Lou-Lou's DayCare (Nouis)


I'm a parent myself, so I know how difficult it is to leave your child with a stranger while you're off working

I, Louis 'Lou-Lou' Tomlinson, have the experience and the knowledge to make sure that your little ones are safe and happy while in my care

In the words on Tina Tuner, I'm "Simply The Best" at what I do, though I'll let you be the judge of that

So please, come on down and sign in your little ones with me. I can guarantee you won't regret it
My name's Louis Tomlinson, I'm 22 years old and as you read in my Advertisement, I'm a Dad. I'm the father of 6 year old twins Harry and Zayn, as well as adopted 15 year old Andy

I have my own at home DayCare centre, where I get paid $80 a day
My name's Niall Horan, I'm 20 years old and I'm the father of a newly turned 3 year old boy named Liam James. I work from home so I can look after my little one, with the rare occasion of Uncle Josh coming over.


2. Chapter Two

Niall's Pov*

"Da! Da! Jos here!" Liam shouts excitedly. I look to where I heard the voice coming from and chuckled when I saw Liam's chubby legs sticking out from underneath the curtain.

"Open door for Jos Da!" he shouts trying to untangle himself from the curtain, before he runs straight to the door

"Josh Li here! Li coming Josh, dont wowwy!" Liam shouts banging on the front door. I decided to put him out of his misery and open the door, letting him fling forward into Josh's legs. He hugs them tight and looks up at his Godfather,

"Hi Jos" he giggles making me laugh at my crazy son, "Liam! I missed you buddy" Josh says scooping him up and tickling his exposed tummy, "No Jos stop!" he giggles, "Alright you little monster. You win this time" Josh chuckles putting the toddler down and walking in

"Hey mate" Josh says pulling me in for a hug, "How are ya?" he asks, "Tired. Li wouldn't sleep because he knew you were coming and didn't want to miss you" I say making him laugh, "I can't help that i'm irresistabe" he smirks making me make a disgusted face

"Hey I may be gay but you can't spring that on me" I chuckle making him laugh, "Shh Da, Jos here to pway with me not you!" Liam whines tugging on my leg making me look down

"Alright I'm sorry mate. You guys have fun ok, do you want me to bring you in some snacks?" I ask making the toddler nod

"I want cookies. Jos you want cookies?" Liam asks looking up at his big best friend, "I wouldn't mind some cookies. Only if Dad doesn't mind" Josh smirks at me, knowing full well that whatever Liam wanted I would give him which in turn meant he would get free cookies out of it

"Alright, but I'm out of cookie dough. I'll have to go aaaaall the way to the shops to get it" I say looking down at Liam and putting on an innocent face so he might change his mind about wanting cookies,

"Ok den. Go do dat and Jos look afta me" he says before taking Josh's hand and pulling him towards the lounge room where he had set up his blocks all in their colour groups, and his books from smallest to biggest

"God he's a bugger" I sigh walking down the hall and to the kitchen, which went into another hall where all the rooms were.

I walked into my room and grabbed my wallet from my bedside table, as well as my sunglasses from my dresser

I walked to the kitchen where my phone was charging and grabbed that too, shoving it into the pocket of my jeans.

I walked out to the lounge room where Josh and Liam were building blocks, a pattern forming of blue, red, yellow, blue, red, yellow.

"Ok guys i'm going now!" I call, earning a smile from Josh and a wave from Liam, who didn't even look up at me making me sigh, "Sometimes I think he loves you more than me" I laugh at Josh who just smirks, but continues to listen to Liam who babbles on

I walk  out to my car and start the engine, and the drive to the shops. They weren't too far away, about a 20 minute drive. So when I got there, I parked the car and walked into the shops, silently laughing as I saw a mini little dog thing tied up on a pole and a Bulldog right next to it, eyeing it off

I grabbed a basket, knowing that I wasn't just going to buy the dough because there'll be something that I think I need.

Bragains, Bargains, Bargains! As they say in the newspaper adverts, I'm not really a fan of adverts. Yes I write for the newspaper but that's a different thing, people read my coloum and my coloum is wanted.

Unlike those stupid adverts, God they advertise everything these days. Cars, animals, food, DayCare. Like seriously! The other day when I was reading the paper, I saw this advert for some guys DayCare place. I mean yes he sounds good, but he sounds so full of himself! I don't want my little boy to be around someone whose cocky, he doesn't need that at 3 years of age

I went straight to the cold section, where there was one cookie dough packet left. I looked around contiously and saw a man looking at it. He looked at me and had an expression that seemed to be challenging me for it

I started walking towards it, as did he. My pace quickened, as did his and my expression became desperate, as did his.

