In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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7. The great awakening.

    I woke up to the feeling of a three-ton truck ramming into my skull, and a huge body around me. I brought my hand up to my eyes and rubbed all of the gunk out, I blinked a few times and saw that there was light coming out of the window. I looked around for my glasses and saw that they were laying on the desk beside Nolan’s bed. Wait, am I in Nolan’s bed? I looked at the big body that was wrapped around me and saw that it was indeed, Nolan. He had one arm around me and his body was turned so that we were in the spooning position. What happened last night? Why am I sleeping in Nolan’s bed, and fucking SPOONING! I looked at the small desk clock that was on Nolan’s desk, and it read 3:34, IN THE AFTERNOON!


“Nolan get your ass up!” I shouted at him. I pushed him off me and kicked off the covers. I looked down at myself. My pants were off, showing my purple boxers. Thank goodness I had my shirt on, but what would that matter, it was half open.


“Hm.” He groaned, turning his body away from me. I sat up, the pounding in my head got worse and a wave of nausea crashed over me.  I punched him in the arm and then he finally said something. “What the hell do you want.”


“We missed all of our classes today, we slept till three in the afternoon. And speaking of sleeping, why did I wake up in your bed?” I said while massaging my temples.


“Shhh, no noises.” he said while covering his face with the blanket.


“Fuck that!” I ripped off the blanket, “What happened?”


    What happened to me last night was all a blur. At first I could remember being pulled away by Margo, being convinced into smoking a joint, and meeting up with Nolan, but after that I can’t remember a thing. I had so many questions, but they would have to hold for now. I lurched forward, gagging. Oh shit.


    I sprang off the bed and ran to the bathroom, leaning over the toilet emptying my stomach of last nights liqueur. The fluids burned my throat and my stomach clenched, making the experience painful.  Once I was done I wiped my mouth and flushed the toilet. Walking like a zombie out of the bathroom I flopped down on the futon. I looked around and saw my pants in the middle of the room. My top bunk was untouched, and Nolan was now sitting up with his head against the the grey wall.


“You okay?” He mumbled, bringing a hand up to his hair and pushing back the golden locks.


“Yeah.” I said, kicking the floor. “What happened, do you remember?” I was curious.


“Well first of all, you are a huge weirdo when you are drunk.” He smiled and turned to face me. Hungover Nolan was even cuter.


“Dammit,” I groaned, “What did I do?”


“First of all, when we left the party you asked me to carry you.” He got up from the bed and sat at his desk. “And you crawled into bed with me, insisting that we should cuddle.” He blew fast air out of his nose implying that it was funny, but I sat there in disbelief. My face was burning. Was that really all I did while I was drunk? Did I try to do anything that he isn’t telling me?


“Anything else?” I asked, but then I thought, do I really want to find out anything else?


“Ha, you’re going to laugh at this! Right before you crashed you kissed me and then just said ‘Nighty night’. Then you fell asleep, just like that.” His ears were just starting to turn pink.


    What. The. Fuck. Clark. I could just imagine me crawling into bed, kissing him goodnight. My face was flushing and Nolan’s lips where curling into a smile.  He hopped of the chair and said, “I’m going to take a shower.”


“Okay.” I said watching him enter the bathroom. Right after he shut the door I picked up my phone and saw that Margo sent me 3 messages.


The first one was a picture of me, with a blunt between my lips with the caption: “Blaze it”

The second text said: “Hey, your mean friend took you away from me! Text me!”

The third was a picture of her laying on a bed with her leg spread wide open, wearing nothing but a pink thong. It had the caption: Text me ;) Please baby? (Why was she doing this to me, I am not the slightest bit attractive)


    I was unaware that Nolan was standing behind me, coming back out to grab his clothes.


“Whoa dude! Nude pics!” He slapped me on the back and grabbed his clothes from the closet right beside me. He then proceeded back into the bathroom, shutting the door and locking it.


The thing is though, I don’t want her. I want Nolan. And her being a distraction for me was going to far. I need to come clean and break it off with her before things go too far.



The rest of the week went by in a flash. The usual classes, the lunches with Nolan. Same old,same old. But today I got a text from my mother asking if I would like to come home for the weekend. Of course I was going to come, she is my mother! I packed up my bags for the weekend and left.


