In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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14. It starts...




After spending a long time bundled in sweaters, sipping hot chocolate out of Pikachu mugs in the cramped dorm, and getting road rage in the slippery ice, things started to warm up.  The world went from a pure bridal white, to mucky brown sludge, then finally a carpet of emerald that matches the shade of Nolans jewels that sit in his skull.  


    And most importantly, people were ditching their bulky jackets for skimpy tanks, and I couldn’t be any happier.  

Wait…. did that sound creepy???


Well, anyways, I had to be at the mall with Sean in a few hours.

We were going shopping for his sake.


The reason was because a few weeks before today, I took a look inside… his closet.


I opened the wooden folding doors, to look in pure horror at a few extremely ragged black band shirts, ripped jeans, and only one pair of shoes. One!

I had a whole wardrobe of clothes, and at least a dozen pairs of shoes.


“Sean, you need to go and buy some proper clothes.” I turned to look at him sitting on the bed blushing slightly of… embarrassment?


“Yeah I know, I’m dirt poor, as you can see from my shitty apartment.”


“I can take you shopping.” I said, abandoning the closet to plop down next to him.


“What?” He looked at me in confusion, “Are you like my sugar daddy or something?”


“No, its just that, my grandfather has a lot of money so he just give me whatever I want.”


“That explains why you’re spoiled.” He scoffed.


What! Me? Spoiled? Ha!! NOPE!

“You’re going to eat those words Sean Hansul” I growled.

And then the adrenaline kicked in.  I sprang on top of him, pinning his hands to the bed. I was briefly reminded of the time I rode Nolan until he begged for mercy.

I straddled him, holding his body in place. I loved it when I felt like the stronger one, the one who was the dom.


“Um, Clark.” He gulped, a fresh blush appearing on his face. “What are you doing?”

I looked down over his body, a new feeling spreading in my chest.  

“Are you ticklish?” I crooned.


“Clark, whatever you’re thinking about needs to- AHAHAHAHA!!!!” He yelped.


I unhandled his hands and dug my fingers into the sides of his waist, causing his body to convulse under me.


Again I was reminded of hot, crazy sex.


I tickled him until he couldn’t breathe, and he pushed me off of him, throwing me to the headboard of the bed.

He was breathing heavily, and blushing down to his neck, sitting on all fours.

The way he looked was dangerous, and I had a boyfriend.


He felt so… vulnerable under me.


I chuckled away the feeling and slid off the bed, pulling out my iphone to see if Nolan called.


“Clark-” Sean mumbled.


“Yeah?” I looked up at him.


“Don’t do that again.” His mumble turned into a growl that was low, and husky.

It sent chills down my spine.




“Clark, you are not going to make me try on that sweater.” Sean folded his arms at the sight of the beige v neck sweater I was holding by the bamboo hanger. He curled his lip, exposing his white teeth.  


“Don’t be such a baby! You’ll look fine!” I shoved the sweater in his arms.


He pouted, like really. He furrowed his brow and stuck out his lip.

“Fine, whatever. Doesn’t mean I’m going to get it though.” He walked over to the dressing room in the back and closed the curtain.


In a few moments opened up the velvet curtain and showed me the most, dangerous sight I have ever seen.


Only a little sliver of his tattoo could be seen, all of the piercings and his red flaming hair made the sweater look fierce, yet the sweater made his whole look seem softer.


“I feel like a hipster douchebag.” He ran a hand through his boyband worthy hair.


“Really? I love that sweater on you. You look almost…..”  I tried to chose another word, but “.....edible” just slipped out, causing a deep crimson to slap Sean in the face.  


“I-I’m going to... uh, taking this o-off now so.” And then he swished the curtain shut.  



Maybe I shouldn’t act so fucking gay around straight guys.

Was Sean even straight? I mean I heard him talking about dating girls, a few trans men in the past, but what was he?

I have to find out… Soon.

….Without technically cheating on Nolan.


But how should I do it?

I should just ask him, I should stop being so ridiculous.  

“Um, clark?” I heard a muffled cry.




“I’m stuck.”


“You’re stuck?”


“God, can't you help me get out of here please?”


I drew the curtain to see his arms over his head, tangled in a mess of wool and limbs. The worst part was that he had a tattoo I had never seen before. It was a small symbol by his hip bones.


