In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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9. Nolan is a confusing bastard sometimes.

I walked towards the door of our dorm and I could hear the sound of loud playing music muffled behind the door. Nolan was probably in there screwing around. Preparing myself for the music that was going to explode from the room once I opened the door I fumbled with my keys and unlocked the door.


Inside of the room I saw Nolan, sitting in his desk facing the window in front of him. I walked closer to him and saw that he had nothing in front of him, and that he was staring out the window.  I set my bag that I packed for the weekend by my wardrobe. Was something up with Nolan? His golden hair somehow lost his luster and he didn’t have his usual friendly glow around him. The room felt dark.


“Nolan, i’m back.” I sat on his bed and looked at him. I grabbed the remote that was by him and turned down his stereo, and as soon as I did he shot me a dirty look. His velvet green eyes were dark, and menacing.


“Get off my fucking bed.” He growled.


“Nolan is everything okay.” I asked while standing up. Why was he suddenly acting so cold, it never bothered him before when I sat on his bed, hell, I slept with him!


“Everything is fan-fucking-tastic Clark.” He spat.


    Okay, there are two things I am certain of. 1.  Nolan was starting to act like a huge dick, and 2.  He was still in his pajamas. Did he even go to class today?


“Nole, did you go to class today?” I asked.


“Nope. Why do you care.”


“Because i’m your friend and I care.”


Nolan cringed at the word “friend”. He then scoffed, “Friend? I don’t have friends.”


That hurt. Wasn’t I his friend? “Nolan what are you talking about? Are you drunk?”


“NO! GO AWAY YOU FREAK!” He yelled.


    I was hurt, confused, and angry at the same time. I was acting really stupid and I shouldn’t of said this: “Why are you being such a douche bag?”


“What did you just call me?” He stood up fast, the wooden chair squeaking against the floor like nails on a chalkboard.


“You heard me, what are you going to do? Hit me just like in high school?” Stop it Clark, don’t bring that up you are starting to act like a dick. You know what! I don’t care! He is acting like one too!


Nolan pulled up the collar of my shirt and pulled my face close to his. My mouth was never this close to his face that I could name the brand of toothpaste he used. My face turned red, I shouldn’t be bashful when he was being intimidating.


“Yes, I will.” He pushed me back, a little too hard. I lost my footing and hit my head against the top bunks railing. My head made a small smacking noise. I put my hand to the back of my head, where it hit. When my head hit Nolans eyes fell.


“You know what, you’re right. You don’t have any friends.” I said storming out of the room.  He was acting like a huge asshole, and I can’t stand it. I have had enough of this is high school, and I don’t need anymore. Clark, out!



    I walked around for awhile until I forgot all about what happened. I went to the student lounge and bought a coffee. I was sitting on the small loveseat thinking about Nolan again when guess who came in.


“Clark baby!” Margo cheered. She was walking around in nothing but blue spandex, and a tight tee shirt that said, “Sexy, Young, and Crazy!!” on it. All the heads turned in the room. Men oogled and girls glared, whispering to each other. She giggled and pounced onto the couch, spilling a little bit of my coffee over the edge. “I am soo glad I saw you here, I was going to go to your dorm to meet you!”


“Margo I think we should talk.” I pushed my glasses up my face.


“Um, yeah duh! Thats what I just said!”


“No, but I don’t think we should do this anymore. I can’t be your boyfriend.” I finally said.


“What! Why? I’m I not good enough! I didn’t play hard to get and I SENT YOU NUDES!” She cried throughout the entire lounge. People who turned their heads away where now looking at us in pure shock. I was getting red in the face.


“No its not that Margo, you are a nice girl and I hope you meet your prince charming one day. But its not me.” I said lowering my voice.


“Then what is it!” She was starting to cry, a tear was rolling down her cheek. I cupped her face and wiped away the offending tear.

“Don’t cry now. Its not you Margo,its me. You see… I’m gay.” She froze. People were still watching us when she snatched the coffee right out of my hands, and poured the hot liquid all over me, then throwing the rest on the ground, splattering a caramel latte everywhere. Girls gasped and men were still fixed on her large breasts. She stomped out of the room and I followed her. “Margo wait!” She held up her hand as the universal sign for ‘don’t talk to me’.


    With my pride washed away with a refreshing shower of java I walked back to my room, where I was going to return to a moody Nolan. Great.



I opened the door to our dorm. Nolan was gone. I went inside of the bathroom and peeled off my clothes. I hope it doesn’t stain. Washing all of the coffee out of my hair with my raspberry scented shampoo Nolan teases me for. I remembered out little catfight earlier. God, why did I say those things. He was my best friend, and me saying that he had no friends hurt me. Sure I had other buddies, but they weren't my friend like Nolan was, and now he hated me for some unknown reason. I wanted to forget about the fight, so I started to sing. And what better song to sing in the shower other than Dust in The Wind by Kansas? The shower was my stage and  the bottles were my audience. My voice echoed inside of the tight steamy area. I ended up singing “For Your Entertainment” , and the classic “Call me Maybe”.


When I stepped outside of the shower, I saw Nolan leaning up the sink, and staring at me WHILE I WAS NAKED! My face flushed with anger and shyness.


“Nolan, where you in here the entire time I was showering?” I asked while covering myself with a teal colored towel.


“Clark, i’m sorry. “Forgive me for this.” He went at me and I braced myself for him to hit me, but instead he grabbed my waist, pulling me into an embrace. He pulled my chin up, closer to his face. He pressed his lips against mine softly. I gasped, and he pulled away with a worried look on his face.


    My head was spinning and I had a million questions in my head. But all those questions didn’t matter now, Clark was kissing me and I have wanted to do that for a long time.


“Don’t stop.” I murmured, I was still close to his face, and still stuck in his embrace. I reached up and pulled his face down towards mine, kissing him a little rougher. It felt like I was levitating and I was intoxicated with his touch. Nothing mattered right now. Not our fight we had, not Margo, not the fact that I was getting him soaking wet. I was kissing Nolan fucking Karlsson!


He pulled away from me, he was blushing and the tips of his ears where red. “I think we should talk.”


“Yeah, I’m like really confused and turned on at the same time.” I admitted.


“Same here.” He scratched the side of his head, a little thing he does when he gets embarrassed.


I made a small list inside of my head.

Nolan was confusing me

Margo is a real bitch

Nolan was listening to me while singing in the shower



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