Lou-Lou's DayCare (Nouis)


I'm a parent myself, so I know how difficult it is to leave your child with a stranger while you're off working

I, Louis 'Lou-Lou' Tomlinson, have the experience and the knowledge to make sure that your little ones are safe and happy while in my care

In the words on Tina Tuner, I'm "Simply The Best" at what I do, though I'll let you be the judge of that

So please, come on down and sign in your little ones with me. I can guarantee you won't regret it
My name's Louis Tomlinson, I'm 22 years old and as you read in my Advertisement, I'm a Dad. I'm the father of 6 year old twins Harry and Zayn, as well as adopted 15 year old Andy

I have my own at home DayCare centre, where I get paid $80 a day
My name's Niall Horan, I'm 20 years old and I'm the father of a newly turned 3 year old boy named Liam James. I work from home so I can look after my little one, with the rare occasion of Uncle Josh coming over.


3. Chapter Three

*Louis' Pov*

It's this time in the morning that I dred. It's 5:25, which means I have 5 minutes until all hell breaks loose...Lord save me.

See the kids have to be up at 5:30, so they can be dressed and ready for school by the time the DayCare kids come at 6:30 so we can all leave on time

The twins have trouble getting along so instead of passing each other a spoon, they throw each other a spoon which ends in lots of hugs and whispering of the most magic words, "I love you"

Then Andy, Jesus don't get me started on him. He doesn't get up when he's called, so every morning I have to walk in and shake him which sometimes ends in a punch in the face...to him

I'm joking! I'm joking! Jesus, calm your farms! I'm usually the one that gets hit because of him, not purposely of course....well he probably does it on purpose but I try and tell myself differently

I look at the clock and groan as I see I have 1 minute left. Ok and wait for it....wait for it...wait for it...Oh come-


There we go. I stand up and out of my bed, putting on my fluffy bunny slippers - don't judge me - and I walk down the hall to where the twins' room was

I opened the door and sighed, only Zayn was in his bed meaning Harry was in the cupboard. I decided to wake Zayn up first, because if I woke Harry up first he'd be all grumpy - not to mention loud - and that would wake Zayn up and then both twins would start the day angry

I leant down next to Zayn's bed and shook his small body slightly, "Zee" I whisper and he groans, "Come on baby, time to get up for school" I whisper and he turns his head to look at me

"Morning Daddy" he smiles with his eyes half-shut making me chuckle, "Morning babe. Come on and you can have the shower in my bathroom" I say and his eyes light excitedly

"Does Harry have to come?" he asks in disgust, "No baby, he's still asleep. He'll use the normal bathroom" I say with a sigh

"Can I play with my toys?" he asks and I shake my head, "You know the rules. You can play with your toys in the afternoon bath" he nods and gets up

"Daddy will you help me turn it on?" Zayn asks and I nod, "Of course. You go and get undressed and I'll be there in a minute" he nods and walks out if his room

Now for Harry.

I opened the door to the cupboard and sighed when I saw his green eyes staring up at me, "Hi Daddy" he whispers with a yawn

"Oh baby why do you sleep here? You're always so tired" I sigh bending down to help him up, "Because I don't wanna look at Zee's ugly face" he pouts

"First of all he's not ugly and neither are you. You're both my beautiful people. Second, why don't you just turn your head to the window so you don't see him?" I reason and he shakes his head

"I see his reflection in the window Daddy" he says as if it's the most obvious thing in the world, which in Harry's world it probably is.

"Right, of course. Silly me" I shake my head making him giggle, "Come on and have a shower, we have to be ready for the littler ones to come" I say and his face lights up.

Harry loves the little kids in DayCare, he always plays with them and it's honestly so cute.

I sometimes wish Andy would play with them, but then I think that he has trouble playing with his own brothers let alone some randoms

"Daddy! Help me turn the shower on!" I hear Zayn shout from across the house and then it's on. "What!? How come Ugly Zee has the nice bathroom!? That's not fair!" Harry whines in my arms, "Shh baby, you can have it tomorrow-" "But I want it now!" Harry shouts kiking his legs, meaning he kicked me in the privates

"Enough!" I shout putting him down, "Harold Edward Tomlinson don't you dare use that tone with me. Go and get ready for your shower in the normal bathroom" I say in a stern voice making him whimper and rush out, tears falling I'm sure

"Good on you Tommo" I look up and see Andy standing there with a smirk, "I do not need your attitude this morning Andy. Go and turn the shower on for Zayn" I say walking out of the twins' room, pushing past my eldest son

I hear him sigh and I can hear his footsteps following behind me to the kitchen, but he continued on towards the bathroom in my room where he helped Zayn because I heard the shower running, "Would you like me to turn the shower on for Harry too almighty one?" I just glare at him and he rushes off, mumbling an apology under his breath

