Moonlight High (Book 1 Of The Moonlight Series)

Cover made by Herleen28 check her out. She is an amazing person and does awesome covers

Moonlight High filled with students not just any students the school is filled with werewolves. Yup you heard me werewolves, every werewolf comes here to learn like any normal school. You have two groups the pure-bloods and the Lycanthropy.

Emily is from the first and last royal bloodline which means danger for her and her family
Blake is a full-blood but is not royal but will protect Emily at any cost

Emily is Blake's mate

But its not as easy as it sounds

Story of


1. 1

Moonlight High

Book 1 of the Moonlight Series

by MissLove14










Chapter 1


















I was walking through the halls of my new school ‘Moonlight High’ something about this school made me feel safe from the outside world, weird right. My parents and I have moved again but I never mind moving it means I get to go to different places but I know my parents want to stay here now in Florida, as I tried to look for my classes students glared at me but I ignored it like I need friends anyway I had plenty in other states so what. As I entered the classroom everyone looked up and smiles formed across their faces.

“Hi sorry I’m late” I said.

“No your fine Emily” The teacher said I think his name was Mr Howard.

I smiled and found myself a seat and again the students glared at me, am I doing something wrong here, I don’t know what I am doing. I sighed to myself and did the work I needed to do, maybe moving here was a bad idea, if I don’t get along with students or they don’t get along with me I will want to move but I know my parents won’t. Every class I went to I had the same, I groaned to myself as everyone was ignoring me, I hate this school.

As I was about to close my lockers a group of like 10 guys walked up to me.

“What do you want?” I asked a little scared.

“We know what you are” A guy said with dark brown hair said.

“I have no idea what you are talking about” I said, truly I didn’t.

The boys just laughed and one pushed my against the lockers making me gasp in pain as it shot through my body, I didn’t know what they were talking about.

“You are royalty, you smell like it” Another guy said he had black hair and green eyes.

“What are you talking about? I seriously don’t know” I said these guys are beginning to scare me.

“Your parents are Mr and Mrs Jane right” The guy with dark brown hair said.

“Yes they are why is that so important?” I asked.

“Don’t you know that your family are werewolves” The dark brown haired boy continued.

“Oi!” Someone shouted, the person had deep husky voice.

“Blake” The dark brown haired boy had said.

“What are you doing? She isn’t of age yet to know” Blake I think said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked and Blake stood near me but didn’t say anything, he just kept looking at the boys.

“Go” Blake commanded and in a hurry the boys walked away, Blake faced me and looked concerned, “Are you okay?” He asked.

“I don’t know, what did the boys mean by royalty and werewolves?” I asked.

He sighed but didn’t say anything, were my parents keeping something from me? And whatever it was I wanted to know since I am being glared at asked by random people about what I am when I have no idea. What crazy world do I live in? But I thank Blake for coming along when he did, I was scared out of my brains when they guys approached me, when I snapped out of my day dream Blake was talking to someone, my father. Horror showed up on his face okay now I really want to know what is going on, as I walked over to them they just stopped talking.

“Alright dad what the hell is going on?” I asked shouting.

“Honey please not here” Dad said.

“No you tell me right now, I just had 10 guys come up to me and ask something I do not know about, werewolves and royalty what are you keeping from me?” I couldn’t help but shout louder which made everyone in the school turn and face us, Dad grabbed my hand and Blake followed us out.

We got somewhere private and I felt all this angry build inside me, making me punch the wall but I didn’t hurt at all, it had left a dent in the wall but nothing happened to my hand, I looked at my dad and Blake with fire in my eyes that my mother had when she was mad.

“Tell me what is going on and now” I spat at my dad.

He just sighed and nodded, “Okay honey I will but not here, Blake mind coming” Dad said.

“Sure Mr Jane” Blake said.

Why was he so formal? I followed my father and Blake out of the school, I needed to know what was going on if I didn’t I think I might lose it and do something I regret. As Blake and I got into my father’s car, I sighed and sunk into the leather patted seats, I could see Blake and my father talking softly all I did was roll my eyes. As my dad drove to our house by the country side it was silent no one talked or did anything, all I did was look out of the window and watch the grass and houses go by. When dad pulled into the driveway, we all stepped out after he had parked the car but what I didn’t get why there were men in dark suits and ear pieces.

