The New Games

My name is Aren Brook, I'm 17 years old and my father has came up with some kind of idea called The Hunger Games, to keep people to do the right thing and always be afraid. I unfortunately would have to disagree, you see we should have the right to fear what we want and right now President Kaine will take any suggestions that keep all 13 districts and the Capitol intact with Panem. My mother says to never mind the Capitol will never take such a gruesome idea into place, but that's where she's wrong...
Book By: MeagPotter
Cover By: SMD1120


2. They Call It a Reaping

       "Aren," my mother starts as she trudges into my room with so much gloom I could almost smell it. "You need to wear something nice for the Reaping." she finishes and sits on my finished bed and looks to the floor. 

       I company her in her sitting and question, "Why?" This still didn't cause her to move her face to look up to see mine. 

      "Because, it's part of your father's plan," my mother finally looks up but only to roll her eyes. "You see... This game, well it's a game where kids fight to the death. Ages 12 to 18. Then there's a Reaping, where they pick 2 tributes as they call it and they fight in a arena with weapons and they try to stay alive. There is a boy and a girl that is picked for each of the 13 districts. So since we're from district 1 you could picked for one of those 24 kids that will go into the arena. So you qualify.... But you have to look nice just in case you do get picked so then you'll be looking nice for the cameras." My mother try's to make a smile from her depression.

      "B-but," I stammer thinking of what would happen if I was in such a arena. "I barely know how to use a ax, and that's only because Dad taught me how to hunt!" I start thing of the worst possibilities. What if I die? Will I get picked? If I get picked and die what will happen to my family?

       It was bad enough that my brother Jed doesn't even listen to my parents anymore and is now a Peacekeeper in his own district revolting against everything he once believed. He's causing our District ,District 1, to come to a down fall. Our president ,President Liam, refuses almost everything we take to him and offer up for an idea. How come he'll take this one into account? My mind raced with millions of questions and worries so fast I couldn't even think about them all. 

       "We need to go," my mother caught my grimaced face and nudged me to change into a red dress with a black belt around it and he put my hair up into a pony tail, she says those are good luck even in the hardest of times. 

       We reach the courtyard where the "Reaping" is to take place and my mother, father, and Snow leave me to myself. "They'll have to pluck your finger for blood but you'll be fine." my father had mentioned on our walk here. Now I wasn't even fake smiling to be reassured. I was just plain terrified. I kicked myself to move on when I spotted Pen, my best friend. 

       "Pen!" I called from being in the back of multiple lines. Her face crossed with a faint smile and she tucked back he waved brown hair. 

       "Hey," I reached her and she managed to rasp out a reply. 

      "What's wrong?" I questioned. 

      "My mother and father said they put me in more times trying to win food..." she explained looking to the ground, she wasn't wearing shoes again. 

      Pen's family was the poorest family in District 1, most of the Districts are poor but not this one and to everyone's surprise they somehow always managed to some up with the money to even stay here. Her parents loved her very much but they didn't have the wealth to get anything for her. Pen's Christmas present last year was a pen and a couple sheets of paper. She managed to stay in school because it'a a public school.

       "Hey," I lifted her chin. "You'll be fine" I smiled and we trudged through the line and were pricked.

       Before the choosing we watched a video I had never witnessed anything like before and it was all a lie, every second of it. I sighed and a lady who obviously was from the capitol because she had bright blue hair that then went to black at the ends stepped up to a microphone and smiled cheesy. Her bright neon green dress waved in the wind as though it was saying, 'Hi'. It had birds at the ends of it and they looked as if they flew marvelously thought the air, I was for sure they would fly off any second.

       "Welcome District 1 to a very exciting event that we will now be calling the Hunger Games!" her mic bellowed through the courtyard. "We will be having one male and female tributes for our very first round. From all of the Districts there will be 24 tributes all together! Now for the ladies..." she taps her heals from the way to a big bowl that seemed to have slips of paper in it and she gave the girls a slight glance as to know us already and she tapped back to the mic. "Our female tribute is.... Aren Brook!" My face went pale and my eyes wandered to only my family first then to the stage. I was going to the 'Hunger Games'. 


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