In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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13. Shit life.

[Clarks POV]

I woke up, the sheets ruffled and all over, my bare chest chilly. Sitting up, I looked out of the window, a blanket of snow covered everything in a virgin white. The snow sparkled against the sunrise that turned the sky a dusty rose color.


Nolan was beside me, I loved to wake up with him beside me. Truthfully, I hadn’t slept in my own bed in god knows how long, the sheets on the top bunk were still crisp from the last time I had made it. Nolan arms were spread out, sprawling all over the pillows. I really didn't mind though, his chest was a good substitute.  His face was relaxed peaceful and his lips were parted slightly. He looked so cute. Jocks aren’t usually described as “cute”, but with Nolan, he was.


My bladder suddenly jolted awake, screaming “YOU HAVE TO PISS!”.


Pulling myself off of the bed, I walked, well limped rather than walked to the bathroom. My hips were sore. I massaged the small of my back, recalling last night.


I remember having a long day of classes, and watching a random couple in the hallway chest’s light up. I got back into our dorm room, where me and Nolan went at it for about 45 minutes before we decided to take things up a notch. I dashed to Nolan’s car driving to the CVS were I got into an awkward conversation with Sean, and we exchanged numbers.


I rushed back to our dorm room, where I had an evening with Nolan that was nothing short of magical. The tight embraces, followed by the long touches, which lead into full blown sex. We started out slowly, but soon kept up a steady gentle rhythm that drew out pathetically needy moans that made Nolan go crazy, gripping my waist but still having control over himself.

I liked it, and I’m not afraid to admit it too. Just the way Nolan was looking me in the eyes while he was... Ah, Lord Jesus have mercy!


Once I was done with my business in the bathroom, I went back into the room to get dressed into my favorite red flannel shirt, and my skinny jeans. I slipped on a beanie to cover up my bad hair day.


I wrote a note to Nolan for him to see before he wakes up to his first class, Astronomy.


Dear Nolan,

good job.


Knowing Nolans humor, he’ll think its the funniest thing ever.


I slipped my bag over my shoulder and headed off to Religious studies.



Class like usual was boring. I flunked the test in Engineering, and aced the one in Human Evolution.


Before I headed out to my next class, I headed out to the coffee kiosk where I got my usual caramel latte. I sat on the same couch that I was rained on by the same kind of coffee in my hands by some witch with huge jugs. I took out my Iphone and checked my Facebook feed. Oh look, my sister just lit up for a man named-


“Clark!” I heard a woman squeal.


Speak of the devil….


In came Margo in her usual tight clothing. Today it was mocha leggings with a green sweater. She looked like the starbucks logo, she even had her hair in two braids.


“Heyyyyyy. Hows my favorite gay person doing?” She casually slid up beside me.  


Cringing, I put my phone away. “Please try to refrain from calling my “your favorite gay person” please.”


“Sorry, but its true!” She brushed away a stray hair with a french manicured talon. “No but seriously, how are you doing?”


“I’m just dandy, and if you're here to try to get me to sleep with you, I should tell you for the third time already that I’m already taken.”


“Umm, yeah.” She slid her arm over the leather back of the couch. “Can’t you have a little fun with me, please?”


“Okay, Margo. Why are you doing this to me? Why me? Why can’t you go for someone who likes you, who is actually capable for liking a girl?”


“Why you ask? Because you’re a gentleman. At the party you only touched me when I wanted you to, and you look so innocent.”


I can’t fucking believe this. Was this girl even real?


“Yeah, no. Goodbye Margo.” I left the couch and went right out of the archway, off to my next class.


I was done with her.


[Seans POV]


I didn’t have a nightmare last night.

or the night of the concert too.



But who really knows, they were bound to return tonight.


I have to get ready for work. I wake at seven, calm down until 11, then I get to work.


From 12-4 I worked at Applebees.

From 4:30-7 I worked at Bubblegum Lion Strip Club

From 8-1 I worked at CVS


I was busy all day everyday. Its how I get by. I need to pay my bills, my car, my food, and my drugs. I used to have a dog, but I gave it up before I starved it. I had no time for it, even though I missed it. I remember giving him back to the farmer, tears in my eyes.


I shower with green apple shampoo. It smells nice, and its cheaper than the stuff that smells like “men”. I don’t buy into that crap, they boost the prices and sell the soap that makes sure mens masculinity doesn’t shatter by buying “girly” shampoo.


I put on the horrible dark green polo and went to my car to drive to my work.


I hate my job. It almost goes perfectly well with my shit life. I hate giving people orders, I hate having people frown at my tattoos, I hate having gross little children oggle at my stretched ears.


But thats actually my best job have, because, did I mention I’m a motherfucking stripper?


I oil my chest, put on some degrading “sexy” speedos and grid against a pole for the viewing pleasures of women at bachelorette parties and girls night out.  Don’t forget the old creeps fapping in the darkness, getting kicked out because its so fucking obvious.


But then I get back into my CVS uniform, all sweaty with glitter in my hair, that always manages to stay, even when I shake it out a thousand times.


Working the night shift at CVS is usually interesting.  I like to see what people buy at the hours of 8-1.  Its mostly condoms or booze. Sometime I get the occasional  person getting milk, or ciggs. But its mostly something a person would never buy in the light of day.


I have a shit life.


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