I am Teddy, Teddy Lupin

Teddy Lupins seventh year.
I know everyone else years are messed up, it just works the way it is for me...


11. McGonagall's Office

I put my arm around Rose as we walked down the hall. She was wailing a little and I had this horrible gut feeling. We knocked on the door.

"Come in!" The professors voice called to us. Rose pushed the door open.

"What is wrong Miss Weasley?" She asked barley looking up from her paper work. Rose handed her the note.

"Miss. Weasley were did you find this note?" She said, finally done reading.

"In the room of requirements." She said looking at her feet. My heart sunk. The room of requirements gave you what you needed, or required. Rose needed answers.

"Rose, we can not be sure if this is a real letter yet. But be careful. You showed Teddy this note and that is one thing the note said. Not to show anyone." Rose nodded and I could see tears rolling down her cheeks, more flooding her eyes. "Thank, please have a nice day."

Me and Rose walked out of the office. I tried to give her words of comfort. They failed. We walked around the corner and stopped in our tracks. There, on the floor was James. He laid motionless but there was nothing around that could have hurt him.

"Stay here Rosie, I will go get the nurse." Rose was already wailing again. I ran off.


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