Lou-Lou's DayCare (Nouis)


I'm a parent myself, so I know how difficult it is to leave your child with a stranger while you're off working

I, Louis 'Lou-Lou' Tomlinson, have the experience and the knowledge to make sure that your little ones are safe and happy while in my care

In the words on Tina Tuner, I'm "Simply The Best" at what I do, though I'll let you be the judge of that

So please, come on down and sign in your little ones with me. I can guarantee you won't regret it
My name's Louis Tomlinson, I'm 22 years old and as you read in my Advertisement, I'm a Dad. I'm the father of 6 year old twins Harry and Zayn, as well as adopted 15 year old Andy

I have my own at home DayCare centre, where I get paid $80 a day
My name's Niall Horan, I'm 20 years old and I'm the father of a newly turned 3 year old boy named Liam James. I work from home so I can look after my little one, with the rare occasion of Uncle Josh coming over.


4. Chapter Four

*Louis' Pov*

Here we go. I spent the day with all my little DayCare kids and now we're here waiting for the bell to ring so Harry and Zayn can come home.

So here we are, the little kids sitting on a blanket waiting for me to tell them what to do while Harry and Zayn take their time

"Louis! Good to see you!" one of the mothers, Josephine, calls sending me a small and a wave, "Oh hello Josephine! It's been a while, did you enjoy your vacation?" I ask the lady.

She was a real gossip, always knew everything about everyone, even before you did. She'd been on a 3 month vacation, leaving her kids with her husband

"It was amazing! You deserve one too Louis! Look at you, always working your handsome self too hard"

Oh and another thing, she kiiiiiinda obsessed with me. I mean as flattering as it is, it starts to get scary after a little while, especially since she's happily married with 4 children

"Oh well I enjoy working myself hard Josephine" I say politely and she shakes her head, "Oh nonsense! No-one likes to work too hard" she insists making me sigh

"Daddy! Daddy!"

I turn my head to see Zayn and Harry running down, "Hey boys! Did you both have good days?" I ask as they attack my legs

"Yes! I painted a painting of a horsey!" Zayn smiles holding up his painting to me while Harry bends down to play with the little ones

"Its amazing Zee!"

It really was. Zayn's always been an amazing artist, ever since he could draw he's excelled at it. He has a little art set at home which he plays with regularly

"What about you Harry, did you make anything today?" I ask and he nods, digging through his bag, "I drew a picture of our family!" he says excitedly, handing me the piece of paper

I smile as I see a few trees, a sun, some grass and some people...but there was something odd about the people

"Harry did you forget to draw Zayn?" I ask and he nods his head, "I forgot to draw him Daddy" he says trying to send me a wink but failing, "Harry that's mean baby" I sigh and he shrugs, "Zaynie's mean to me"

I just roll my eyes and hand them back their drawings, "Alright guys lets go home" I say putting Angus into the stroller

"Rosie and James, can you guys hold onto the pram please? and boys can you guys pick up your bags?"

Rosie and James hold onto the pram while I pick up the blanket, shaking it out so all the dirt and grass is off it

"Off to the car we go" I smile pushing the stroller towards my van, twins waddling behind me, "Harry stop hitting Zayn and Zayn stop egging your brother on"

*Niall's Pov*

"Niall this is ridiculous!" my boss shouts at me. "But Mr Davis I got the column in on-" "You had 3 minutes until your deadline Niall! 3 fucking minutes!"

"I know, but Liam has been sick and-" he cuts me off again, "Niall don't try and make excuses. You need to worry about your job, can't you send Liam to a DayCare or something?" Mr Davis sighs

"I can't, he's not ready to spend the day with some stranger!" I reason, "He's not ready or you're not?" he asks making me sigh

He was right. I wasn't ready for my baby to leave me, even if it was only for a few hours I wasn't ready....but I need to learn to let go

"Niall either you put Liam into DayCare so you can focus on work...or you'll need to find another job"

"But Sir. I need this job!" I insist, "Niall you have a talent. Anyone would be lucky to have you writing for them, you just need to prioritise" he says simply shrugging

"Mr Davis do you have children?" I ask and he shakes his head, "My wife and I are working on it" "Well when you do have kids, you'll realise that nothing is more important than them. Nothing"

"Niall I'm not saying that Liam isn't important, all I'm saying is that you're having so much trouble getting your column in on time that its effecting your writing"

I sigh and rub my hands over my face, "I'll work on it ok Sir? Just please don't fire me" I beg and he nods, "Alright but you need to work fast. That'll be all"

I walk out of his office, my head low. I hoped into my car and sighed, I was going to have to find someone to look after Liam.

Josh couldn't all the time because he had work, mum and dad are back in Ireland so that's definitely out of the question

I was going to have to send him to DayCare.

