Kody had grown up living in an overpopulated were-wolf area in Califronia. Though she never knew they existed, that is until she moved to Utah.

There she met two girls, and they instantly became best friends.She would tell stories to them about her old school and her old best friend, who turned his back on her once they reached High School, and how he would bully other students.

She then met a boy, and not only did she find out one of the biggest secrets of the supernatural world, she finds many about her family and friends.


1. Chapter One

(in myth or fiction) a person who changes for periods of time into a wolf, typically when there is a full moon.

Remember when you were five or six and you had that one best friend that you would do literally everything with? Kody had one of those friends for almost 10 years, and when they got to high school, Blake completely changed. He sat with the popular group and Kody sat with her own little group of friends. Whenever they walked past each other in the corridor, he would look straight ahead and ignore her.

Blake is tall and built, but as Kody says, most of the guys in her school are. He has light brown hair, unlike Kody’s dark blonde hair, and blue eyes, similar to Kody’s, only lighter.

When Blake turned 16, he started dating Teegahn, one of the most popular girls in their year. She has long blonde hair and dark brown eyes, no wonder why some people think she could be a model. Kody always thought they were the perfect couple, and they’ve been together for over a year.

Half way through their freshman year, Eve moved to their school. Kody and her found out they had so much in common and became best friends.

They weren’t the most popular girls, but they did get asked out quite a fair bit. Eve more than Kody. Kody didn’t mind because she could see how gorgeous her best friend is. She had dyed her hair red halfway through sophomore year and has light green eyes with a darker green circling.

Eve knows everything that happened between Blake and Kody, from when they were practically in their diapers, to when he ditched her. She even called him a dog to his face and he growled back like one. They just laughed at him, surprised that he acted like one.

But now Kody is doing the ditching to Eve. She was moving to Utah from sunny California. She didn’t have a choice though. Her dad got a new job so her whole family have to move and she wasn’t the most excited person.

Would you be? She’s 17, almost half way through her junior year and moving states, leaving her best friend behind. She just hopes that when she finishes school, she can move back to California, and live with Eve.


But little does she know that moving states, and meeting a guy, would she find out why Blake changed all of a sudden, and make her change her mind to move back.



Welcome to my newest story...first werewolf one so bare with me.

All these ideas are mine and I would really hate it if someone coppied them, or even stole my cover.

Tell me what you think of it, and I'll be updating every Tuesday. p.s. I live in Australia so whenever a Tuesday afternoon is here, it will be whatever where you are from.

Please dont be shy to tell me what you think and dont be scared to vote and comment :)

thank you xx

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