I am Teddy, Teddy Lupin

Teddy Lupins seventh year.
I know everyone else years are messed up, it just works the way it is for me...


5. First day back

I walked down to the Great Hall with Albus but he walked over to his friends when we got there. I was going to sit alone but I noticed Victoire's bag had broke. Lucky me! I walked over and started to help pick up. "What happened?" I asked sympathetically. She looked into my eyes, Hazel at the moment, and answered.

"None of your business," She took a deep breath and sounded like she was about to cry. I noticed she had a faint black eye. The nurse didn't do the best job covering it up. "Thank you, Theodore." She said stiffly.

I scowled trying to make it look like I hadn't meant for her to see it and sat down at the table alone. Out of the corner of my eye I watched Victoire try to cover up her tears and Rowan run up to her and hurry her out of the Great Hall. I sighed as the owls started to fly in.

I received a letter from a snowy white owl. That was Uncle Harry's owl Hedwig II. Uh oh. I thought. I cautiously opened the envelope.

Dear Teddy,

I am very disappointed but I also feel your pain. Thank you for watching over Lily. I hope Victoire is okay, your Uncle Bill said she was very sad that you weren't going out anymore...

I took a deep breath, so we weren't "going out" anymore. How come Harry thinks he knows my pain! He doesn't know how I feel at all! AT ALL!

He also said you don't have his permission to date her again, sorry bud.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME UNCLE BILL! Harry's hinks he knows how I feel and you think you know who I should date!

We love you Teddy, take care...


P.S. I think if you go to professor Longbottom he might help you with your anger.

I ran out of the Great Hall past James who said something about my hair as I walked by, I ran up the stairs until I reached the Room of Requirements. I passed back and forth. I needed someone to talk to.

A door started to form on the wall. I walked in. There sitting at a table was Professor Longbottom. NO! I refused to talk to the herbology teacher. How come the Room of Requirements was busy?I turned to go. "Teddy wait!" Longbottom yelled. I turned around slowly. He was standing. "Once a week, right here, with me." Professor Longbottom said and then he walked past me out of the room slowly.


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