    The weekend was pretty fun, I got together with my sisters, one found out she was pregnant and getting married right out of highschool. My mother was dating again, even though her chest glowed for my father, he cheated on her and now she was searching for another man, even if her chest wasn’t going to glow again.


    I went to the mall with some old friends and shopped around with them for a few hours, just like in high school. We all sat at a table and shared one of those big cookies you get in the food court. I told them all about how Nolan was my roommate and I was now friends with him.


“Are you sure about him? I mean, like, he was a douchebag.” My friend Cedric told me.


“Totally, people never really change.” Mike added.


“Yeah! Don’t get too close to him, once a bully always a bully.” Lindsey piped in.   


“You guys, im telling you he’s changed. And to tell you the truth, I think i’m in love with with him.” I finally admitted.They all snapped their mouths shut and stared at me in disbelief.


“Oh man, don’t tell me you lit up!” Lindsey slammed her hands on the table.


“No, I just-” My face flushed.


“Dude get out while can.” said Cedric.


“You guys! I tried to get over him. I tried to date a couple of girls to distract me from him and it just didn’t work! I still have feelings for him and now i’m slipping. If I could get out I would, but I can’t!” I was starting to get flustered. How can they say all those things about him?


“Its okay man, just don’t get yourself hurt.” Said Mike.


    How could Nolan hurt me? He was my friend now and I trust him.




The day after Clark left I was surprisingly lonely. All of my friends I met up with at the gym went home and there was no one for me to talk to. I spent all of Saturday in my dorm room, if Clark was here I wouldn’t be so bored. I tried to ignore the fact that he was gone and that Margo was probably texting him. Why am I so jealous of Margo? I don’t like Clark or anything, its probably because i’m scared she will steal him away from me.


But last night Clark was in my bed again.


“Clark, what are you doing here?” I asked. He was leaning over me, straddling my hips. He removed his glasses and had on only a pair of blue checkered boxers.  


“Shh,” he brought his finger up to my lips. “No words, only tongue” and replaced his finger with his lips, kissing me roughly. I could feel how his soft lips, and how his hands were running up my body, sending my blood to rush south. I was suppressing a moan when he started to stroke my torso, running his nimble fingers up my sides, I let out a low groan. We separated to get some air, and then Clark dove back in, this time licking my lips, waiting for the invitation to let him inside my mouth. I parted my lips slightly letting him in. Our wet muscles sliding and dancing inside our mouths. My heart was going crazy and my brain was running wild. Asking questions all over the place. Why was Clark here with me? Why was I letting him do this? And why does it feel so right?


    I brought my hands up to his hair, running my fingers through his soft chocolate mane. Twisting and pulling at his hair softly. One hand trailed down and stopped at his lower back, dipping the tip of my hand under the band of his boxers. Clark pulled his hands away from me and grabbed mine, pinning them to the bed, lacing his fingers with mine. He pulled away from the kiss, a string of saliva still connecting us.


“Nolan, I want to hear you scream my name.” Clark growled in my ear. I have never seen Clark like this before, and it was sexy. He started to suck and bite my neck, using his legs to spread mine apart. He rolled his hips against my groin, sending a wave of pleasure through my  whole body.


“Ahh.” I let the sound escape my lips. I tried to grind against him but he bucked his hips down, demanding dominance. He started to kiss and suck my chest, and then my stomach, and then he stopped when he reached the edge of my pants. He let go of my hands and positioned himself so that his face was dangerously close to my groin. He pulled down my pants and pulled out my length, licking the head.


“Oh shit, ah-a.” I gripped the sheets, and leaned my head back. My entire body was on fire, and my heart was beating out of my chest.


“Nolan, tell me what you want me to do.” He said, licking his lips seductively.


“Please.” I gasped.


“Please what?” He teased


“Clark, please just fuck me!” I shouted.


“As you wish.” He said before finally putting the whole thing in his mouth. My entire body started to shake and my back arched.


“AH! Clark, oh fuck!”


    My eyes snapped open, and Clark was gone. An uncomfortable wetness started to spread across my groin. Wait, what? That was a dream? I sat up in the darkness of my room. I was confused and really turned on.


“Do I like Clark?” I said outloud, into the darkness of the lonely dorm.


(Wow, this chapter took a wild turn. I planned on doing the wet dream scene in chapter 9 but okay.)


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