More then a memory

They grew up together there mums were bestfriends but when juice was helping out. With the sons and she was winning xfactor somewhere along the line they lost contact.....until now


1. The memories

 Leigh's p.o.v
"What's this one" Jesy said picking up a photo out of my memory box I leaned over and instantly smiled "that's Juan or well juice , he was my best friend when I was younger him as his family would come to London once a year for a month and stay with us last time I spoke to him was ... When we got into final 5 in xfactor .. we kinda lost touch it's sad I miss the freak" Jesy smiled "contact him?" I frowned "you recon?" She shrugged "well you just got out of the whole thing with you know who after he I'm cheated and we have a week or two off before we film for little me call see if you can visit" I looked at my phone "I have two numbers.." she smiled "call him get outta Essex for a little bit?" I nodded "I'll be right back ... I think I've got an old friend to call" she grinned and clapped her hands "don't let me stop you"

"Hello teller morrow this is Gemma how can I help you" I cleared my throat "umm is Juan there .. crap sorry I mean juice" there was scilence as I waited nothing "hello?" I asked did the line get cut. Did this Gemma person hang up ? "Who's asking" the woman's voice came through as I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding "an old family friend" "one second, juice come here I've got some English girl on the phone says she knows you!". That's when he spoke "British ? I only know one girl who's British and we have spoken since 2011" "hello?" I asked. "Hi this is juice who's this" I smiled Leigh Anne" there was silence"what's your number I'll call you back on my phone in half an hour I gotta finish fixing this car girlie fuck. Can't believe it's you" I giggeld and gave him my number. I heard a chuckle "I'll call you in an hour"

Juices p.o.v 
"Who was it" Gemma asked I smiled and shoved the number in my jeans pocket "I um I gotta do some research gem tell jax I'll finish the car later" I walked over to my laptop and typed the name in 'Leigh-Anne pinock' I clicked search and instantly thousands of photos and information popped up. But one caught my eye.'british girl band first ever girl group to win xfactor go on tour with demi" I smiled "they won". "Who won what?" I looked up and saw hap I quickly closed my laptop "nothing man nothing" Leigh was the last thing I had. My whole family had left me and mine and Leigh's parents were friends we used to go to Essex all the time. I had always kept in contact with her but Abel got stolen so I was focused on helping jax get him back.... "brother who was it you know none of us keep shit away from the club" hap was sitting down with a beer. I shrugged "really hap it was nothing just a girl I used to know just doing a check up ya know" "so your a pedofile now" tig said sitting on the other side of me I snickered "Nahh man I think you have that covered" I grabbed the piece of paper out of my pocket. And sighed "I've got someone waiting for a phone call". I stood up and walked away. And into my dorm 

"Wait so you wanna come visit?" I smiled. As I spoke on the phone "well were all flying to l.a in about a week or two to shoot our new music video so I sorta thought if come see you for a week then fly to l.a ya know spilt the trip up?" I smirked "Leigh Anne my little pop star aye?" She giggeld "so you seriously haven't seen any of the music videos?" she asked I could her a hint of sadness in her voice "a much as I want to I'll wait untill your here to show me aight ?". "Good good well I best be packing then. Jesy is shoving me on the next plane to California so I should be at the airport around. 5:30am your time tommrow" I smirked "I'll be there". "Cya soon juice" I smiled "alright cya babe"

Leigh Anne's p.o.v 
I closer my eyes as I listened to the beautiful voice of Michael Jackson hey can't blame me he was the king of pop! I was wearing a Topshop Holey Oversized Teen, a pair of Topshop Quilted PU Shorts and my favourite Timberland Premium Boots And a pair of black shorts with my normal crazy hair. Someone tapped me on the shoulder "we can get off now" I smiled and nodded grabbing my back pack that was holding my laptop in it. And drink bottle I slipped my beats off my head and put them around my neck and walked off the plane. Texting the girls 

To perrie , jade ,jesy
Just landed wish me luck see you's in a week or two xxx 

"Leigh Anne?" I looked up and saw. Three guys in black hoodies and sun glassed. I frowned "uh hi?" "Are you really Leigh Anne pinnock?" One asked I couldn't see their faces it was sorta creepy I smiled softly "are you a fan?" He scoffed and lifted his hoodie I grinned "juice!" I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him. He laughed and caught me "Never thought I'd see the day a girl just throws herself at juice" someone laughed I hopped down and spun around the other two pulled there hoods off the guy that was talking before had black curly hair "names tig doll face" he winked at me and I smiled "Leigh" the other guy was wearing a black beanie and had a beard "opie". Juice wrapped and arm around my shoulder "fuck you grew up" I smirked "can still beat your ass". Opie coughed "people are staring and taking photos" I. Laughed "hey juice my suitcase is baby blue go get it for me while I handle this" he smiled and nodded I walked over to about twenty girls "do you's want some photos?" They squealed and I nodded "I'm in abig of a rush so it'll have to be a group photo" they all nodderec eagerly I turned to the boys "umm opie tig take ten phones each and take a photo" they frowned but did it. Handing the phones back five girls come upto me "Leigh we got you this SnapBack and beanies" I smiled "aww thanks girls" they handed me a bag aswell " there's some suff in there for the other girls and a scrapbook" I grinned "you's are so cute thank you" 

I was in a van with the boys "what was that?" Opie asked I smiled "who the mixers?" He raised an eyebrow "no those screaming girls" I laughed "those are my fans the mixers I'm in a famous British girlband" "your joking" I heard tig say I shook my head "I'll prove it when we get to .... Where are we going" "clubhouse" juice stated "what is the clubhouse" juice rolled his eyes "don't you remember me telling you I'm in a motorcycle club" I laughed "this is going to be interesting"

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