Lou-Lou's DayCare (Nouis)


I'm a parent myself, so I know how difficult it is to leave your child with a stranger while you're off working

I, Louis 'Lou-Lou' Tomlinson, have the experience and the knowledge to make sure that your little ones are safe and happy while in my care

In the words on Tina Tuner, I'm "Simply The Best" at what I do, though I'll let you be the judge of that

So please, come on down and sign in your little ones with me. I can guarantee you won't regret it
My name's Louis Tomlinson, I'm 22 years old and as you read in my Advertisement, I'm a Dad. I'm the father of 6 year old twins Harry and Zayn, as well as adopted 15 year old Andy

I have my own at home DayCare centre, where I get paid $80 a day
My name's Niall Horan, I'm 20 years old and I'm the father of a newly turned 3 year old boy named Liam James. I work from home so I can look after my little one, with the rare occasion of Uncle Josh coming over.


5. Chapter Five

*Niall's Pov*

"You wanna knock on the door baby?" I ask Liam, who nods and walks forward to knock on it. So today is Liam's first day at DayCare. I think I'm more nervous than him.

He has his little backpack and he's got his big smile on, ready to make some new friends

"Coming!" I hear someone shout before the door is opened and we're greeted by one of the most good-looking men I have seen in my entire lifetime

"Hi! You must be Niall?" he asks and I nod, "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Louis Tomlinson" he smiles holding out his hand

"Nice to meet you" I say shaking it back, a little lost for words. "And you must be Liam" Louis says bending down to my son's level

Liam just nods shyly and grips my hand tighter, "How are you buddy?" he asks, "Scared" he mumbles

"Oh there's no need to be scared! We'll have lots and lots of fun while your Dad's gone" he smiles, "Why don't you say goodbye to Dad and then we can come in and play with everyone. We're doing some drawing" Louis says with a smile

"Come give me a hug" I say bending down to scoop up my little boy, "You tell Louis if you need me and I'll be right here ok?" I mumble into his neck and he nods, "I love you Li"

"Love you too Da" he says kissing my cheek. I put him down and Louis takes his hand, "I'll be here at 2:30 to pick him up" I say and he nods, a smile still evident on his face

"We'll see you then" Louis says before walking into the house, not before I start walking to my car. I send Liam another wave and blow him a kiss before starting the car.

I pulled out of the driveway, only to park down the road. I stopped the car and just stared out of the window.

It was then that my tears started to fall

*Louis' Pov*

I was sat here playing with Liam while he rambled onto me about his friend Kyle, his Uncle Josh and about how his Dad made him cookies

"Daddy! My ball went across the road!" I turn around to see Zayn standing there with a saddened look.

See he was having a day off, as he had a cold but by the way he's acting he seems to he feeling so much better. Note the sarcasm?

"Alright you stay here with Liam and I'll be right back" I say and he nods, walking over to where Liam and I were sitting

"Hello little one" he says bending down making me roll my eyes. "Zayn don't cough on him ok baby? We don't need our new little one sick, his Daddy would absolutely kill me" I chuckle

Speaking of Niall, wasn't he quite a good-looker? He had the face of an Angel, the accent of a God and just everything about him was perfect

I walked out the front of the house - looking both ways before I cross of course - and walk to the other side where I could see Zayn's red ball

Once I had reached it, I went to walk back when I spotted a car just down the road. I don't know what brought my attention to it but it looked a hell of a lot like Liam's fathers

I walked to the car and heard someone crying, "Niall?" I ask and his head snapped up, "L-Louis? Sorry" he mumbles wiping his eyes

"You're apologising for crying?" I chuckle and he nods, "I guess" he shrugs, "If my suspicions are correct, you're upset about Liam?" I ask and he nods

"Come on, get out of the car" I say taking a step back so he can get out of the car. He opens his door and wipes his tears some more

I hold out my arms and he looks at them with raised eyebrows. I roll my eyes and walk forward, pulling him in for a hug

He just stands there, with his arms at his side, "You're supposed to hug back" I whisper in his ear and suddenly his hands are on my back and he's sobbing into my neck

"I'm just not ready for him to leave me" he sobs, "First its DayCare and soon enough he'll be moving out and then getting married" I chuckle and pat his back

"Lets not go that far mate.He's 3, he won't be moving out anytime soon. Promise" I say and he nods into my neck

