The Tree House

Awesome great seriously awsome


2. Trouble

Freddy: I think I here something


Something: Rustle Rustle


Kyle: What's that


Person: Hey who's there


Kyle: what are we going to do


Freddy: Run on the cut of three  1,2,RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kyle: Wait up


Cop: Hey you two stop right there


Cop: Busted


Kyle & Freddy: OH NO!!!


Cop: Your lucky you are kids


Kyle: What are you gonna do with us


Freddy: Yea this is cruel and unusual punishment


Kyle: Are we going to JAIL


Kyle & Freddy: Were to young YYYYYYYYY


Cop; No no and no


Kyle: Then where are we going


Cop: Home


Kyle & Freddy: Yea wait what


Cop: What what's wrong


Kyle: Are parents are gonna kill us


Cop: Not my fault you were trespassing


Kyle: Yea it's not your fault it's Freddy's fault


Freddy: Your fault for coming


Kyle: No your fault for being my friend


Cop: Pipe down 


Cop: Hey you in the red shirt where do you live


Kyle: 21 Bacon ST


Cop: How about you brown hair hazel eyes


Freddy:36 Sherman Ave


Cop: First stop here we are


Kyle: See ya


Freddy:  see ya


Cop: Now where do you live again


Freddy: 36 Sherman Ave


Cop: Here we are


Freddy: Thanks for the lift old man


Cop: I'm still here watch your self


Kyle's mom: Where were you at


Kyle: at the new house


Kyle: Sorry mom


Kyle's mom: Go to bed don't think your off the hook we will talk about the consequences in the morning



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