“Mr Jane there has been no sign of them not since this morning sir” A guy said, he was tall and buff like all bodyguards. Was he really a bodyguard?

“Thank you Taylor please keep a look out though, this is my lovely daughter Emily and Blake a family friend” Dad said.

Taylor nodded and waved to us as we walked through the doors of my house, I still couldn’t believe we lived in this nice house, it did scare me a bit to see how much money my parents really had. I followed my dad and Blake into the lounge where my mother was sitting and drinking a nice hot cup of tea her favourite hot drink, she always drunk this when we needed to talk, did dad tell mum about school? Mum faced me and her lips curved into a small smile towards Blake and I.

“Please Emily and Blake sit down” Mum said, we did as we were told.

“Alright Emily it’s time to explain everything” Dad said as he seated next to much on the couch, I nodded towards them which earned a sigh from both of my parents. “Alright sweetheart the school you are going to is no ordinary school, the school is filled with werewolves like Blake, me, your mother and yourself. Our line is from a very Royal background and that means we have other werewolves out to get us we have been hiding for years but when you were born something happened, somehow they knew where we were and they started to trace us, Blake here is an alpha of our friends pack and he has accepted to protect you at all cost. You weren’t allowed to find out you were a werewolf until you were 18 but those boys had to say it, anyway sweetheart what we are trying to say is we are full-blooded werewolves” My dad finished and I just burst out laughing.

“You really want me to believe that, wow dad that is really stupid” I said but they looked at me seriously.

“We aren’t lying have you ever wondered why you were so good at sports, why you always wanted to play outside or why you can hear, see and smell perfectly fine” Dad said.

“But still dad this is a lot to take it are there any other kind of werewolves?” I asked.

“Yes there are you have us full-blooded werewolves which are us and Blake here, full-blooded werewolves can transform anytime and they also have powers that can very to different strengths and weaknesses, Lycanthropy which are like us only they are half human half but they do not have powers and have no power over the full moon so once full moon his they transform Lycanthropy are also killers, killers of human kind they don’t care about anyone but themselves and packs” My dad said.

“What about the pack out to get us?” I asked fear filling through my body but I was instantly calm when Blake touched my back giving me a warm smile as I looked at him.

“They are like us sweetheart full-blooded but are not Royal that’s why you saw those guys in suits before they are here to protect us and Blake’s family, since Blake’s father is my friend the werewolves after us will go after them and sweetheart you will have to be careful you are not a full werewolf yet so they will find it easier to kidnap you and hurt you in so many ways” My dad said.

“Okay dad thank you for telling me but I will need to sleep it off as well” I mumbled.

“Of course sweetheart” Dad said, I waved goodbye to my parents and Blake before heading up stairs to my room.

When I got changed for bed, I climbed into my nice new comfy bed and fell into a deep sleep.





I looked up at Emily’s parents and they looked up at me.

“Thank you for getting our daughter away from those guys” Mrs Jane said.

“No problem, I will keep my eye on Emily tomorrow I know it will be hard due to football training and so forth” I said to Mr and Mrs Jane.

“Look don’t you worry we will have one of our bodyguards look out from her from a far distance but promise me Blake that you will try and make her understand” Mr Jane said.

“Yes sir I will make her understand it may take some time but I will” I said.

Mr Jane also knows that Emily is my mate he could see it in my eyes when I first met her, but I have to wait a while before I tell Emily otherwise she would freak along with Mrs Jane. Mr Jane has helped me out a lot through the years with my dad being an alpha and all he was away a lot so I stayed here and that’s when I met Emily but she can’t remember me since she moved away a lot. But I know I can never let Mr Jane or Mrs Jane down and I will do my best to keep it that way, it may be hard but I am willing to take that risk for their sake.

“Well I should get going bye Mr and Mrs Jane I will see you guys tomorrow maybe” I said before leaving there house.

When I left I knew something wasn’t right, I could feel that something bad was going to come to this family especially Emily which means I have to be extra careful around everyone and watch my back I cannot choke I must protect Emily at all costs, her being my mate and all.

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