. I want her to believe in herself and know she isn’t a freak, to us she is normal the humans are a freak and that she is willing to except who she is. When Emily and I pulled away we heard shouting downstairs, I felt fear rush through my veins along with Emily, she stood up and I had to follow to make sure nothing would happen to her again.


“I didn’t know where she went all I saw was her run out of the school, I’m sorry I freaked out before I called the rest” Thomas said.

“WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS” Mr Jane shouted again.

“We are sorry sir” They all said.

“JUST BE GLAD SHE ISN’T DEAD” Mr Jane shouted.

Emily had walked down the stairs I of course followed her again.

“Dad leave them alone it’s my fault not there’s okay” Emily said.

“But they are supposed to protect you” Mr Jane said.

“Yes I understand that but I left the school pretty fast, the bodyguards and Blake came at the right time okay please don’t blame them, blame me” Emily said.

“Princess” The bodyguards said but Emily held her hand up which made them shut up.

Mr Jane had sighed but walked off.

“Thank you Princess” Thomas said.

“Don’t worry about it, it was my fault anyway” Emily said.

The bodyguards smiled and walked off probably to discuss what they were going to do now, I faced Emily and smiled at her.

“You know Emily you are different than most royals” I said.

“Is that good or bad?” Emily asked.

“It’s good” I smiled and kissed her forehead in a friendly way.

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