"If it makes you feel any better he's absolutely fine" I whisper stepping out of the hug, "How is that supposed to make me feel better? He's having a fine time while I'm out here crying my eyes out" he chuckles

I lift my hand up and wipe away his tears with my thumb, smiling at him. "Go home. Have a shower, sit down and watch a sappy movie whith a tub of ice-cream and believe me you will feel so much better" I say and he nods

"Does it get easier?" he asks and I nod, "Soon enough you'll be dropping him over to get rid of him!" I chuckle and he pouts making me laugh

Something about that pout made me remember, made me remember what I was trying to forget


"How are they? Are the babies fine? Is Eleanor ok?" I ask when the doctor walks out. I needed to know if my family was ok

"The babies are perfectly healthy. Good weight, all ten fingers and toes" he smiles at me making me feel on top of the world

"Can I see them? How is Eleanor?" I ask and he looks down, "Mr Tomlinson, your wife..." I furrowed my eyebrows, "She's ok isn't she?" I ask

"Your wife didn't make it"

*End of Flashback*

That day wad one of the most bitter-sweet days of my life. My babies were ok, born healthy and beautiful but Eleanor was gone, my wife and life-partner wasn't here with me anymore

"Do you have a friend, Josh Devine?" I ask out of no-where and he nods, "Uh yes? How do you know him?" he asks, "We're good friends, um, I was at his house a few weeks ago and he was telling me he had this friend named Niall with a little boy named Liam" I say and he smiles

"Well that's us" he chuckles, "Yeah" I smile. Should I say something about it? Or would that be weird because we rarely know each other?

"He also told me....about, uh, L-Liam's mother" his face drains from all colour and his eyes start to droop

"I'm sorry to bring it up and I know saying sorry doesn't help anything b-but I just want to let you know I'm here for you" I say putting a hand on his shoulder

"Thanks" he mumbles, "I should probably go inside" I say awkwardly and he nods, "Yeah, probably. It was good to talk and I'll see you at 2:30" Niall says jumping into his car and speeding away

*Niall's Pov*

I don't know whether or not to kill Josh for telling a random stranger about Anthea. Why would he even? Does he not know that's rude and like against the rules of friendship?

I'm at home now and I've just finished my shower, Louis was right I do feel better. He had this way about him that I would probably do whatever he said because it was him who was saying it

I sat down on the couch, ice-cream tub in hand and To Kill A Mockingbird in the DVD player. Yes I do know Louis said a sappy story but I love this so much and right now because I can't be with Liam I'm going to watch something that I love

Sue me for my choice, I'm a writer. I love English and this book was one of the most famous and best books written ever in the whole world

I understand its not everyone's cup of tea so don't watch it. Though if you're all alone because your world is at DayCare than I recommend watching it


"Niall, please tell me what we're watching" Anthea giggles as I sit her down on the couch, "A movie that you'll absolutely love" I smile at her making her gigle again

"Alright ready?" I ask and she nods, I turn on the TV and she squeals, "Twilight!" I nod and she pulls me in for a kiss, "Thank you for wanting to sit through this movie for me" she smiles and I peck her lips

"Anything for you my dear" I chucle, "But" she starts and I raise my eyebrows, "I thought we could watch something you would want to watch, considering we always watch what I want" she says digging through her bag

She pulls put the movie and I gasp, "You're joking right!?" I ask and she shakes her head, her gorgeous smile evident on her face

"To Kill A Mockingbird? You seriously want to watch that?" I asl and she nods, "That's why I love you!"

*End of Flashback*

I really did love her. I think I always will, no matter what. She'll never just, leave my mind you know? No matter how hard I try she won't.

It doesn't help that Liam is the spitting image of her, same eyes and same hair colour, same face. Literally the only way you'll know he's my son is because of his last name

You know you see in movies where the fathers can't look after their children because they look so much like the mother?

I really don't understand that, as I've never felt that way before. Of course at the start I was resentful, but then I looked into his eyes and thought

How can I stay upset at this? How can I blame him for this?

He was less than 5 minutes old and I was blaming him for taking the life of my love. Yes she was gone but he had now become my life

And from that day, I had promised Anthea I would look after him

A/N: So Louis and Niall met, they had depressing flashbacks and Zayn's ball went across the road.

It's a bit shorter than I would've liked but those are the breaks

Dedicated to: @styuls_ : for being an amazing commenter (is that spelt right? lol)

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