In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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1. The high school bully as my friend?

I cant tell you how many times I have seen chests glow. I have seen it happen to random people at Walmart, waiters and the customers, and even teachers with their students. Ever since the beginning of time whenever you meet your soulmate, your chest glows with your soulmates. But it doesn’t happen right away, my parents knew each other for several years before they lit up. But in my 18 years of life, my chest never glowed. I just have to keep waiting for the right person I guess.


But I don’t think thats going to happen anytime soon. You see, the problem is that everyone tries to avoid me at all costs. And I think I know why. I am kind of a huge dork. With my obsession with Marvel, my big glasses, and social awkwardness I don’t think anyone wants to interact with me. Well everyone except Nolan.   


I remember walking into the room and seeing him there. He was laying the bottom bunk reading “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” by Victor Hugo, his strong muscular arms holding  the book above his head.  He turned his attention towards me and furrowed his brow.  A simple “Hello.” was all I could manage to say, he just looked so, intimidating.  He looked like the bullies who would beat me up in high school.  A chill crept up my spine as repressed memories suddenly returned. I  quickly shook them off and walked closer to him. I stuck out my hand for him to shake and he sat up to shake it.


The more I looked at him the more familiar he was. The light blond hair, the big bulging arms that would pound into me, the emerald green eyes that had that always cocky look. Yes I definitely knew him.  I snatched my hand back and stared up in horror.  “NOLAN?!?!”


“Thats my name…..  Do you know me?” He had a puzzled look.


Oh, so he beats me up for four straight years and he doesn’t even know my name.  “It’s me Clark, you know, the kid you left broken and bruised in the locker rooms.”  I scowled at him.


I watched as his face fell. he buried his head in his hands. He opened his mouth and struggled to choke out ,“Well, i’m sorry man, I didn’t know you where…. oh my god I am so sorry…. I can barely recognise you…..oh god.” It looked like he was going to cry

I didn’t know what to say, he was obviously sorry.  Even if he was the person who caused me metal trauma, I can't stand to see a grown man cry.  “It’s okay.” I ran my fingers through my chocolate hair. Damn this was awkward. “Ha, small world right.” I turned around and started to open my bags. The only sound in the small rooms was my duffle bag  zipper. Minutes passed in pure silence. Just as I was putting my blue Captain America tee into my closet Nolan started to speak.

“You know, you look so different from high school.”  He stood up from the bed and walked over to me. I was hanging and folding my clothes into my wardrobe. “Puberty changed you. I bet girls must be all over you.”

“Nah, girls don’t touch me. Girls only give, well, guys like you a chance.”  

“Guys like me? Ha! What’s that supposed to mean?” He smirked. He wasn’t down in the slumps anymore. Good.  

“Well.” I turned to face him, “Guys who play football, tall, and they also like guys who are strong. And your arms look like they could kill a man.”

“Hmm, funny considering I get like, zero attention.” He fell back onto the wall. I chuckled. When I actually got to talk to him he was a pretty cool guy.

“Really? I remember all the girls at school talking about how big of a womanizer you were.”

“Ha! thats so not true. It started out as my ex-girlfriend Crista trying to get laid, and I just wasn’t comfortable. So in an attempt to keep her status as “it girl” she said she got laid, and dumped me.”

“I totally remember her. She cheated off me in pre-calc. Im sorry about what she did to you.”  I closed the door to the closet.

“No it’s fine, she screwed the entire football team in fact, well, everyone except me. I’m still a virgin actually.”  HIs eyelids closed when he admitted that embarrassing fact.

NO. WAY. He was not going to be happy with what I was going to say next. “You know whats funny? I’m actually not a virgin.” It was a lie, of course.

His eyes snapped open, and he violently grabbed my shoulders.  “NO. FREAKING. WAY.”

I winced under his grasp, and he snapped his hands back. “I am so fucking sorry man, I-I”

    “Dude, its totally fine, and I am totally messing with you.”  I gave him a cocky  smile.

    “Very funny.” he chuckled. “I think, we should be friends, you know, make up from the past.” He nudged my shoulder, and it was so light and careful it felt like he was dealing with a baby kitten.

    “You know what, I would really like that.” I smiled, and he smiled in return. “And you know what, we can  right start now!”  I slumped myself onto the bottom bunk and patted the spot next to me. he sighed and plopped down on the mattress. This was excited, I finally got to figure out what Nolan was like.

“Okay, you go first.” I criss-crossed my legs and placed my hands on my knees, giving my full and undivided attention.  Nolan sat on his hands and dangled his feet over the edge. he gave out a short sigh.

“Okay then, lets start with something simple. What was the craziest thing you have ever done?”

“Well, I never did get out much but, there was this one time that me and my old friend from sophomore year got really mad at the judge from a debate we hijacked his pen so that when he would click it, ink would splatter everywhere.”

“Really? thats pretty cool! Just, how did you do it though?”

“That doesn’t matter, its my turn.”

“Okay, ask away!”

“hmm, what is your perfect date?” Ooh, this was going to be good.

“Well a first date has to be a movie. There is no awkward silence between you two because you have to pay attention to the movie right? and plus if the person has a good night they will think they had a good time on the date with you so they will want to date again! Genius, I know.”  He leaned back and landed with a thud, placing his hands behind his head he then faced me. “So what about you, what your ideal date?”

