More then a memory

They grew up together there mums were bestfriends but when juice was helping out. With the sons and she was winning xfactor somewhere along the line they lost contact.....until now


2. This environment

Leigh's p.o.v 
We got out of the van. And juice smiled "leave your stuff in there we will stay at my house tonight" I nodded and sighed "can't believe it's you" he laughed. And done a modelling pose "I got sexier yeah ?" I laughed and shoved him before pointing to the tattos on his head "what this new accessory?" he chucked and slung an arm over my shoulder "c'mon you've gotta meet the club and then I wanna see your videos" I nodded. And we walked over to a group of people. Juice smiled "Leigh this is lyla opies wife and his kids piper ,his other kids Kenny and Ellie. Are at school you'll meet them later , jax. Tara and their sons Thomas and Abel. There's bobby chibs rat Phil hap and jaxs mother Gemma is in the office you can meet her later, guys this is Leigh-Anne" they all greeted me with hugs and smiles. Before juice grabbed my hand alright come show me" 

I pulled my laptop out as we sat at the bar. "First music video , wings" he looked at me and smiled "well then play it" after watching wings DNA change your life how ya doin and move juice looked at me grinning "so it's offcial? your famous" I shurgged "I guess" he smirked and my phone started ringing I stopped and answered it 

(P=perrie L=leigh)
P- hey pet how are ya
L- hey babe , yeah I'm good actually got here not to long ago...
P- I know I just thought I'd tell you we are on our way umm...Simon has decided to turn this into work do some interviews in charming and a place called ledi ... No no Lodi? And vist the primary and high school in charming he has a holiday house set up for us and yeah...
L-your kidding !
P- sorry love but I'm not (flight J302 to California is now boarding)
L-crap your not kidding...
P- sorry girlie I knew you wanted to see your friend undercover but well yeah.... Simon said he would text you the address to the holiday house , see you in the morning
L- *sighs* okay love you pez have a safe flight

End call 

I looked at juice and he raised an eyebrow "what was that" I frowned "turns out I have interviews and stuff while I'm here" he frowned "on your own?" I shook my head "no the girls just got on a plane". He ran a hand over his mow hawk "where are you's all gonna stay shit". I shook my head "it's been sorted we have a holiday house or whatever ?" He sighed "so your staying with them" I sat next to him " I guess, not tonight though .. Starting from tommorow" "juice did you get the steaks for the family dinner tonight ?" We spun around and I saw a woman in her mid forties she had black hair with blonde streaks through it a scar on her chest. A couple tattoos "who's this" she asked her eyes not leaving mine "Leigh-Anne's an old friend gem , we grew up together she's the one that called the other day". Gemma frowned "the British one" I smiled "that would be me , your jax's mum ?" "I know you from somewhere" she stated ignoring my question. I smiled softly "I umm ... I'm a famous singer I'm in a girl band called little mix" she snapped her fingers "ellie is obsessed with you" "can I bring. Leigh to the dinner" I shook my head "really juice I don't want to intrude" Gemma scoffed "your coming and besides I like to get to know the girls my boys are hanging out with. And opies kids will love you" I. Shrugged "i dunno" Gemma laughed "would you rather spend the night in juices apartment alone" I frowned "point taken , I'll be there"

"Juice" I said. Him and his friend chibs I think it was looked up at me juice quickly zipped his jumper up but I didnt miss it , he ha bruises on his neck. He had been crying. And chibs looked annoyed but to the same time worried about him "I ...I'm ready whenever you's are" juices eyes looked. At my outfit I was wearing a cropped White Bandana Vest from Other UK ,the Evie So in Fashion Camo Print Skinny Jeans and a pair of Nike Dunk Sky Hi Camo . He bit his lip smirking "let's go then yeh?"

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