In a world when you meet you soul-mate, your chest glows, Clark and Nolan are two freshmen in college who hated each other in high school, are now roommates. What happens when Clark starts to have some feeling for Nolan, and then their chest lights up?
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15. ... And it ends.



“As you can see sir, this apartment is very spacious and perfect for two young men living together. The rent is only $525 dollars a month, and its truly a huge bargain compared to other prices.” An aging woman with a bleached bob showed me around the apartment, showing off the dark wooden floors.  


I was looking for an apartment for Clark and I to live in after the year is over.  Were both finished with finals and we are both moving off campus next semester, so looking for an apartment would be wonderful.  


I would have invited Clark along, but he’s out with a friend right now.  I should text him to tell him how the flat hunting is.


To Clark:

So Clark, I think I found a place to live after the years over, we should check it out together before we make any deals.


To Clark:

See you later tonight ;)


“Sounds like a great place.” I drummed my fingers on top of the glass countertop. “Anything I should know about?”


“Well yes, there’s no pets allowed without a permit from the landlady, and there is no smoking in here also.”


“Doesn’t sound like anything we can't handle. We’ll meet with the landlord soon. I have her number already so I can call her whenever.”


“Sounds great! See you later my friend.” She waved me goodbye when I walked out the door.


Outside it was starting to drizzle, and the clouds were grey and sad. Clark hates this kind of weather.


It was starting to get late, and I drove back to the dorm room, finally able to see Clark whom I was thinking about all day. Just the way he's so short and how he gets so excited about new Marvel movies coming out, and just the way he touches the back of my neck when we kiss. Why didn’t I just fess up my feelings to him in high school? I shouldn’t of gave a shit about my aunts approval.  Oh well, all that matters is that i'm his right now, and he’s mine and no one can change that fact.




Im such a fucking scumbag, I deserve to die right now.


I got too carried away, and now I’m in Seans bed, nude covered with a sheet. A few used condom wrappers on the bedside table. Sean was beside me, sleeping.


I got up from the bed, my heart heavy in my chest with guilt, and I slowly put on my clothes listening to the evening rain pound against the window. I looked at the clock on his nightstand, and it read 1:23am. Did Sean and I really go at it for that long? Oh god. Shame slapped me in  the the face with every step I took out that door and into the hallway of the complex.  


When I finally got to the dorm room, I saw Nolans sleeping silhouette from the light of the streetlamps outside.


“Nolan?” I called out.


No answer.


I crawled beside him, wrapping one of his arms around me. I didn’t care that I was wet from forgetting my umbrella. I just wanted to feel his arms around me.




I woke up hearing the sound of the shower faucets squeaking. I reached over and put on my glasses from the desk, the frames were cold. Nolan was gone, probably taking a shower. How would Nolan feel if he found out that I cheated on him? Would he leave me, never trust me again? Probably both.


What if he forgives me? And then I could ask to be just friends with Sean, and everything would be fine right?


‘Clark you dipshit, you just dug yourself in a hole you’re never going to get out of.’


Climbing out of the bed wearing the same clothes as yesterday, I changed into something new. My favorite tee and shorts, and before I could think, I was packing up all of my clothes into my bag, my laptop, my bed sheets, all into the boxes I had from August. I left without leaving a note, I just booked it out of there. I’m not sure why I did that. I just did.


I would live at Sean’s apartment until I got my shit together.  Or at least that’s what I thought I would do.


But right now i would have to wait for the endless text messages from Nolan to come and ask why I was gone with my stuff, and I wouldn’t answer.  


This must be the end.

{Authors note: this is not the end, now way in hell am I going to let Clark and Nolan end this way! expect way more, just a bit in the future!!!!!}

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