“Coffee. There is something so nice about talking to somebody over a nice cup of coffee. Getting to know someone and just talking to them is one of my favorite things.”

“Hey Clark, have you ever gone on a date?”

“No, you?”

“Never. Hey, do you think you can set me up with someone?”

“I can try, it going to be hard though, girls don’t like me”
“Why? you're pretty good looking! I mean,
no homo but... you're hot.”


    That last comment was a little awkward, and the worst thing about it is that it got my heart racing. Did he really think I was hot? Or was he just trying to butter me up to get what he wants. Probably the second.  I doubt anyone could think my skinny speckled skin was attractive. I peeked at Nolans arms, they were big and firm. My eyes trailed down to his thighs,  God I would love to straddle those. Blood started to rush to my face and I looked away in shame. God, not now! Don’t have another gay scare!

“Soo, are you going to do it?”

“Do what?” I was too caught up in my self-indulgent thoughts I forgot what we were talking about.

“Set me up with a chick!” He rolled over to his side and propped himself up with an elbow. he gave me a tiny smile that probably would make girls scream.

“Sure, but you wont need my help.”  (He wouldn’t.)

“Thanks, shit I don’t even know what to say to a girl.” He was tracing little patterns on the bed sheet with a small smile. His olive skin popping over the white sheet. God why I am I just noticing how hot he is.

“Oh, thats easy. Just say how wonderful they are and focus on them. I learned this from  watching my sisters boyfriends.”

    I looked down at my watch. It was 8pm already?! I heard Nolan yawn stretching his mouth open wide. Oh shit, even his teeth were perfect. My tongue ran over my braces on my bottom teeth.  “Why am I such a loser.” I whispered to myself.


“I said look at the time, its already 8pm. And I have classes early in the morning” I lied.

“I have practice early in the morning, let watch a movie then go to bed okay?”

“Yeah sure, what movie?”

     He reached over and pulled out a box of DVDs, rifling through them until he finally picked out a white case that said “The Conjuring”. Oh, shit, wasn’t this supposed to be the scariest movie of 2013?  I HATE scary movies, but I didn’t want Nolan to think I was a wuss.

“The Conjuring huh? I haven’t seen that one yet.” I said gulping down the fear in my voice.

“Oh you have to. It’s really good, and it’s not as scary as people say it is.! I laughed during half of it.” He put the movie into his Macbook and handed me an earbud. Scooting closer to him I put the earbud.

That. Was. Horrible! During the entire movie my heart was pounding right out of my chest. I shouldn’t have watched it, I don’t think I will be able to fall asleep.

“Ha, that wasn’t so bad.” I said wiping away a sweat from my brow.  

“Oh please, you were scared shitless!” he chuckled and pulled off the hot laptop between us.

“I was so not.” I defended

“You grabbed me,whimpering ‘oh god!’ halfway through!” He jumped off the bed and took off his shirt and pants, kicking them in the corner. “Okay, top or bottom. I suggest you get the top, I would probably crush you, because I weigh to much.”


“WHAT?” I was startled, is he talking about, well, you know…

“Oh my god, top or bottom bunk?” he sighed, “Do you have cotton in your ears?”

“Okay, I guess top.” I scooted off the bed, rubbing the back of my neck. Nolan was putting on a navy blue tee and gray flannel pants. I pulled out my maroon bed sheets and climbed up to pull them on the bed. one my bed was now ready to sleep in I stripped down to my really dorky boxers with little bat signals all over them. So not sexy. ‘why do you care?’ a little voice in my head told me, and it was true. Why do I care if I look sexy or not? Did I really have a crush on the kid who bullied me all through high school? What is wrong with me?

“Hey Nolan,” I sat dangling my feet over the edge of the bed.

“What?” he looked up at me crossing his arms.

“Why did you bully me all through high school? And do you really be my friend, or do you just feel bad for me.”

    That hit him square in the chest, he looked away from me. Probably from shame, or was it a feeling of guilt?

“I guess that I felt like I needed to take all of my anger out on someone. And when I saw you, Clark the valedictorian, the chess master, I felt like I needed to feel better about myself.  I was jealous of you.”  He took in a long breath and exhaled slowly, and he finally looked me in the eyes. “I really do want to be your friend Clark, and yes I do feel bad for what I did to you. Do you forgive me?”

“Yes.” I smiled.

“Thats a relief.” He gave a sigh and the room lightened up again.

I rotated my body to lay down and flipped to my side, still looking at Nolan. I’m happy I can move on, and i’m happy that we can be friends. Maybe even more than friends? Nope! not possible.  

Noticing my position Nolan giggled and in a girly voice said, “Draw me like one of your French girls Jack.” he laughed. And I laughed too, but felt a little awkward too.

“Well, I got class early in the morning so, goodnight!” I pulled the covers over me and rolled my the wall.

“Yeah goodnight, and by the way,”


“Nice boxers.” he turned off the light. the last sound of the night was him pouncing on the mattress under me. My ears were pounding and my face turned really red.

Was he really looking at my underpants?


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