In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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5. Should I kiss you?

The door to our dorm room swung open, and in walked a sad-eyed Clark. He was returning from the coffee date with the Book Girl, and from the look on his face, it couldn’t have gone well. He dove in, face first onto the futon on the other side of the room.

“Hey what happened?” I asked. I was sitting at my desk typing out a paper I needed in my Monday.


    Clark looked at me, his eyes were a bit watery and his nose was red from the cold.

“The date was a total disaster.” he sighed.

“How? What happened?” If that girl broke his heart  I swear I would never forgive her.

“Well, it started out as great, she told me her name was Melonie, and we really hit it off.” He kicked off his shoes, “But then at the end of the date, a man came inside of the shop and tripped by our table. Their chests lit up instantaneously. It was something right out of a movie.”


“Dang, that sucks.” I said trying to comfort him.


“I know, and I can’t stop thinking about it.” he sighed and sat up. “That was so humiliating, to be on a date with a girl, then she lights up for another man! Ugh!”


“Here drink this.” I pulled out a small gatorade bottle and handed it to him. “You’ll forget about it soon.”


He took a swig of the liquid and made a sour face, he swallowed it and then started to cough in disgust. “What the hell is this?” he asked sniffing the top.


“One part vodka two parts Gatorade, its not that bad once you get used to it.” I said.


“Ha, thanks.” he said while taking another swig. “You know, I never drank before.”


“Well I guess you never been to a house party either?” I said sarcastically. Well everybody, and I mean everybody has been at least to one house party.


“Nope.” He said while drinking some more.


“Hey, slow down. You’re going to get hammered.”


“Thats the plan.  You should take me to a party sometime.”


“Sure will, hand me the bottle.” I gestured for the “vodkade” and took a swig. The sour liquid burning my throat.  “Scoot over.” I said gesturing him to make room on the futon. It wasn’t hard for him, he was small.


“Are you going to get drunk too?” he said, voice already starting to slur.


“It sounds like you already have a head start.” I said, drinking more from the bottle.


    We talked forever, he told me about his two sisters, who would make fun of him and lock him in the closet. I told him about my religious aunt Susan, who would force me into football, and would never let me go out with friends. he told me about his unfaithful father and his cousin who sold weed. Some of my favorite things to do was to talk with Clark. He was so interesting, especially when he was tipsy.  I looked at his mouth when he was talking, how his lips would flow into the next word. They looked so soft too, would he even remember if I kissed him? Probably not. I leaned forward, my mind was racing, and my heart was pounding out of my chest. My eyelids drooped and my hand went up to his cheek. To my surprise Clark put his hand on the back of my head and pulled it down to his chest. he tightly wrapped his arms around me and held me down tightly to his chest.


“Hugs,” He whispered, “Hugs are great.” his voice was heavy with slurs and very bubbly.


“Yeah, hugs are great.” WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING NOLAN! You are so lucky you had Clark to stop you or you would have really kissed him. What where you thinking! I tried to get away, but his skinny arms were like ropes around me, and I was tipsy. So I gave up, and fell asleep. Listening to his heartbeat.


(sorry this chapter is so short, Next chapter is going to be longer so it is going to be way longer, and it will actually add to the plot! I just wanted to get this stupid coffee date with the book girl over with, and Margo will come in, she is a big part on how Nolan deals with his feelings for Clark. And I hoped this also showed how Nolan can be around Clark when he can't control himself very well. Adios!)

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