In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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4. Chapter 2 (Nolans POV)

I woke up to the sound of Clarks scream, again. I sprang up from my bed and stood, peering over the top to see a sweaty and screaming Clark. I shook his leg hard.


“Clark, wake up!”  I shouted over his screams, trying to wake him up before someone calls the police again. (Someone called saying I was murdering somebody, really)


His eyes snapped open and he stopped screaming. Lifting his head and looking around the room, he then looked at me. He looked terrified.  Poor guy, it made my heart break.


“Im sorry, I-I just had another bad dream.” He choked out.


“I can tell,” I huffed,  “You were screaming, you know man, you should really go see a doctor about these dreams. Or a therapist, you should really get some help, it’s scaring the shit out of me, and it been happening for a while now.”  For three weeks Clark has been my roommate and he has been having these nightmares that would wake me up in the middle of the night, scared shitless. They were driving me insane, and I could only imagine what Clark was going through. I pushed myself onto the bed and folded my legs underneath me.


“I can’t,” He gulped, “Only crazy people go to therapists, and i’m not crazy.”  


“Clark please, it would help,” I pouted, “I will go there with you if you want.”  I promised.


“You would?” He propped himself on his elbows and looked at me in the eyes. Suddenly it was harder to talk to him.


“What kind of friend would I be if I couldn’t?” I patted his leg, and heard him take in a sharp breath as I did. Maybe I shouldn’t touch a person who is scared shitless.


“Thanks Nole.” he smiled. His smile will always make me smile, I couldn’t control it.  I then hopped of the bed and landed on the cold wood floor.


“I got to go to the gym before all the presses are taken, and I think you should drink some coffee, or anything,  just don’t go back to sleep.” I put on my usual clothes I wear to the student gym and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth, the minty Colgate cooling my mouth.  In the bathroom I thought of an idea, would he want to go for pizza? I stepped out the bathroom and went over to dresser, where I liked to keep my body spray. “Hey do you want to meet up for lunch today? I’m feeling pizza, you?” I asked while spraying my body.


“Yeah sure, my last class ends at noon so i’ll meet you at the south entrance.” He sat up and tried to jump out of the bed, but the sheets were tangled up in his ankles so he fell to the floor with a thud. And jesus it looked painful.


“Holy shit, are you okay?” I rushed over and knelt by him, not knowing what to do. My first thought was to remove the bed sheets around his feet. My arm brushed his leg and it was, oh so soft, like he must really take care of himself. But now wasn’t the time to be fixed on smooth skin. Clark was hurting. “Ha, careful man. you’re lucky you didn’t hit your head on the desk.”


    Clark tried to stand up, wobbling around and then finally crashing down on my bed.He was really winded. I was worried, what was I going to do with my poor Clark? He looked at me, and tried his best to smile.


“Ha, heh, dumb clumsy me right?” He huffed out a dry laugh. He was such a dork, and he looked really amusing, so dont yell at me if I laughed at him, he was cutely funny.


“Clark *cackle* you dork!” I went for the fridge and pulled out a ice pack from the small freezer top. “That looked like it hurt your back, so lay on my bed and ice it. I’ll be back in a hour,”  Still giggling I headed out the door. Maybe I should get him some coffee, he only got like 5 hours of sleep after studying late at night. “Oh i’ll bring back coffee, what do you like?”


“Vanilla latte with a shot of espresso please,”  His breathing was normal again and he was lying on my bed. He was looking off into the distance and then started to blush, smiling and covering his face with his hands.


“Okay i’ll be back in a hour, see ya Felix Baumgartner*.” I waved him goodbye and went to the gym, which was deserted in the AM. I worked on my upper body muscles for only a half an hour before I stopped, worried that Clark was going to sleep again. Was he going to dream again? What would he do without me to wake him up? Wait, hold up there Nolan. Stop acting like an overprotective parent. Clark is a big kid, he can do somethings himself.