“My goodness, how do you get stuck in a sweater?” I reached up and grabbed the hem of the sweater pulling it over his face. Our eyes locked for just a moment, and I swear his face started to lean. The smell of him pulled me closer like some kind of magnet.


This happened before…


And then I was kissing him. My lips gently dancing with his lip ring. His eyes fluttered shut while his hands were still in the sweater, all tangled.  My heart was hammering and my whole body was floating.


I gently slid my hand down his chest, tracing over the V of his hips. He let out a hushed moan before he pulled away from me.


“Clark, what are we doing?”


“I don’t know.” I whispered into his chest.  I felt a small vibration in my pocket. I pull out my phone to see that Nolan has texted me, and the sudden realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

Sean saw who had texted me, and he took a big step back, tearing the sweater off.


“You should probably get that, your boyfriend is probably worried.”  He opened the curtain and gestured for me to leave with the cock of his chin and a grunt.


Did I anger him? Of course I did! I have a boyfriend who I love very much, and Sean seems to like me, I can only imagine how it feels.  


Nolan <3:

Hey, I was just texting to say that I wasn’t going to make it back to the dorm until late, love you!






Why must these things happen to me? First I was making out with Clark in a dressing room, where I’m suddenly reminded of his 6’7 linebacker boyfriend, and now he’s practicly eyefucking me in the car.


Not that I had a problem with it, its just that I had a very serious problem with it!

I like Clark, I really do! He’s cute, funny, and looks like a freckled angel with a dirty mind. But I would feel really crusty if I was the other man.


“So, about that kiss.” I started, breaking Clarks gaze from my hips to my eyes.


“Mmm Hmm…”


“Are we going to pretend like that never happened?”


“Only if you want to…”


“Trust me Clark, I have so many memories and regrets I want to forget that haunt me till this day, but I want to remember that moment forever.”


“Me too.”


He pulled over into a Walmart parking lot and parked into the most secluded spot. The parking lot was really vacant, the store must of closed for tonight.


“Truth is, I want to make more memories, more mistakes with you.”

He leaned over the glove compartment and went at my face, grabbing it and pressing his perfect lips on mine. I kissed him back gently, and he reacted with more force, prodding the tip of his tongue past my lips.  I let him in, a small moan escaping his mouth.


His car smelled of his fruity shampoo, and old spice.  I could feel our tongues battling for dominance, and Clark won.  He stopped  to climb in the back seat, pulling me by the collar to join him.


This was such fun, hopefully Nolan might not find out, because there was no way I was going to miss this.  


I was the person to straddle him. He licked at my bottom lip and I let him agian. We made out for several minutes, and the entire time I felt like I was in pure bliss. Of course I had made out with plenty of people in the past, but never has it felt like this, so, so erotic.


He was hard, and when I pulled his hair, I could feel his cock twitch under the layers of fabric. I started to rock my hips gently, putting friction on our groins that we both craved. I unbuttoned is shirt and ground down on him, earning such a sensual moan that it should be made illegal.


“Oh, Sean~a!~” He cried.


I can’t help myself, I want more!


I kissed a trail down his neck, nibbling on his collar bone.




I traced the dots with the freckles on his shoulder with my tongue, making the blush from his cheeks spread to the tips of his ears.


I can’t stop, I crave for this.


“Mmm… thats so nice.” He ran his hand through my dark/red hair, gently massaging my scalp, His other hand rubbing the small of my back. I can feel it making a trail of pleasure all the way to the front, rubbing against the bulge in my pants thats painfully hard.


He unbuttoned the front and pulled out my cock, it was fully erect, and wet with pre-come. He thumbed the head, causing me to break out in mini convulsions and a growl escaped from my throat.  I watched him wrap a spotted hand around the shaft, stroking it slowly.


It felt so damn good, my stomach was clenching and hot, and I was blushing down to my chest.


“Oo-o,  fuUuck!” I whined. “Faster, please!” I breathed into the crook of his neck.


And he just kissed the top of my head, and then he went at full speed, gripping my cock so hard it made my knees shake. I let out cries of pleasure, moaning his name.


“Fuckfuckfuckfuck, coming… comingcoming-AHH” I bucked my hips and came into his hand hard. I raised my head and looked at him in the eyes. He stared at me seductively while he licked the cum off of his hand so incredibly perfectly.


“Oh God, Clark-”


He kissed me innocently, like he hadn't just licked me off his hand 5 seconds ago.


His phone vibrated again.


2 texts from Nolan.

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