In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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2. Text Me?

It was in the dead of night, and it was pitch black. The only light coming from the headlights racing by. The only sound was the soft murky folk song coming from the radio. My hands were sweaty against the faux leather steering wheel, and griping on tightly. The headlights zooming past me getting faster and faster, speeding up to just a blur of yellow and red. The folk song on the radio suddenly deafening loud. The lights soon cocooned the car, surrounding it, blinding me. I started to scream, slamming my head against the steering wheel until it bled. Then all at once, the music turned off and the lights were gone. I lifted my bloody head and looked around I was in an empty highway. I started shaking, my whole body uncontrollably shaking, I closed my eyes, trying to wake myself up from this dream, but only when I opened them I was still there, in a run down car in the middle of the highway. I saw a pair of headlights, racing at me full speed. I tried to turn on the car to get away, but there was no use, the keys were nowhere to be seen. I struggled to open up the door to get away, shaking the handle but the door not budging. The headlights where getting faster, picking up speed each second. I then finally slammed my body into the window, breaking it. I climbed out of it, cutting myself from the glass shards shimming my body out of the car. My body was halfway out of the car when the headlights finally caught up to me, slamming into my body at full speed, a paralyzing pain overtook me, and then, nothing.  


“Clark, wake up!” I woke up to Nolan at the foot of my bed shaking my leg and shouting at me.


    I looked around me, my sheets were tangled around my feet, keeping me tied up, I was sweating really badly and I was breathing like a fat man finishing a marathon. It was starting to show light through the window, and the clock read 5:47am.

“Im sorry, I-I just had another bad dream.”  My voice was shaking.


“I can tell,” He huffed, “You were screaming, you know man, you should really go see a doctor about these dreams. Or a therapist, you should really get some help, it’s scaring the shit out of me, and it been happening for a while now.” He pushed himself onto the bed and folded his legs, facing me.

“I can’t,” I gulped, “Only crazy people go to therapists, and i’m not crazy.”

Nolan sighed, “Clark please, it would help.”  He looked at me with his puppy dog face, “I will go there with you if you want.”

“You would?” I propped myself on my elbows to get a better look at him. Im happy I got him to wake me up from these dreams, I could lose myself in those eyes forever.

“What kind of friend would I be if I couldn’t?” He smiled and patted my leg, sending sparks all the way up my body.

“Thanks Nole.” I smiled at him gratefully. He returned the smile and jumped off the bed with a thud.

“I got to go to the gym before all the presses are taken, and I think you should drink some coffee, or anything,  just don’t go back to sleep.” He slipped on Nike shorts and a Michigan Tech tee and headed for the bathroom.

    Its been about three weeks since I have reunited with Nolan and In that short time we found out a lot about each other.  I found that he can play the violin and that he loves tea, specifically Earl Grey. We found out that we both hate heavy dubstep and have a fear of heights. But also in those short three weeks I have discovered that, I was falling for my ex-enemy, and roommate Nolan Karlsson. But I would have to get over it, and fast too. I can’t like a man who expected me to set him up with a girl, I was only going to hurt myself.


“Hey do you want to meet up for lunch today? I’m feeling pizza, you?” He sprayed his chest with Old Spice Matterhorn and picked up his gym bag.


My attention fixed on him again I replied, “Yeah sure, my last class ends at noon so i’ll meet you at the south entrance.” I sat up and tried to jump off the bed, and like to complete loser I am, I forgot about the sheets tangled in my feet and fell the floor. Hard.  


“Holy shit, are you okay?” He kneeled down and untangled the sheets and threw them back on the bed. “Ha, careful man. you’re lucky you didn’t hit your head on the desk.”


    The fall hit me and left me winded, I tried to stand up, only to fall, struggling for support from Nolan’s bed. My back was sweaty and sore and my smooth moves predicted a good day ahead, (yeah right). I looked at Nolan, who had a worried expression on his dumb, cute face.

“Ha, heh, dumb clumsy me right?” I breathed out a dry laugh and tried my best to smile that I was fine.  


Nolan bit his lip and tried to hold back a laugh, but failed and started to giggle like a tortured owl. “Clark *cackle* you dork!” He stood up and went to the mini fridge and pulled out an ice-pack from the freezer. “That looked like it hurt your back, so lay on my bed and ice it. I’ll be back in a hour,” He was still letting little giggles escape his mouth while he was heading out the door, “Oh i’ll bring back coffee, what do you like?”


