More then a memory

They grew up together there mums were bestfriends but when juice was helping out. With the sons and she was winning xfactor somewhere along the line they lost contact.....until now


4. Lending opie a helping hand

Leigh's p.o.v
Zayn perrie and Jesy went out to some cafe me and jade ditche cause she wanted to 'explore" charming "so where are we going" jade asked as we walked around I shrugged "to go get a car off juice" she shrugged and nodded "yeah okay" as we rounded the corner I heard a motorbike I turned my head and saw opie he pulled up next to us "hey Leigh what are you doing" I smiled "gonna go try and convince someone to let me and jadey borrow their car" he snickered "you can borrow my truck it's nothing Hollywood but it will get you around charming a long as you do a favor for me?" I shrugged "sure what is it" he nodded at the clubhouse "come in Ill write it down at the bar" 

"You've been hanging out here?" I shrugged "it's only been a day jade and they're really nice people" she shrugged they all look so intimidating" I looked over at jade she looked liked a lost puppy I smiled "awe pet come ere" she walked closer to me "they look scary" I giggled. As pointed to tig "that one there you see him" shenodded "what about him?" I smirked "last night I found out that he is scared of dolls" she giggled and I knew she was instantly better 

"I need you to pick up piper from daycare. If lylas picks him up she has to take him to work and there's no way I'm letting that happen" jade frowned "why what's her job" opie chuckled "she's a pornstar". Her mouth made an O shape. And I laughed "yeah I'll pick him up" he smiled "thanks girlie, I gotta go me and jax are going to meet with laroy" he handed me the keys and me and jade started walking out when juice walked in he stopped walking. And swallowed "Leigh what are you doing here" I shrugged "borrowing opies car" he nodded "you busy tomorrow" I nodded "me and the girls are performing at the high school" he bit his lip "can I come watch?" I smiled "you want to watch me perform?" He shrugged "yeah why not?" I looked at jade and she shrugged I looked back at juice "sure why not" he grinned and pecked my lips "I'll be over tonight I gotta talk to you" I nodded and he smiled "drive safe Leigh"

"This is such a cute town" jade said grinning she had a few bags of clothes and stuff she has brought that she called 'vintage' "no one else will have this stuff" she had told me , I smiled "it is , what's the time" she shrugged "2?" I nodded "we've gotta go get piper he would be waiting to be picked up" she nodded grinning "I love little kids" I laughed "let's go jadey"

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