I finally arrived home and my bad mood lifted when I saw Liam's head poking through the curtain. I smiled and walked up to the door, opening it and scooping up my little boy, "Hi Da! Have fun work?" he asks and I sigh

"It was alright bud. Did you have a good time with Uncle Greg and Aunt Denise?" I ask and he nods, "Ant Danis made cookies!" I chuckle at how he says words sometimes

"Really?" I ask and he nods, "Well aren't you spoilt? Cookies yesterday and cookies today!" I say and he giggles

See Greg and Denise were staying here for a few days, as they were visiting from Ireland and had no place to stay.

Theo's all grown up now, he's Mr Five now. I still remember when he was born

"Oh Niall you're home!" I smile as I see Greg walk into the lounge room, "Yeah. Was he good?" "An absolute angel" Denise interrupts her husband, walking into the room behind him, "Da guess what!?" Liam squeals excitedly, "What baby?" I ask

"Li-Li pway wif Feo!" he smiles, "Really? DId you guys have fun?" I ask and he nods, "We pway wif figures" he smiles, meaning they played with his toy men things. "Where is the little guy?" I ask, "On the loo" I nod and put Liam down

"Hey baby, can I talk to you for a minute?" I ask and he nods, "Ok but you have to be a big serious boy for me" I say and he nods,

"Ok so soon Daddy's going to take you to a place where you can make some new friends"

"Li make fwiends?" he asks and I nod, "Da make fwiends too?" he asks, "No baby, Daddy's going to stay here and you're going to go by yourself" I say and I can see the panic set into his face, "No, but Li need you come" he says holding out his hand making me coo

"No baby you can do it by yourself. I'll be there when you leave and I'll come to pick you up" I say and he lowers his eyes so he's looking at the ground

"There be figures?" he asks and I nod, "Sure will bud. I promise" I say and he nods slowly, biting his lip, "Kyle come?"

"Of course he can. I wouldn't make you go alone baby" I say and he nods, "Ok...Ok Li go" he smiles up at me, "Really?" I ask, quite surprised that he took it so easily.

He nods and takes a deep breath, "If you say it good, Li happy" I pick him up again and spin around

"Thanks for making this so easy baby" I whisper kissing his cheek 100 times. I'm sure the toddler had no idea what was going on, just that he was going to make some new friends.

"Alright, uh, I'm gonna go make some calls. Li can you stay being good for Uncle Greg and Aunt Denise?" I ask and he nods, walking over and taking Denise's hanD

Denise sends me a small and I send her a big one back. I notice Greg wasn't in the room and realised he was probably with Theo.

I went into my room and sat down at my office desk, I run my hands trough my hair and rub my face.

Time to get started

*Louis' Pov*

I was sitting with all the kids while they were doing finger painting and playing along with them when my sister, Lottie, walked out with the phone

"Lou, someone's on the phone for you. Wants to know some details about an enrollment?"

"Oh! Tell them I'll be right there!" I say and she nods, putting the phone back to her ear. "Alright you guys be good ok? Lottie will be right out. Oh and Charlie, don't put paint on Jeremy" I say and the 5 year old giggles

I quickly wipe my hands and rush inside, taking the phone off Lottie. "Hello Louis speaking" I say with a smile, though they couldn't see me

"Hi there. My name's Niall and I was hoping I could enroll my little boy into your DayCare?" "Hi Niall, of course you can! All I'll need is a few personal details and we'll set a date for your little one to come over" I say, happy that I have a new customer

"Great. Well what do you need to know?" he asks, "Well first off can I ask what your little boys name is, as well as his age, what days he'll be coming here and if he has any allergies or not"

I grab a pen and paper, pulling out one of tje dining room chairs to sit on. "Right. His name is Liam, he's just turned 3. I um was thinking Monday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's. He has no allergies that I'm aware of"

"Sounds good. Now will you be paying monthly or fortnightly?" I ask, "Fortnightly if that's ok" "Fortnightly is great. Now is there anything else I need to know about him before we set up a date?" I ask

"Well not really. He's quite shy around new people, but he gets excited over the littlest of things. He has an imaginary friend named Kyle, so he'll probably start talking to himself"

"One of my boys had an imaginary friend too. I never knew if I should be worried or not" I say making him chuckle, "I'm exactly the same!" he laughs

"Well then Niall, you and Liam are booked in. If you give me your phone number we can sort out a date for Liam to start"

Words couldn't describe how happy I was. I had a new customer and he seemed like a cutie as well, so its a win-win situation

A/N: Alright I know this isn't as long as the chapters usually are, that's because the next chapter Niall and Louis meet and I want it to be good. So I guess you could call it a filler chapter

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