“Vanilla latte with a shot of espresso please,” I said with my breath back to normal. I liked the idea of coffee with Nolan, but its too bad it doesn’t mean what I would like it to mean. A coffee date with Nolan Karlsson, how perfect. I smiled to myself and covered my face with my hands. I’m such a dork.  

“Okay i’ll be back in a hour, see ya Felix Baumgartner*.” He waved me bye from the back of his hand and headed out the door, removing the small dorm of its warm presence.


    I got up from the warmth of Nolan’s bed and headed for the bathroom, stripping of my shirt and boxers. I turned on the water to the hottest setting. I looked in the mirror at myself, I was skinny, but not like anorexia skinny, I rotated my body observing it from an angle. Sigh, I wish I could look better, lose the freckles, the glasses, the bottom braces that take mean hour to floss. Maybe I should get contacts?Would I look weird? Maybe I should lose the slight curl to my hair, straighten it?


    I shook away my insecurities and hopped into the shower, the hot water greeting my skin harshly. I soaked my hair and scrubbed it with my raspberry scented shampoo Nolan always eases me for having, but hey I would rather smell like  raspberry kiss than “extreme hard metal with man power”.  I lost time in the shower and started to sing the entire soundtrack of Les Miserables. I got to when “Javier’s suicide” when I heard a pound on the door.


“Have you been in the shower the whole time I was gone?” I heard Nolans muffled voice behind the door.

“Shit, your back already?” I shouted back.

“Yeah, come and get your coffee.”

“Kay, just a sec.”


    I turned off the tap and stepped out into the steamy air, towel drying my body off when I realized my mistake. I didn’t put my clothes in the shower with me. I was going to have to step out in front of Nolan with just a towel on, and I had to dressed in front of him too. Sudden images of Nolan observing my body while naked invaded my mind, shockwaves surged through my body. “No.” I said out loud, I can’t keep having these thoughts about my friend. I was only going to hurt myself.


    I finally built up enough courage to step out there. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out there like it was no big deal, but really I was shaking on the inside. I walked over to the wardrobes and pulled out my tight fit boxers that made my hips look like a womans. I almost jumped out of my skin when Nolan started to talk.


“Hey, thats a cool birthmark,” he jumped up from the desk where he was sitting and walked behind me, observing my mark.


“Oh, the one on my back?” I said reaching for the top drawer.


“So you’ve got more?” He teased.


“Yeah, but you’ll never see those.” I replied


“It looks like the state of Ohio.” He fell back against the bunks.


    I reached for one of my hoodies and slipped it over my head, pulling it down over my embarrassing mark.  After shimming into some of my favorite skinny jeans I picked up my coffee from the desk where he was sitting at and sipped it.


“Ah!” The hot liquid burned my tongue.


“Careful, it’s hot.” Nolan chirped.


    Something weird happened today. I just was sitting in Human Evolution like always when I felt that I was being watched. I looked around the lecture hall and saw a girl staring at me, she had her chin cupped in her hand, giving her full attention to me. At first I didn’t believe that she was looking at me, I looked around and saw that she was indeed, looking at me. My face turned red and she gave me a small smile. She then winked at me and I shyly turned away. I ignored her for the rest of the lecture but when it ended she came up to me!


    Oh crap, oh crap, I thought. She flipped her blonde hair back and stuck a piece of paper into my pocket. She smiled at me, and  then ran off with an asian girl who was probably taller than half the NBA. I took out the folded paper and read it. With pink letters it said:


Call Me? :)

455-6749 -Margo


    My face burned, for the first time in my life a girl was paying attention to me! I did a little happy dance in my head and bolted out of the lecture hall, trying to catch up with her. It was too late though, she was no where to be seen in the crowd of people leaving to go to lunch. I suddenly remembered I was going for pizza with Nolan, Nolan. I felt suddenly dirty now, I was excited about a girl when I loved him- Wait! No, this what I need! This Margo girl could distract me from Nolan, I could finally get over him.