    I tried to keep working out but I couldn’t. So I left for the small coffee hut in the student lounge, and picked up two coffees. I headed back into the dorm room expecting to see Clark sleeping, but instead heard him  singing in the shower. I wanted to pound at the door to tell him to get his coffee, but stopped my fist half-way from the door, and listened to him.


“My heart is stone and still it trembles

The world I have known is lost in shadow.

Is he from heaven or from hell?

And does he know

That granting me my life today

This man has killed me even so?”


    He wasn’t a bad singer, he was actually pretty good. And I shouldn’t of stopped him, but I knocked on his door.

“Have you been in the shower the whole time I was gone?”  I yelled behind the door.


“Shit, your back already?” He replied.


“Yeah, come and get your coffee.”


“Kay, just a sec.”


I sat at my desk my the beds and drank my coffee, reading the “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. I heard the bathroom door open and out comes Clark, in nothing but a towel. I tried to look away but I couldn’t.  His towel was hung tightly around his hips, and the water from his wet hair was dripping onto his back. He dropped the towel and pulled out a pair of red boxers. The slipped them on and they made him look really good, (its not weird that a guy said that he looked good, right?). I felt bad for checking him out, and really creepy too. Worried that he might notice that I was totally checking him out I pointed out his birthmark on his back.


“Hey, thats a cool birthmark,” I jumped up and walked closer to him, but that was a mistake because the closer I got the more I noticed his cute freckles on his back, and how his pale skin looked like porcelain.


“Oh, the one on my back?” he said while reaching out for the top drawer.


“So you’ve got more?” I teased.


“Yeah, but you’ll never see those.”  


‘Could I?’ I thought.


“It looks like the state of Ohio.” I said while my eyes trailed down to his lower back.  I mentally slapped myself and leaned back. He pulled his grey hoodie over his head, and slipped into dark skinny jeans. I don’t know why, but it was exciting to see him dress, and I also felt like a total creep.


He walked over to his coffee, and took a sip, yelling out “Ah!”.


“Careful, it’s hot.” I chirped.



After my last afternoon class I waited for Clark by the south entrance, listening to my ipod waiting for him. I didn’t wait long though, he came over by me practically skipping like a schoolgirl. Adorable.

“What the hell are you so happy about?” I stood up taking out my earphones.


“Look,” he gave me a small piece of paper, “This girl came up to me after H.E. and slipped it in my pocket.” He ran his fingers through his hair, blushing.


    I read the note, and truly I was very happy for him. I put on my best smile.

“Oh my god man, this is awesome!” I said while hugging him, picking up his light body and spun him around, letting him know I was happy for him. I know that he was happy, and I was trying to be happy, but something inside me just didn’t feel right.


“Nole, stop you’re crushing me!” I set him down, not realizing how hard I was hugging him. i brought my hand up to his head and ruffled his soft hair.


“Clark, this is so great! Or should I call you loverboy?” I walked with him outside, which was very chilly.


“Well, my coach has a brother who owns this pizza parlor not far from here.” Trying to keep a conversation with him down the sidewalk I stated: “Its cold as shit out here.”


“You’re telling me.”


    While walking down the sidewalk with Clark I was fighting a battle in my head. Why am I feeling sad,I should be happy about Clark meeting girls, and why am I acting so weird? A gust of wind hit us both and Clark shivered. I was really tempted to to wrap my arms around him to keep him warm, but would that be weird? Of course it would be, what are you thinking Nolan?



During football practice, which was just running laps around the field I got a text from Clark.


From Clark:

Dude, you will never believe what happened to me.


To Clark:



From Clark:

A girl at the bookstore talked to me, and she blew me a kiss!


    That was a surprise, when was Clark such a chick magnet?

To Clark:

no way, did you get her #?

From Clark:

No, I should of tho.


To Clark:

whateves, loverboy is on a role!


From Clark:

gotta go, ttyl.


To Clark:

c ya later loverboy!


    I should be happy for him, so why am I feeling so, so jealous?


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