In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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10. Can I be your boyfriend?

“So do you want to talk about it?” I said while sitting nervously on the small futon. Not even five minutes ago Nolan just totally made out with me while I was getting out of the shower, and I was confused as hell. This afternoon when I came back from visiting my parents for the weekend me and Nolan got in a pretty nasty fight which ended with me storming out of the room to meet up with Margo for a coffee shower, and when I came back, I was kissed by no one other than Nolan Karlsson. The wide receiver for our terrible football team and the very person who had came into my heart with a crash and bang. I could still feel his hot lips on mine, how I could feel his warm breath on my forehead when he pulled away. I was starting to get like, really horny just thinking about it again. I pulled my knees up to my chest to hide my arousal.


“Yes, but first I really want to apologize for going off on you. I wish I could just shoot myself for acting like I did, and just- Ugh!” He was sitting just across from me, his navy blue shirt had wet spots on it from our kiss moments ago. Could he still feel my lips too?


“Clark, first of all: I am a huge asshole anyone has the misfortune of meeting, I can be rude, cynical, and abusive at sometimes. You deserve a better friend, and roommate. You have every right to hate every single inch of me and wish for me to die, but you don’t. You are kind, understanding, and god you are smart. You gave me another chance when I didn’t deserve one. Now that I fucked up again and practicly sexualy harassed you in the bathroom you are willing to hear me speak again.” He stopped there. His face was full of regret.


“Nolan everyone deserves second chances, I want to be your friend. Now, tell me. What is wrong with you?”


He sighed and scooted away from me, not looking me in the eyes. “Clark I have something to confess. When you were gone,” He stopped and took in a deep breath, “I had a very erotic dream about you.” He exhaled. His body tensed up and he continued, “And remember what I said about me being jealous of you in high school? Well, I lied. The real reason that I acted the way I did was because I was in love with you. My aunt Susan was very homophobic, and so I didn’t want her to find out that I had a crush on a boy, so I tried to replace my feeling of love with hate. Thats why I always bashed you around. It worked, but only for a little while. When my aunt died I thought my gay thoughts were gone, and now I was fine. But I saw you again, and god Clark you are just, really cute.  The dream I had while you were gone sparked up my feelings again, and I wanted to replace those feelings again, not because of me denying my sexuality, but because you like girls Clark. And I was going to hurt myself.”


“That explains... wow!” I was blown away from his words. He had an erotic dream about me, and he had feelings for me? Wait wait wait, he also liked me in high school? Homophobic aunt? I remember him telling me about how she was abusive, but homophobic too? Did he also just call me cute?! Nolan Karlsson calling me cute, he should see himself. “Nolan, tell me about why you kissed me.” I said kind of in a dreamy state. Nolan liked me! My heart was beating like a rhythm drum, and I my cheeks were hot. I pulled my knees closer, and placed my head between my knees.


“Oh yeah, that.” He sighed, “I went away to clear my head. Once I hit you, I got really angry at myself. I walked around for a bit then I came back. Once I heard you sing, I stepped inside to hear you some more. You are really good Clark, your voice is amazing. Then you stepped outside of the shower and I should of left before you saw me. But I froze, and you just looked really good. So I just acted stupidly, doing what I have wanted to do for 5 years.” His face was now full blown red. He was acting shy too, Nolan you will be the death of me.


“Nolan don’t be ashamed, I actually really like you too.” I said while scooting closer. “I understand now why you act the way you do, and i’m telling you you don’t have to hide away your feelings.”


He looked at me shocked. “Wait, you like me too! But what about Margo? Wait, what?”


“Okay big guy, let me tell you about my problem. I fell for you really fast, like three weeks after our friendship was official. I thought you liked girls so when those two girls started to give me their numbers, I jumped right in because I needed someone to distract me from you, because I was going to get hurt. Oh and Margo, I told her I couldn’t be with her because i’m gay. Well, that earned me a latte shower.” I chuckled at that last part.


“That bitch poured coffee over you?” he growled.


“Ha, couldn’t you smell the coffee in the shower?” I asked while scooting close enough for out legs to touch. “And about the shower…” I leaned up and placed a peck on his cheek, “We could pick up where we left off.”


His eyes were wide, and he gulped. “Could we?” Next thing I knew he was leaning in, slightly pushing me down onto the cushion of the small futon. He was on top of me, our noses touching. “Clark, we really should have had this talk sooner.” he whispered low.


“Yeah.” I whispered back. My eyelids drooped and my hand found its way to the back of his head. I pulled his head down, meeting his lips with mine. One of his big hands was on my hip, another was by my shoulder, keeping him propped up. I leaned my head back and moved my lips in time with his. My lord this was amazing! My whole body felt like it was floating and my face was on fire, not to mention how nice Nolans hand felt on my waist, sliding his thumb up and down. I suddenly felt aware that besides my tee, I only had on my boxers, which was I wore to bed everyday, but somehow being in nothing but my underwear while underneath somebody while making out felt a little erotic.


I stopped kissing to take another breath, and then dove back in, kissing a little harder this time. I pulled away biting his lip, earning me a needy moan. I smirked at the sound he just made and dove back in, coaxing my tongue inside of his mouth little by little, making soft hungry groans that made Nolan go crazy. I moved my hands up his back, and stroking his hair. Nolan pulled away from me and went for my neck. Oh my gosh, he was going to make me hard.  He started to suck and kiss my neck, but then he went and bit my shoulder. Hello erection. And to even make it even worse, his hand made its way to my wet hair, combing through it and twisting at the mess.


Ah, Nolan..” I cried. He bit me hard enough to leave a mark for sure, and it better not show or he was dead.


“You like that?” He mumbled into my neck, his words filling up inside of my dick, which was now pressing against the fabric of my boxers. He trailed his hands down to the edge of my boxers, and started to inch them off


“Yeah.” I pushed on his shoulder, guiding him up until I could sit up. He pulled away from me and looked at me worryingly.


“Whats wrong? Did I bite you too hard?” I grabbed his hands and held them.


“Nolan, do you want to be my boyfriend?” I asked.


“Of course! Please go out with me!” He cried. He squeezed on my hands a little tighter.


“Then I think we should go slow, you know? don’t want to rush right into things right away now that we both confessed.” And plus, I was really scared of going all the way, but I won’t tell Nolan that.


“If you want to go slow, we will.” He looked so serious, and nervous at the same time. “I won’t try to do anything to make you uncomfortable.”


I felt like this was the start of something great. Nolan as my boyfriend! Not my bully (who liked me in high school) or my friend/roommate, my boyfriend! Aah! I was screaming on the inside, but externally I was very red in the face. And Nolan was too, he looked so cute with messy blonde hair, and a blushing face. I gave him a peck on the lips.


“I really like you Nolan.” I said while pulling him in for an intimate hug. I was so happy right now, and like, really hot. (like dang that kiss put my in ecstasy!)


“I love you Clark.” He said while pulling me in tighter.


Now I felt like a total dick. ‘I really like you.’ GOD FUCKING DAMMIT CLARK!


I fell asleep in Nolan’s bed that night. (no sex I swear) but there was cuddling. Today was officially the best day ever, if you scratch of out fight and Margos little meltdown today was the day I finally confessed my feelings, and they aren’t one sided!  I just hope tomorrow is as good as today.

(ahhhhhhh! this chapter is the death of me! oh well! please comment what you think and what you would like to see happening! If you have any questions about the story just ask ill clear things up!)


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