I am Teddy, Teddy Lupin

Teddy Lupins seventh year.
I know everyone else years are messed up, it just works the way it is for me...


2. Hogwarts Express

I ran full speed through platform 9 3/4 closing my eyes right as I made contact. You would thinks after 7 years of magically running through a wall you wouldn't flinch anymore but apparently not. Lily and James came in right after me, James purposely running the trolley into the back of my heels almost knocking me down. I fave him a good strong punch in the gut for that one and Lily gave me the death stare.

"Lily you want to find a compartment with me or make some new friends?" she decided to go make some new friends so I walked to a empty compartment and waited till the Weasley's arrived. As usual, they were late except us and Uncle Percy. They met me in a compartment and Lucy and Hugo went off to find Lily.

Victoire sat down next to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We have been away for months and all I get is a kiss on the cheek. I pull her into a back-breaking hug. Meanwhile, Fred and Roxanne walk in plotting the first prank they will pull. It is more Fred but Roxanne has started to enjoy pranks more and more, I should know... Half the time I am the victim.

Molly, Rose, and Albus were trying Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans that Aunt Hermione had packed for them. I take that back, Rose and Albus were, Molly was saying they were being stupid and would most likely be sick later. 

Victoire laid her head on my lap as I played with her long Veela-like hair. We talked for a while when Hugo ran in crying. "What's wrong?" We all asked him.

All that came out was "Lily... Lucy... Slytherin... *deep breathe* Back compartment...!" Nobody made out much but I heard back compartment and I hurried down the train.

When we reached the compartment I saw Lily and Lucy with tear streaked faces and two other girls smiling with their arms crossed.

"LILY! WHATS WRONG!" I yelled as I ran to comfort her.

"She called me and Lucy untalented filthy mudblood loving prats." She said between sobs. That girl had crossed the line. I pushed Lucy and Lily into the hall and started going berserk at the girls, when I go berserk, I really loose control, I don't remember anything. Victoire tried to hold me back but I punched her too. She fell to the compartment bench opposite of the girls. I punched one of the girls before the teacher came in. The most I remember is being escorted out by a teacher and walking past 5 crying girls.

The teacher led me to an empty compartment. I sat down. "TEDDY LUPIN!" She started to yell. I realized I was crying to. She stopped. "Why?" Is all she asked. I told her my part of the story between my sniffles and wiping away of my tears.

"That'll be a... a..." She for some reason couldn't bring herself to say Expulsion. "A... Weeks detention." I gasped. I HAD PUNCHED A STINKING GIRL AND ALL I GOT WAS A WEEKS DETENTION. "And Teddy... I know..." She took a deep breathe. "What happened to your parents and I know it's bad... But you need to behave and control your anger." She let out her breathe and walked out of the compartment. I stayed in the compartment for a while and thought.

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