the story of my life

Megan Campbell is a normal teenage girl who helped out her father in a recording studio during the summer. but on the last day of summer she runs into harry styles and helps him get away from screaming girls. at first harry is nice to Megan but after a photo of harry and Megan is leaked harry says he has never meet Megan and has no clue who she is and refers Megan as a "obsessed fan" will harry and Megan remain friends? or will they become enemy's? and the big question is does harry and Megan like each other?

Hey guys Megan here just wanted to let's you guys know that I posted This story on Ms.literati and wattpad so I didn't copy this story


2. chapter 2: Megan's POV

Dad I'm back! I say walking into the studio. Hey are you ready to go? Asked my dad. Yep where are we going to go eat? I ask. Olive Garden? Asked my dad. Sure I say. So how was your shopping trip? Asked my dad. It was good I met Harry styles and went to Starbucks that's all I say. Where did you meet Harry styles? Asked my dad. Ok I was going to Starbucks and Harry was running away from screaming girls and he ran into me and I pulled him into an ally and hid him from the girls than we went to Starbucks I say. Megan the weirdest things happen to you said my dad shaking his head.

As soon as I got home from Olive Garden I was getting my stuff ready for my first day back to school. I love school and all but I'm going into the 11th grade and I hear it's really hard. My thoughts were then interrupted by my phone ringing, the caller ID said Harry styles. Hello? I say into my phone.

H: Hey Megan! It's Harry

M: oh hey what's up?

H: I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch tomorrow

M: I would love to but i can't I have school tomorrow but I can go afterwards

H: ok that's sounds good! See you tomorrow

M: bye Harry!

Do I have a date with Harry styles?

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