Kody had grown up living in an overpopulated were-wolf area in Califronia. Though she never knew they existed, that is until she moved to Utah.

There she met two girls, and they instantly became best friends.She would tell stories to them about her old school and her old best friend, who turned his back on her once they reached High School, and how he would bully other students.

She then met a boy, and not only did she find out one of the biggest secrets of the supernatural world, she finds many about her family and friends.


3. Chapter Three

It’s Friday now. Nothing interesting happened the first week of school for Kody except that Chrissy, Beth and her getting closer. She had spoken to Eve a few times but they were both really busy with school work.

Chrissy, Beth and Kody were in Maths, gossiping and laughing with each other not giving the teacher any attention, who didn’t really care as the whole class, except the nerds, weren’t paying attention.

“Hey, Kody…” Chrissy said.

Kody nodded her head to show that she was listening whilst she was doodling in her book.

“Would you like to sleep over at my house tonight?” Beth asked Kody, secretly hoping she would accept the request.

“Sure! Sounds like fun,” She replied smiling sweetly at them, glad she had made two good friends.

The bell rung right after that and they headed to the lunch room.

As they walked past Stevie’s group table, they overheard that Caleb and Hunter were due back on Monday. When they sat at their table, Chrissy and Beth looked as if they were having a conversation with their eyes, but their faces showed that they were both relieved and worried, and then they looked at Kody, with worry on their faces.

“What? What’s wrong?” Kody asked them worried, as well, at how they were looking at her.

“Nothing,” Chrissy covered up quickly, replacing her worried expression with a sweet smile, same as Beth.

“Okay then,” Kody replied with a shrug and ate her food quietly after that.

“Kody, we have to tell you something,” Chrissy said to her, after a long silence between the three.

“Well you see Chrissy here,” Beth said smiling, “she used to date Caleb…until he turned into a jerk.”

“Woah! Who would’ve thought that?” Kody exclaimed, seriously surprised with what she had just heard.

“Shush it will you?” Chrissy said, going as red as a tomato from embarrassment. “We were 15 and stupid. That’s it,” She explained shrugging her shoulders as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“What happened after that?” Kody asked knowing there was more to the story that they hadn’t mentioned yet.

“He cheated on her during school, which is rather idiotic if you ask me,” Beth said. Chrissy shot Beth an evil glare, which Beth and Kody laughed at, but Beth continued on with the story, “ anyway,  she saw them and he laughed right there in her face and then broke up with her because she was too…shy. And he also said that she was idiotic because she thought that he wasn’t going to cheat. He was, and still is known as the school’s player,” Beth explained to Kody.

“Oh my god! He is such a jerk!” Kody exclaimed.

“Shut up! People will hear you and bash you!” Chrissy said and Kody heard it in her voice that she was telling the truth.

“So what? I’m allowed to voice my opinions!” Kody defended herself.

“Yeah, but his…posse will kill you…literally,” Beth said.

Kody huffed and waited for the bell to ring so she could go to her next class.


That night Kody arrived at the address that Beth messaged to her, after school, and stood there gawking at it for a good five minutes.

What Kody didn’t know was that Beth and Chrissy were rich. Really rich. Well, their parents were.

She eventually stopped gawking and walked to the front door. Kody knocked, and Beth answered it almost immediately.

Beth tried to give Kody a tour but Kody got lost as soon as she walked up the stairs. They soon settled down in Beth’s room with Chrissy and spent a couple of hours watching a sappy love movie and eating chocolate.

After that they told Kody how to act on Monday when she saw, or worst case scenario, met Hunter and/or Caleb.

Kody started to get worried by how they were portraying him and she honestly thought that they were bagging him out too much and she at the same time; she was thinking if what they told her about him was actually true.

She though that Hunter didn’t seem that bad and told them but them straight away said that she pretends to be nice but was really a bitch and that she got away with it as she was Caleb’s sister.

Kody kept wondering why Caleb was so popular and why he got away with it, but then she thought back to Blake and how he would get away with being a jerk to other students and teachers.

She never thought that it would be the same when she moved.

When they started the next movie, Kody started to get a call from Eve, dismissed herself and spoke to her.


They went to sleep not that long after.



I wont be doing many of these but this is to clear things up.

I know its rather boring right now, but next chapter will get more interesting, I promise.

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