In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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11. stoner-boner

Just another boring class in Human Evolution, Margo throwing paper at me with little messages saying she’ll “fuck me straight baby!”, the professor casually hitting on the girl in the front row causing her to zip up her sweater more. No biggie, but after class my friend who is shorter than me (which is surprising because I have seen kids in Primary school taller than me) came up to me. His name was Zac and he was my best friend, he always invited me over to his dorm to play Black Ops and pig out on about a million buffalo wings (You know, I never really liked wings before. I guess I have grown to like them.)


“Hey-hey-hey,” He greeted while brushing his blonde dreadlocks away from his face, “You know that one band you like so much, Unwelcomed Luck?”


Unwelcomed Luck is one of my favorite bands. They were a bit unknown, they only played in small towns in outdoor concerts.  I usually don’t like a band enough to buy a band-shirt, but I liked this one so much I got one, which say a lot. So I replied to him with “Yeah, what about them?”


“Dude they’re coming to town in a few days, and guess which lucky bastard got tickets to the Happy Puppies tour?” He pulled out about 6-7 tickets from his hoodie pocket and fanned them out, smiling smugly.


I stopped dead in my tracks, “Holy shit! Zac how did you get these?” I said a bit too sugary.


“I have my sources.” He handed me one of the tickets and I carefully held it like one person would do to a holy sword, is he really inviting me!


“Oh my god man! I could kiss you right now!” I flung my arms around him, then added “Too bad for you though, my kisses are only for Nolan.” I pulled away and stared down at the ticket.


“Are you sure? Because right now it looks like you're going to lose your virginity to that ticket.” I shoved him and walked forward, I heard him call for me to wait up when I felt a slap on the ass. I snapped my head back expecting the culprit to be Zac, or even Nolan. But no, it was forever-thirsty-for-my-nerdy-cock Margo. She ran off in front of me, making sure to pull up the strings of her thong over her tight skinny jeans. Zac was by me in a second. “Dude, didn’t you tell her that you have a boyfriend?”


“Yeah, shes such a skank. But why did she chose me to fuck around with, why not some buff guy, with a tan and who’s on the football team!”


“You mean you would rather have her go after Nolan?” Zac crooned.


“Definitely not Nolan, that bitch would have no eyebrows if she even dared to hit on him.” I spat loud enough for Margo to hear. She turned her neck and mouthed something like, ‘aggressive, I like it’. She never gives up doesn’t she?


“Lunch?” Zac asked.


“Yeah, im feeling like hotdogs.” I licked my lips.


“Nolans or the cafes?”




That last line made Zac howl with laughter, I don’t know why, it wasn’t that funny.



The night of the concert I put on my UL shirt and gave Nolan a rather

lengthy kiss goodbye before running out and hopping in Zac’s rusty rolling-garbage-van along with eight others, including Zac’s Lolita girlfriend. Soon enough we were heading to see UL live. I was more than stoked.


We made our way past the tents of stoners who camp out to hear the music for free, to the admission line, which was surprisingly long. When we got up to the front of the line the bouncer looked at all of us and asked for our IDs. I pulled out mine after all of my friends, he looked at me and shook his head. “No can do kid, this show is strictly 21 and over. Sorry.”


Wait. A. Fucking. Second. Zac was the only one of the group who was 21, did everyone have fake IDs? “What?” Was all I could spit out. Everyone was through the wall that separated the stage from the campers, I was probably the only one who couldn’t get in. I was so crushed.


I stepped off to the side and texted Zac that I couldn’t get in and to go home without me, I was getting a cab.  As much as I loved to hear them, I didn’t want to get caught up with a circle of stoners again.


I was leaning against the brick wall separating the camp and stage texting Nolan that I was coming home soon when I heard it started to rain.


People rushed into tents when it started to pour, but people on the side of the stage didn’t leave. I guess getting soaked is worth it. I was getting soaking wet when I finally decided to wait out the rain inside of a tent that seemed empty from the outside. I zipped it open and crawled inside.


“Who the fuck are you?” a tired voice said. Underneath a black sleeping bag a skinny guy with red and black hair that looked like he just came out of a kpop music video. It was black with a shaved undercut, and choppy on the top with flaming red tips. He was sickly pale and had bags under his eyes, he wasn’t ugly, just the opposite of that.


“Um… It was raining and I thought I would wait it out. Sorry- I should go-”


“No, you can stay. It nice having some wet eye-candy once in awhile.” His voice was low and husky, and I could see that he had ear gauges. They were black metal with a mini jade dragon crawling around inside of the hollow loop. He had a eyebrow piercing like me except instead of simple metal spikes, he had a pot leaf.


I saw him pull out a small glass pipe and light it, inhaling and exhaling out thick, robust smoke.  He was smoking weed no doubt.  It smelled like pine needles and oily herbs, maybe a little bit like….. bacon? It smelled good. The stuff at Jasons party smelled nothing like this, that shit smelled like nasty rust.  


“You wanna share a bowl?” He handed me the pipe. “Careful man, it’ll kick you in the head.”


I took it nervously. I only smoked once in my life and that was at Jasons party, which I didn’t even remember what it was like, I was so hammered. “I’m sorry but don’t even know your name?”


He blinked a few times and shook his head like a dog might do to get dry, he blinked hard again and leaned back groaning “...........Sean” He spread open his arms like he was being crucified.


“Sean huh?....” I looked at the glass pipe and gingerly inhaled.


Sean was right, it hit me like a freight train. It tasted lemony and sweet. The smoke was hot, creamy, and heavy. I started coughing and sputtering. Sean sat up and took the pipe that I was handing back. “Ha, told you!” he started giggling, and he didn’t stop. Soon for some unknown reason I started giggling.


My whole body started to float, I was levitating. I could hear blurry rock music in the distance, everything was so spaced out. The earth was below me, and I was on cloud 9. My whole body was so tired and sensitive. I laid there for a solid 10 minutes rambling and giggling with Sean until I passed out.





So many colors all around me, caught in a void of space and swirls. I could see Zac and all of my friends dancing to a muffled Unwanted Luck song. They moved so slowly as I floated past them, and passed to Sean laughing and rolling into nothingness. When I exhaled I breathed out the same creamy smoke. I moved onto Nolan, reaching out for me. I let him pull me in and kiss me, and everybody disappeared. Things got hotter until it fast forwarded to Nolan reaching down my pants, and sliding him palm up and down my cock.


I awoke from my dream sweaty, and really horny. I touched my chest, sliding my hands under my shirt. My body was so sensitive.


Sean was still in the tent with me, he was asleep, lying parallel with me. It was dark in the tent so I assumed it was night.


I kept touching my body, every movement made my heart beat faster and my blood rush south. I reached one hand down my pants and stroked my cock fast. My other hand laying still over my heart. I started moaning, I must’ve moaned pretty loudly, I woke up Sean. I didn’t stop though.




I didn’t stop until I came hard, practically screaming. My hand was full of my semen and I was panting hard. A few people from a tent next over shouted “congrats on your orgasm!” I was still panting, drool spilling over the sides of my mouth.


“This first day I meet someone, they end up choking the chicken, wow. I like you freckles! Your very open aren’t you-” I didn’t hear the rest of what he said, I passed out again.


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