Kody had grown up living in an overpopulated were-wolf area in Califronia. Though she never knew they existed, that is until she moved to Utah.

There she met two girls, and they instantly became best friends.She would tell stories to them about her old school and her old best friend, who turned his back on her once they reached High School, and how he would bully other students.

She then met a boy, and not only did she find out one of the biggest secrets of the supernatural world, she finds many about her family and friends.


2. Chapter Two

First day at her new school. Saying that Kody was nervous and scared would be an understatement. She got up extra early this morning so that she could pick the perfect outfit, but she gave up after a while thinking why she was going through all this trouble for no reason. So she settled with light blue jeans, a warm white coat and back ankle boots, since it was the middle of January.

She got to her new school, and noticed that almost everyone waits in the car park until the bell rings to start the day, which made it awkward because everyone was staring at her, as if they could smell fresh meat. She walked through the front doors, ignoring the stares and whispers, and ventured off to find the office. Fortunately for her, there was a sign so large it was difficult to miss, saying it was at the front of the school, so she didn’t need to wander around like a weird person.

She strode into the office and was enclosed instantly by warm air. There was another girl in the office around her age, with blonde short hair with bright pink tips, who was smiling at her.

“Can I help you sweetie?” the receptionist asked Kody.

“Oh, uh, yeah, hi. I’m Kody Hanson, I’m the new girl,” She said awkwardly as she can feel the other girl staring at her like the rest of the student body was before.

“Oh yes! Welcome sweetie! Come here, I’ll get you you’re timetable and everything else,” She replies sweetly and hurried away.

Kody awkwardly walked to the desk and turned around to smile back at the girl.

“Here you go, I have Stevie here to show you around. If you have any problems you can come right back here and ask me,” She said smiling. “Now you two better get going to your first class. Lucky you two are in the same class. No wonder I asked Stevie to show you around. Now go!” she said shooing them away.

Kody replied a quick thanks and followed Stevie out of the office.

“Oh thank goodness I got someone who was nice to show me around. I’ve seen those shows where they get bitches and I was almost praying I didn’t get one, so thank you,” Kody said to Stevie.

“Oh, you think I’m nice? Well sorry to sink your ship, honey. But I’m not even close to being nice. Get in my way and I’ll make your existence in this school hell,” Stevie threatened with an evil eye, and venom in her voice.

“Oh, I-I-I’m sorry,” Kody stuttered.

Stevie scoffed at her, turned around and walked away.

How am I going to get to class now? Kody thought to herself whilst she looked around the hallway observing if anyone looked nice enough to continue the tour.

“Well are you coming or not bitch?” Stevie yelled from the other side of the hallway, making everyone turn and stare at who she yelled at.

Guess I got the bitch and the introduction to the school in less than 5 minutes, Kody thought to herself, as she scurried through the hallway to catch up with Stevie before she stalked away, deserting her.

“Warning, Mr Davidson, our english teacher is a dickhead so don’t get on his bad side, just be quiet, and if he asks you a question don’t look directly in his eye when you answer. He hates when people do that,” Stevie warned Kody.

“Uhh, thanks, I guess,” She replied walking into the room.

“Who do we have here?” Mr Davidson asked looking straight at Kody.

“I’m Kody Hanson,” she replied looking anywhere but at him.

“Do you want a detention on your first day? Show some manners and respect young lady,” He replied and everyone laughed at her.

Kody looked at Stevie who is smirking proudly at the back.

Oh that bi- Kody thinks.

“Ms Hanson, I’m waiting,” he said rather impatiently.

“Sorry sir,” Kody looked up at him for the first time.

“Just go sit,” he ordered and she moved quickly to an open seat next to a girl with brown hair and sat down.

She could feel the girl next to her staring, so she looked through her hair, which was a barrier between them and she saw her staring at her with a smile on her face.

“Can I help you?” Kody asked her trying not to sound mean.

“Hi, I’m Chrissy,” She replied enthusiastically.

“I’m Kody,” Kody said a bit awkwardly.

“I know,” Chrissy laughed lightly.

Kody’s first thought was that she is weird, and turned back to the front.

“I didn’t mean it like I was a crazy stalker, you said it to Mr Davidson,” Chrissy explained to Kody.

“Oh yeah, sorry,” Kody apologized.

Kody was taking down the notes that Mr Davidson had written on the board and continued with the work when Chrissy reached over her and grabbed something.

