Downtown Defence

Andrew and Julia on an average day on the job get in a battle that they aren't quite expecting.


1. Down Town Defence

           It is a warm summer evening in the suburbs of Ottawa. Andrew always liked summer more than any other season, it was the time was there were less raids. Andrew was walking to his friend’s house to pick up his Pistol; he had forgotten it there during the last attack when the goblins tried to take over. The only weapon he had besides the pistol was his sword. He walks up to his friend’s house and knocks on the door. The door was large, twice the size of Andrew. The house was a mansion that was built during the wars against the dragons as a bunker; it even had cannons on the roof for shooting them down during their attacks.

          The door is opened slowly “Julia!” Andrew says excitedly, He had always loved Julia ever since they were in high school together.

          “I have your pistol over there” Julia says pointing over to the kitchen counter “Hey, while you’re here why don’t you stay and watch a couple movies? I have some Soda in the fridge, and popcorn!” Julia says pulling Andrew inside.

          “I'm sorry, I can’t. Today is my shift to protect the city from the raids. You know you can always come with me and protect the border together, if you want to.” Andrew says walking over to get his pistol, he grabs it off the counter and shoves it in his holster.

          “That would be fun...” Julia says blushing.

          Julia runs up to her room and grabs her kit; she had a crossbow and a pistol. She slides down the railing of her stairs and runs to the door where Andrew is already waiting outside. Julia punches Andrew in the arm and says “Next time we hang out we better not be killing things...”

          Andrew smiles saying “I promise.”

          They get on Julia’s bike and ride over to the downtown area where the most dangerous side of the border is. They arrive at the head quarters and park Julia’s bike in the garage where it will be safe. Andrew waves Julia over to the change room to get in their armor. The armor the resistance had was thick titanium allow which was flame proof, blade proof, and bullet proof. The only thing it isn’t immune to is the magic that some of the creatures of the other dimensions use.

          The emergency alarm sounds and Andrew and Julia burst out of the change rooms clad in their armor. They grab their pistol and head to the roof to get a look at what they were fighting this time. What they saw wasn’t what they expected; it was a huge hoard of goblins. They were coming from the portal that their world opened to try to conquer earth. Andrew and Julia haven’t fought many times, and never in this amount. Luckily there were more than Julia to assist Andrew, he had many high ranking officers of the resistance, most of them had big shotguns or assault rifles that were way more effective than their pistols.

         A major ranking officer runs up and says “Rookies! You stand on the roof tops and man the mini-guns! We will cover the base from the ground!”

          “Roger that sir!” Andrew and Julia say as they run over to the ladder heading up to the roof.

          One of the resistances best defences were the mini-guns they used, they fired five rounds a second and had a clip that could last a minute holding the trigger down the whole time. They only had two types of ammo, one type was for piercing dragon scales, and the other was for anything else. There were two of the mini-guns attached to the roof Julia took the on the left side of the roof and Andrew took the right.

          The two opened fire onto the large hoard of goblins ripping through their armor and their flesh with ease. They just about kill the entire hoard and then the Portal opens again. This had never happened before, it had always been that the portal opened at most once a week, and now it happened twice in a row.

          “What’s happening? What’s coming through the portal?” Julia says looking over at Andrew nervously.

          “I don’t know... Open fire!” Andrew says unloading the rest of the clip into the portal. He runs out of ammunition and jumps down from the gun to grab another clip. The portal flashes a bright red colour and the whole portal closes. There is a huge cloud of smoke, it slowly fades and Andrew reloads his gun and climbs back up and into position.

                All of the smoke fades and emerging from the dust, a giant red dragon gets up and shakes the dirt off of its blood red scales. The two majors charge with their weapons ready and open fire, the bullets bounce off the dragon as if they were rubber hitting brick. The dragon opens its mouth and takes a deep breath and before the soldiers can react the dragon spews a flame hot enough to melt diamond. In a blink on an eye the soldiers were non-existent, turned to ash.

                Andrew looks over to Julia and yells “We need to lure the dragon back to your house!”

                Julia looks over and knows what Andrew is going to do, something stupid. Andrew opens fire on the dragon not to harm but to attract attention to him, so he could be followed. The dragon looks on the roof and charges towards the two. Andrew runs over and pulls Julia off the gun, he jumps off the roof rolling as he hits the floor immediately followed by Julia. They get her bike and speed up to get away as soon as possible, they ride around fifty meters away from the building as a dragon rips apart the head quarters as if it was made of paper.

                “What’s the fastest way to your house from here?” Andrew yells back hoping they could get there before the dragon could catch up to them.

                “Switch places with me!” Julia says ducking down towards the seat.

                Andrew Jumps up and spins as Julia jumps forward and grabs the handles to the motorcycle, Andrew in mid air pulls the pistol out of his holster and lands backwards in his seat and shoots at the dragon so it where to continue following them and not get distracted by civilians.


                They pull up to Julia’s house as the dragon follows a ways behind. Julia and Andrew run up to the door but its locked due to the alarm, they have no time to care so they kick in the door since they only about a minute before they were burnt to death. They run up the staircase sprinting for the roof, they get to the hatch to access the roof and throw it open it quickly as they can. Andrew runs over and grabs one of the containers containing shells for the roofs cannons, and drags it beside one of the guns.

                Andrew rips open the rusted container and pulls the last remaining shells that can pierce dragon scales. The shell easily slides into the barrel and is locked into place, as Andrew jumps onto the gun and aims it in the direction of the dragon. The dragon takes flight trying to avoid the cannon but luckily Julia’s been taking care of the guns so it wasn’t rusted, it was very fast, and very powerful.  Andrew fires the cannon into the chest of the dragon imbedding the explosive inside it; the explosive rips apart the inside of the dragon, killing it instantly.

                Julia looks over to Andrew and smiles; they had killed a dragon and survived. Andrew walks over and gently grabs Julia on the shoulders and kisses her, and she kisses back. Andrew thinks to himself “Seems like everything is looking up for the best.”

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