I am Teddy, Teddy Lupin

Teddy Lupins seventh year.
I know everyone else years are messed up, it just works the way it is for me...


8. In the Hospital Wing

I walked down the hall my eyes barely open, scared to see who was hurt. My heart was beating a million miles an hour. I could hear Victoire sobbing behind me. I squeezed her hand and pushed the hospital wing doors open. It was dark out by now but I could see the outline of Rose kneeling by the bed. I sighed, that meant one Weasley was safe. I walked up to the bed. Victoire followed me slowly.

As I studied the bed I realized who it was. I looked at the brown shaggy hair spread across his face at a mess of angles. I looked at his closed eyes and imagined them when they were open. They were as green as the grass.

"He's going to be alright! Right?" I asked the nurse standing next to me. She gave me a long sad look and my eyes started to tear up. Not Albus. Not any Weasley, or Potter. No one should be here right now. I looked at Rose sitting by the bed. "What happened?" I sadly said to no one in particular. Lily and James had came in a bit earlier and were hugging opposite from Rose.

"He... he..." She stuttered. "He got in a duel with Malfoy, everything was f-f-fine until Malfoy used a curse wrong. A snake... It... It came out and bit Al, it was a poisonous s-s-snake but no one knows what kind, because Malfoy made it disappear." A tear rolled down her cheek.

I knew she liked Scorpious, I was one of the only ones who had knew that though. I was the counselor of the family, even though I needed the most counseling. I realized how she had spat his name, I knew she still liked him but she tried not to show it. Her best friend was unconscious in a bed right now. I sat down on the floor next to her and let her lean on my shoulder and cry. I patted her on the back. Soon after, Loius and Dominque came in. Victoire picked up Loius and Dominque hugged her on the side. Hugo had came in a little while later hugging Lily. I just sat by the bed hugging Rose.

A/N that was a short chapter but I had no more to say. I will publish the next chapter soon.

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