“What did you take?” Kody asked looking over at her.

“Just your time table,” Chrissy replied non-chantingly. “Oh! We have every class together!”

“Do you mind showing me around, if that’s okay?” Kody asked hopefully.

“Didn’t they set you up with someone to show you around?” Chrissy asked her.

“They did but I have a felling she doesn’t like me,” Kody explained.

“Sure then! Well, in period three, which is maths, you can meet my best friend Beth, and then at lunch you can sit with us!” she said happily and smiling and then started doing her work.

Kody muttered a quick thanks and went back to her work.


When Kody walked into the lunch room, she was astounded at how many students there actually were in this school. She looked around the room and through all the tables in attempt to find Chrissy or even Beth.

She noticed Stevie attacking a guy with her mouth and got grossed out by it. She averted her gaze to the other side of the room and noticed Beth’s crazy purple hair.

She smiled to herself remembering how she used to spot out Eve by her wild red hair. She laughed to herself and walked over to their table.

“Kody!” Chrissy yelled out to her waving her hands.

Lucky the lunch room was really loud or else everyone would’ve looked at the three weirdly.

Beth was sat on the table, Chrissy on one of the benches opposite her. Kody sat down next to Chrissy and laughed at them.

“So what do you think of our school?” Beth asked Kody.

“It’s huge! It’s about triple the size of my old school,” Kody told them.

“Any bitches? Do you have an eye on anyone?” Beth asked, winking at the end.

“Well, there is this one…bitch,” Kody told them.

“Oh yeah! That girl that was meant to show you around, who is it?” Chrissy asked before she took a bite of her lunch.

Kody looked down feeling bad for calling someone a bitch. “Her name is Stevie,” She said and looked up at them to see their faces.

“Oh, just ignore her. She thinks she is king shit because her ma-“Chrissy started.

“Her boyfriend is Tyler,” Beth continued looking at Chrissy like she was about to spill something big. “He is the second…popular guy in school,” She said trying to find the right words.

Kody noticed that they were hiding something but she ignored it. If they wanted to say they would’ve, if they don’t, she’ll give them time.

“Okay. Who is the most popular guy in the school then?” Kody asked interested that they had ranks here.

Beth and Chrissy looked at each other and sighed in relief, glad that Kody didn’t ask what they were hiding.

“His name is Caleb. He is a senior same with Tyler, but Stevie is like us, a junior. Speaking about Caleb, where is he?” Beth said and looked at Chrissy.

“Hunter is also away,” Chrissy stated.

“Who’s Hunter? His girlfriend,” Kody asked, confused on who they were.

Beth and Chrissy chuckled lightly at Kody.

“What?” Kody asked even more confused.

“Hunter and Caleb are siblings,” Chrissy explained.

“Hunter is a year younger than us,” Beth said.

Kody nodded to show that she understood and started eating her lunch.

“Uhh, Kody,” Beth said after a long silence.

Kody looked up to see that she had a thoughtful face.

“Just a warning, Caleb is…is…” Beth tried to say.

“Caleb is a man whore and a dick head,” Chrissy said straight up.

“So like Stevie?” Kody asked.

“Meaner and ruder, and Stevie isn’t a whore. Her and Tyler have been together since they were 16,” Beth said.

“Wow, 16?” Kody asked.

Beth and Chrissy nodded in response.

“That’s weird. My old best friend and his girlfriend have been together too since they were 16,” Kody told them.

“Where did you say you were from?” Beth asked a bit on edge.

“California, why?” Kody asked.

“Beth has a…relative that has had a girlfriend and have been together since they were 16 as well and he is from California.  What’s his name?” Chrissy asked.

“It could be the same person, though I doubt it, but his name is Blake,” Kody told them.

“Beth…” Chrissy said.

“Was he ever…violent to you?” Beth asked Kody.

Kody shook her head. “Not to me. He was always so sweet…well until high school. That’s when he changed and ignored me and a whole heap of my friends. We were kind of the ‘rejects’. He would bully a few, I think even physically, but never me,” Kody told them.

“That bastard,” Beth said and stood up and stormed to Stevie and co.’s table.

“What was that all about?” Kody asked Chrissy just as the bell rung.


Chrissy shrugged her shoulders to say she didn't know and walked away leaving a dumbfounded Kody to run after her so she wouldn’t get lost.

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