I start on the kids' lunches. Cutting the crusts off Harry's sandwhich and cutting Zayn's into triangles. I grab an orange for Andy and grab a $10 note out of my wallet. I put a packet of chips into the twins' lunchboxes (Original for Harry and Barbeque for Zayn) as well as their sandwhiches, a piece of fruit each (Banana for Harry and an apple for Zayn)  and a mini yoghurt tub for each twin

After I had done that I put the kettle on and a piece of toast into the toaster for me. "Can somebody grab me a towel!" I hear Zayn shout making me sigh, "I coming!" I shout pushing myself off the bench and down the hall where the towle cupboard was

I pulled out a Power Rangers one and started walking towards my room where Zayn had finished his shower, "Here you go" I say opening the door and handing it to him, not looking of course. I hear Harry shout for his and I sigh

"Andy can you grab Harry a towel please!?" I shout and I don't hear anything back, "Andy Jakob Tomlinson!" I shout and still nothing, "Towel please!" Harry shouts again making me groan, "Coming Harold!" I shout rushing to grab a towel for him

"DADDY! I NEED A T-" STOP SHOUTING I HAVE A TOWEL FOR YOU!" I shout opening the door and cutting him off, "Daddy close the door! I'm nude!" he shrieks making me sigh, "Sorry. Hurry up and put your uniform on"

I walk out to the kitchen and see Andy eating cereal while checking his phone, laughing at something funny. Zayn toddles in with his uniform on, only his hair wae an absolute mess

"Good morning Andy!" he says happily, climbing up on the chair,  "Andy-Pandy?" he asks again and Andy grunts in acknowledgment

"Daddy can I have toast?" Zayn asks giving up on his brother, and that's how I'm reminded of my toast I put in this morning

"What do you want on it?" I ask and before he can answer Harry's running into the room shouting,  "He can't have Nutella! I'm having Nutella!"

"Harry that's not fair. Zayn can have whatever he wants" I say as he sits on the chair, sighing and pouting

"Nu-uh Harry. Don't use that look, its not gonna work" I say turning around and putting 2 pieces of toast into the toaster. One piece for each twin

"Andy have you got the note for Mrs Gleeson?" I ask and he looks at me confused, "What note?" he asks making me sigh

"The one explaining why you aren't able to do PE?" I ask and he shrugs, "I dunno. I told you to put it in my bag" I roll my eyes and the toast pops up for the boys

"Alright Nutella for both you boys?" I ask and they nod. I pass them their toasts and sigh, "Alright I'm going to have a shower. Make sure you guys make your beds, and Harry well you...you make sure you clean up your cupboard" he nods and I chuckle


My shower is always something I treasure. It gives me time away from my busy schedule, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Not that I don't love what I do, I mean of course I love it. I get to be around kids 24/7 and that's really all I've wanted to do

People always ask why I would want to be around children and its because I love them. I love seeing their faces when they discover something for the first time, I love seeing them grow up before your eyes


I sigh and turn my shower off, bidding it farewell for another morning. I put on some red skinny jeans and a black shirt, as well as my black vans and walk out to the living room

"Someone called?" I ask and Zayn and Harry shout in unison, "Andy-Pandy was going to leave without telling you he loved you!"

I sigh and look at Andy who just shrugs, "He's 15. He can leave without telling me he loves you...but you guys can't" I smirk at the twins

"You have to tell me you love me every single day until you're 35" I smile and they giggle. I hear the doorbell ring and Harry's face lights up

"Come on Daddy! We have to go let them in!" he shouts excitedly, smiling from ear to ear. I walk with him to the door and open it to see Mary-Anne and her little girl Rosie. "Hi Rosie!" Harry smiles at the 3 year old, "Hi Hawwy" she smiles at him

"Alright I'll see you this afternoon babygirl" Mary-Anne bends down to kiss her daughter's cheek, "I love you" she whispers, "Love you too mummy" Rosie giggles before walking inside and following Harry towards the toys

"Thanks Louis, I'll see you this afternoon" she smiles handing me Rosie's little bag, "Anytime love, have a good day at work!" I wave as she walks off towards her car, turning around quickly to send me a wave. I close the door and walk into the playroom where Harry and Zayn were playing with Rosie

"Hey Rosie, have you had breakfast gorgeous?" I ask bending down to the toddlers level. "Ya, Jammy toast" she smiles up at me, dropping her babrbie doll. "Alright then, you can keep playing" I say taping her nose and standing up, cracking my back as I do so

"Alright Andy you have to hurry up or you're gonna miss the bus" I say and he nods, throwing his bag over his shoulder. "See ya boys!" he shouts, "Bye Andy-Pandy!" they shout in unison, "You have to get them to stop calling me that" he growls

"Why?" I ask, "Because my mates are gonna start teasing me" he says as if its the most obvious thing, "They're your brothers mate. They're not gonna stop until they get to the same age you are" I point out

"Yeah but they're not my biological brothers" he mumbles and I  gasp, "I-I...Y-You're gonna miss the bus. Have a good day" I mumble before walking off into the room where the boys were still palying with Rosie

A/N: Good on you Andy lol So here's Chapter Three! :D

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