More then a memory

They grew up together there mums were bestfriends but when juice was helping out. With the sons and she was winning xfactor somewhere along the line they lost contact.....until now


3. Unexpected kiss (short chapter)

Leigh's p.o.v
I unlocked the door and walked in juice sighed "all this way and you only stayed with me for a night" I smiled looking down "hmm" I sighed "help me find a room" he nodded and walked through a few diffrent rooms "two of them have double beds , take one with a double bed" I frowned "why" he chuckled "you may not be staying with me but that dosnt mean I can't stay with you" I smiled "then this is my room" he smiled. And stepped closer to me "I'm gonna try something don't reject me okay" I nodded and he stepped closer. His lips crashing to mine. His hands resting on my hips "leigh!" I heard Perries voice Echo "maybe she's not here" I heard zayns voice. I broke away from juice staring at him "I should go". He said rushing out and I followed him "juice stop" he stopped and spun around I could see Zayn perrie jade and Jesy in the corner of my eye but I ignored it "I'll call , I'll have phill and rat watching over you so you won't get hurt" he dug through his pockets and handed me a phone "this phone has four numbers on it mine chibs jax and opie. If anything happens Leigh and I mean anything , you call one of us" I nodded "okay juice" he kissed my forehead "ill be back in the morning" I was speechlessness I just nodded what is going in in this town

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