    I clutched the note in my hand, my heart was racing and I was blushing like a virgin schoolgirl. I walked very briskly to the spot where I was meeting Nolan for lunch, I couldn’t wait to tell him! This girl could be the real deal too! Maybe my chest would glow for her- wait up, I just met her. I shouldn’t be thinking so far ahead.  I got to the entrance and I saw Nolan sitting on a bench, earphones blasting a fast paced rock song, his head nodding to the beat. He looked at me with those velvet green eyes, and cocked his brow.


“What the hell are you so happy about?” He stood up, towering over me like a skyscraper. He pulled out his earphones, the music exploding out of them when they were removed.


“Look,” I handed him the note, “This girl came up to me after H.E. and slipped it in my pocket.” I smiled, bringing a shaking hand to my hair, pushing the fringe off my face.


Nolan read the note and his face lit up with excitement. “Oh my god man, this is awesome!” He embraced me into a tight hug and effortlessly lifting up my small frame and spinning me around. People looked at a weirdly as they were leaving the building for lunch.


“Nole, stop you’re crushing me!” He set me down, and ruffled my dark hair.


“Clark, this is so great! Or should I call you loverboy?” He gestured me to walk with him out the door, and into the chilly autumn air. It was colder than I expected it to be, I folded my arms hugging my thin hoodie closer to me.  

“So, where do you plan on taking us?” I asked Nolan. My breath making a small puff of steam.


“Well, my coach has a brother who owns this pizza parlor not far from here.” His nose was starting to turn pink. “Its cold as shit out here.”


“You’re telling me.”



    After lunch Nolan had to go to football and I was done with my classes for the day. So what does a boy do when he has nothing to do? go to the bookstore of course!  Grabbing my coat I left for Barns & Nobel. But the craziest thing happened to me at the bookstore. I was just browsing through the manga when this really short redhead came up to me, and started to talk to me.


“Hey, whatcha reading?” She had a very soft voice and she was really pretty. My heart skipped a beat when I looked at her, she just wasn’t really pretty, she was stunning!


“Oh, uh, me?” I looked at her surprised that a girl like that would even look my way.


“Yeah you, who else is here?” She chuckled. “Whatcha reading?”


“Oh uh, Death Note. Its a good series, you should try it out, if you like manga.”


“Yeah I love manga! You know what you should try out Attack on Titan, its a great horror series and you would love it.” She handed me the first volume that she already had in her hands.


    I reached for the book and in that moment, out fingers touched. Fire shot through my body and my face turned red, I took the book quickly and placed it in the little pile I had ready to purchase.  


“Um, thanks.” I shyly looked away and rubbed to back of my neck. She was really cute, and she liked the same things as me? Perfect.  


“Yeah no problem! And, I really think your going to like chapter two.” She smiled showing her teeth that had braces only on the top set of her perfectly white teeth. “I have to go now, see you later?” She walked away and blew me a kiss. The kiss shot through me like a bullet, piercing my heart. Was this for real? Two girls paying attention to me in one day? Am I dreaming again?


    I payed for my books, including the one she gave me and walked out of the store, phone in hand texting Nolan.


To Nole:

Dude, you will never believe what happened to me.


From Nolan:



To Nole:

A girl at the bookstore talked to me, and she blew me a kiss!


From Nole:

no way, did you get her #?


To Nole:

No, I should of tho.


From Nole:

whateves, loverboy is on a role!


To Nole:

gotta go, ttyl.


From Nole:

c ya later loverboy!


    I returned to my dorm, curious to see what the girl was talking about. I read chapter one, and then finally in chapter two, a heart shaped post it note read, “text me: 457-8875”


    Two girls in one day? Was this real, is this just some sick joke? I typed in the number to my phone, labeling her as “book girl”. I texted her:


To Book Girl:

hey. Its me, glasses from the bookstore.


In a few minutes, a reply came.


From Book Girl:

Oh glasses!


To Book Girl:

Yeah, thats me.

uh do you want to go for coffee later?

From Book Girl:

sure, im free on friday 4pm! meet you at the starbucks?


To Book Girl:

you bet!


    This is what I need. I need a girl to distract me from Nolan, and who will love me. I just need to get over Nolan, because if I don’t, I will only hurt myself.


*Felix Baumgartner set the world record for the highest skydive jump on Oct. 14, 2012


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