We both reached for it the same time, our hands touching it. We both picked it up and looked at each other's faces

"I need that" I say and he chuckles, "So do I" "No, no I don't think you understand. I have a little boy at home who is going to kill me if I don't bring this home" I say looking into his eyes, "Mate I have 3 kids at home, I think I win"

I sigh and let go, my hand dropping to my side, "Yeah you win" I sigh and he chuckles, "No you can have it" he says pushing it into my basket,

"No, mate you won fair and square. Take it, i'm sure you'll get beaten up more by your three kids then I will with my little one" I say with a laugh handing it to him

"Mate I'm fine, I reckon I'm used to it" he says giving it back to me, "You sure?" I ask and he nods, "Take it! I'll buy them McDonald's or something" he shrugs it off, "I'm Niall by the way" I say holding out my hand

"Olly" he smiles, (A/N: GOT YA! HAHAHAHA you thought it was Louis didn't you!? hehe) "How old are they?" I ask, referring to his kids, "3 year old girl triplets" he smiles, "Wow lucky you" I say and he laughs, "Yeah, it almost killed my wife" he jokes making me laugh half-heartedly, not wanting to show that his words meant more to me than a simple joke, "How old is your little guy?" he asks, "Ah just turned 3"

"Oh cute!" he gushes making me laugh, "Married? Single?" he asks raising his eyebrow, "Single" I sigh and he nods, "You'll find someone mate" he says as his phone rings, "Oh God it's Dianna, nice meeting you mate. I guess I'll see you around!" he smiles before answering his phone to who I assumed was his wife

I sent him a wave and started walking to the checkouts where the familiar boy was working, "Hey Michael" I say putting the cookie dough up, "Hey mate! Havin' a good day so far? Where's the little one?" he asks looking over the moving thing for little Liam

"Well apart from being blown off by my own son and fighting for cookie dough, yeah havin' a good day" I smile at him as he scans it, "And Liam?" he asks, "Having a play date with his 24 year old best friend" I chuckle making him laugh

"Well that's always the way" he chuckles making me smile, "Alright see you soon Niall!" he calls as I walk out, I send him a wave and head for the car

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket and I took it out to see Josh calling, I instantly panic and answer it

"Is he ok!?" I blurt out, "Yes he's fine don't worry" I let out a sigh of relief and he chuckles, "You really think I'd let something happen to him?" he asks making me sigh again

"What's up?" I ask, "He says he-look I'll put him on because I have no idea" I chuckle and wait as I hear the exchanging of the phone

"Hi Da" Liam says in a sad tone, "What's up little guy?" I ask, "Li no find Kyle" he says, he's on the verge of tears. Kyle is Liam's imaginary friend, ever since he could speak he's had one and even then I'm sure Kyle existed before hand

"Did you check in your cupboard? He's always hiding in there?" I ask sweetly, getting some odd looks from people passing by as they eavesdrop on my conversation. I hear him walking and muttering little things as he walks to his room

"Oh Da I found him!" he squeals, "That's good baby. now can you hang up and I'll be home soon" I say and he mumbles an 'ok' as if he's too busy to talk to me...which he probably is. you'd be surprised by how busy 3 year olds are

I started the journey home, singing loudly to the radio as I go. Not caring if people stared at me while I was waiting for the lights to change. I've been told I'm actually quite a good singer, of course I deny tell them differently because that's just who I am. No self-confidence at all

I pulled up at my place, jumping out and rushing inside so I can start on the cookies, not that they take too long. "I'm home!" I shout, closing the door behind me, "Hi mate!" I hear Josh shout from somewhere, "Liam, I'm home and I have cookie dough!" I shout walking into the kitchen

"We're playing hide and seek Niall, he can't come out till I've found him" Josh says as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. I just sigh an shake my head, turning on the oven so it'll heat up for the cookies.

"I'm coming to fiiiiiind you!" Josh shouts in a sing-song voice walking around the lounge room, "Oi try my cupboard, it's his favourite hiding spot" I whisper and he nods rushing down the hall to my room. I faintly heard giggling and then fast footsteps

"Da help! Tickle monsta coming!" he shouts running to hide behind my leg, "You shouldn't be scared of the tickle monster baby" I say picking him up, "Why?" he asks as Josh walks into the room, 'Because I'm the raspberry monster!" I shout blowing raspberries on his cheek making him burst into a giggle fit

"Da! Stop! Jos save me" he giggles uncontrollably, trying - and failing - to push me away. "Never!" I laugh spinning around in a circle making him and Josh laugh louder, "Da Li gon be sick!" he shouts and I instantly stop spinning, knowing full well he that he probably would puke all over me and ruin the moment

"These cookies are going to be done soon. Do you wanna go pick a movie that you and Josh can watch?" I ask the toddler who was hanging off my hip, "You not watch wif us?" he pouts, "Sorry baby but Daddy has some work to do, but when I've finished I'll come and watch it" I say and he pouts even more

"Pwomise?" he whispers, "I promise little mate" I say bringing his face up to mine and rubbing our noses together, "Love you Da" "I love you too Li" I smile, "Awww!" I spun around suddenly, forgetting that Josh was still here, "Li come and help me pick a movie?" he asks holding out his hand

"Ok! Can Kyle watch wif us?" he asks as I put him down, "Kyle is more than welcome to come and watch with us, that will mean your Dad will have to make more cookies though" Josh smirks making me roll my eyes

"Yeah! Da Kyle would like cookies too, you make more?" Liam asks, looking up at me with puppydog eyes, "Of course I will" I say and he squeals, pulling Josh with him to the lounge room where he will more than likely pick Toy Story to watch

I heard the movie start and I put the timer on the cookies before walking into my office where my laptop sat on my desk with my column waiting for me to edit it. I love editing, most people hate it but I don't understand why, it makes me feel peaceful. Not that I have many mistakes, I am the Niall Horan after all

A/N: Here's Chapter Two guys! Next Chapter will be in Louis' POV, though I'm not sure how long it will take me to update.

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