The New Games

My name is Aren Brook, I'm 17 years old and my father has came up with some kind of idea called The Hunger Games, to keep people to do the right thing and always be afraid. I unfortunately would have to disagree, you see we should have the right to fear what we want and right now President Kaine will take any suggestions that keep all 13 districts and the Capitol intact with Panem. My mother says to never mind the Capitol will never take such a gruesome idea into place, but that's where she's wrong...
Book By: MeagPotter
Cover By: SMD1120


1. My Father's Idea

      I wake up from the sound of my brother, Snow, who was jumping rapidly up and down in my room pounding as a drum with every beat. "Snow..." I manage to rasp out with only about an ounce of me actually awake. "What are you doing?" I reluctantly barley open my eyes to see my little 6 year old brother smile and you could see his eyes now watching from his shaggy blonde hair.

      "I was waking you up..." he tried to explain knowing I hated being woken up past 10. "Dad's here." he finishes his sentence and my eyes grow wide with attention.

      "You mean he's here? As in, right in the hall?" I look to him with surprise across my face, my father had been gone 9 months and a little boy sometimes isn't exactly sure what he himself is saying so you have to ask very specifically and seriously. 

      "Uh," he takes a moment thinking intently which causes me to loose hope. "Yea, I t-think so." he stutters now confused.

       I bounded out of bed not taking the slightest moment to recognize the cold wood floor beneath my toes. "Dad?" I bellowed through the halls awaiting his voice to call to me with open arms. There he was, I caught his eye the second I twisted around to stairs and I just stared at him for a moment not sure if it was one of my dreams or if he was there. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek, and then another, I realized I was spilling out tears as I took a leap fearlessly into his arms.  

       "Aren!" he couldn't help but remark happily back. 

       "Your finally back!" I resounded. 

       "I know honey," he strokes my auburn hair and doesn't stop his voice, "It's been to long..."

       I look to mom who wasn't fully satisfied. Her eyes looked gloomy and depressed. "Mother?" I questioned her face. 

       "Your father," she stops and takes a moment, "has gotten his idea approved." she sighs. 

       "Isn't that good?" I wonder now confused.

       "No, it's absolutely not!" her voice raised to a yell. "Jacob, innocent kids will die! And who knows how long this will go on!" she looks to my father more upset than ever. 

       "It's worth it." my father looks to me with a worried face. 

       "Worth it?!" my mother disagrees. "Our children could be in that arena! And it will be all on you."

       Just then my brother ,again Snow, walks in with a smile to his face. "Don't worry mother, I'll be president someday and you wouldn't have to worry about this. I'll stop it." he comments heroically. 


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