I am Teddy, Teddy Lupin

Teddy Lupins seventh year.
I know everyone else years are messed up, it just works the way it is for me...


12. The Nurse Office

"There seems to be nothing wrong with him." Madam Prince said after checking on James for the ten thousandth time. Rose pulled out the note and reread it to herself, sitting alone. James had been unconscious all night and we had tried every, stinking way to bring him back. They had notified Uncle Harry and he was trying to get off work to see us. All of us.

"James!" A girl ran in, tears flying out of her eyes. She sat by the bed, holding his hand.

"Who are you?" Lily sassed. the girl was crying to much to reply.

"Cassie Grey." Albus said with distaste. All of the Potter kids and Rose had been allowed to stay with James the while he was in there. I gave Albus a question look and he took that as a cue to continue. "5th year Ravenclaw. Smartest girl in their year. What are you doing here?" She had recovered from her tears.

"Albus, I apologize, AGAIN!" She said, addressing only Al. "And you know that I like James." She said sniffling.

"But James has a girlfriends." I pointed out.

"Not anymore." 


"She found a Slytherin quidditch player." Al looked offended.

"Does he know you like him?" She nodded, solemnly.

"He likes you too." Al said quietly, but with anger. Cassie didn't hear. He walked towards the door. "I am going to get some food." And he left.

"What'd you do to Al!? He likes everyone!" She looked at her toes before setting down James hand and giving it a nice pat.

"Let's talk in the hall. Without--" She mouthed Rose and Lily before grabbing my hand and pulling me out into the hall.

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