In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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6. Don't touch him.

“Get ready, we’re going out.” I said walking into our tiny dorm room.


“Where are we going?” Clark asked looking up from his computer screen.


“My teammate Jason is having a party at his Fraternity, and didn’t I promise I would take you to a real party?”  


“But its a Wednesday!” He said pulling off the laptop from his lap and jumping off the bed.


“Do you not want to go?” I asked him. He was already changing his shirt into a red flannel.


“What do you think? Of course I do, I have been wanting to go to a real party ever since sophomore year.” He said excitedly.


“Great the party started an hour ago, so now is the best time to go.” I said grabbing my phone and jacket.


“Okay, and Nolan?”




“Just make sure I don’t get really drunk, please?” He put on a sweater and grabbed his own phone and slipped it into his pocket.


“Ha, no promises!”


    But I should of kept that promise.


    We arrived when the party was at full swing, There was loud fast paced techno music blasting through the entire house, and there was booze and half naked girls everywhere you looked. I looked at Clark who was standing beside me only to see him already separated from me. I looked around for him when my teammate Jason called me over.


“Hey hey hey! Nole-man! I’m so glad you came, you know there is this one chick who is just dying to meet you.”


“Really? Thats cool, have you seen my friend around? I swear he was just with me a second ago, you know, short, freckles, has glasses?”


“Nope, sorry man. I’ll keep an eye though.” He was slurring his words and was holding onto the chair for support. “You wanna drink or something?”


“Yeah sure.”


    I spent the first couple of hours at the party talking with this one girl who had raven black hair. She was trying to flirt with me the entire time, walking her fingers up my chest, getting close and whispering in my ear. I was just lucky I had some beer to get me through it all.  She pulled me over to the dining room where they were playing beer pong, and no way in hell was I going to miss out on that! I was the king of beer pong, (But I lost anyways).


    The room was starting to get a little spiny and I leaned up against the staircase. The door to the basement suddenly swung open and an overpowering stench of weed filled the whole house, and to my surprise, out walked Clark. He had a blonde girl under his arm, she was wearing a super short hot pink mini skirt and a black sequins tanktop that barely covered her stomach. Her dark make-up was starting to smudge and her curls were falling out. Clark noticed me and smiled.


“Heey, guess who I found?” He pointed at the blonde girl and walk towards me. His eyes were bloodshot and his hair was all ruffled up.


“Who’s that?” I asked, curious who this girl was. Does she know Clark? How long has she known him?


“This, right here is Margo! She’s the girl who slipped me her number.” He said


“Yep! Thats me!” She started to speak.I watched as her hands trailed down to Clarks hip, slipping a finger into the beltloop of his pants.  With her other hand she snatched a shot from a person behind her and downed it. This is not the girl Clark deserved, and i’m sure not the kind of girl he wanted. In my eyes, she was not worthy of him.  


“Babe lets get you some shots.” She threw the glass to the floor and kicked it away with her black heels. She released herself from under his arm and pulled him into the kitchen, where most of the booze was.


“Hey wait!” Clark said while being kidnapped by the blonde.


I wanted to say something but I couldn’t. I was speechless. Why would Clark want a girl like her? And why did she like him? I only meet her for like, two minutes and I didn’t like her.

“Are you jealous of her?” A little voice in my head told me.

No way was I jealous of her, why would I be?

“Because she has Clark in her grasp, and he is slipping through your fingers.  You hardly talk anymore, with your sports and his studying. He is making his own friends, he doesn’t need you.”


Is It true? That Clark doesn’t need me anymore? He was starting to make some friends, inviting them over to our dorm, hanging out with them for lunch. I was always too busy because of my constant juggle between my studies, and my sport that is the thing that is keeping me in college.


The little voice inside my head was right. Clark doesn’t need me.


“Oh hey I found you again!” The raven haired girl was back. What was her name again? Claire? Carla?


“Hey its you, um, uhh,” trying to find what her name was.




“Oh yes,um Candace.” I remembered.


    Candace led me by the dance floor where she tried to get me to dance, but I didn’t want to. She started to talk to me. And she talked, and talked, and talked! I was struggling to pay attention to her, and found my escape in my cup. Trying to get as drunk a possible so I could drown her out.


    I was fixed on my phone until I saw the blonde girl dragging Clark into the center of the dance floor. She started to dance and grind to the beat of Skrillex’s “Make It Bun Dem”. She was hanging all over a obviously hammered Clark, and moving her hands all over him.


Don't touch him.



    She pulled him closer and started to grind up against him, rolling her hips against his groin, and running her fingers through his chocolate hair.


Stop, that’s not yours.


    She finally grabbed Clarks hands and guided his hands to the hem of her pink skirt. Thats when I stood up and walked over to the pair, leaving Claire, or Candace mid-sentence. I walked over to them and nudged the girl on the shoulder.


“Excuse me, I may have to cut in.” She pulled away from Clark, who was having trouble standing up.


“Clark, I think we should go.” I said, trying to shout over the blaring music.


“Do we have ta go?” He asked? He was slurring all over and was having trouble making out words.


“Clark, come on. You have classes early in the morning.” I pleaded


“Just let him stay!” The girl piped in, “I want him for the night, and you can’t have him.”


“Shut up.” I rolled my eyes at the girl. “Clark, come on.”


“Hmmm, lemme think.” He crossed his arms and drooped his head. “I’m sleepy, lets go.”


    Thats all I need to hear. I pulled him off the dance floor and out the door. I was so done with that party.


“Noley?” He asked while we were walking back to the bus stop.




“Carry me.” he stopped in his tracks and opened up his arms.


    Without protesting I let him hop on my back, and he rode it the entire way to the bus stop.


    We got into our dorm around 2:00am. I was too tired and drunk to lift him on the top bunk, so I set him down on the futon. I got undressed and crawled into my bed. Only to have Clark climb in with me five minutes later.


“Clark what the fuck?” I asked as he crawled beside me.


“Shhhhhhh.” He was was leaning over me pressing his finger over my lips. “No sounds.” He laid down beside me and pulled up the covers. I rolled away from him and faced the other way. “Noooo, Nolan.”


“What?” I asked softly.


“Cuddle with me.” He scooted closer to me and pulled my arms around him. “I want to be the little spoon.”


“You know you are fucking weird when you are drunk.” I said. I gave in with his request and became the ‘big spoon’.


“Nighty night.” He whispered. he turned his head around and gave me a peck on the nose. My face started to burn and I just noticed that Clark took off his pants. (Thank the lord that his boxers where were they should be.)

He pulled my arm around him and placed it on his chest.

“Yeah, night.”

I fell asleep with an awkward boner and a blushing face.


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