The Tree House

Awesome great seriously awsome


1. The Meeting

Freddy: Hey Kyle what are you doing today after school, Hey I heard your moving.

Kyle:Yea but not far from where I live now it's on elm street.

Freddy: Hey I live two blocks from there maybe I can come over.

Kyle:Maybe I'm going tomorrow to check it out maybe you can come with.

Freddy sure I'll ask my mom lets go get your bike.

Kyle:KK ok got it let's go.

Freddy: what should I say.

Kyle: let me doing the talking

Freddy: If you say so.

Freddy: MOM!!!

Mom: YES!!!

Freddy: Can I go with Kyle to go check out his new house tomorrow.

Mom: Sure make sure his mom calls me.

Freddy: ok thank you love you bye.

Kyle: Can I use your phone.

Freddy: Sure why.

Kyle: To call my mom and ask.


Kyle: Hi mom can we take Freddy with us to check out the house

Kyle's mom: Sure bye

Kyle: And mom can you call his mom

Kyle's mom: Ok I will in a second I'm working I'll be home soon

Kyle: Bye love you

Freddy: Awe so cute

Kyle: shut up

Freddy: Let's go

Kyle: where

Freddy: to the house

Kyle: no are you crazy my mom said tomorrow

Freddy: Come on

Kyle: No

Freddy: Fine I will just have to tell Katie you like her better than that you love her

Kyle: Fine not now later

Freddy: Tonight

Kyle: Fine I'll find a way out my house

Kyle's mom: So excited

Kyle: For what

Kyle's mom: The new house

Kyle: Yea

Kyle's mom: Good night

Kyle: Good night love you

Kyle: What are we doing here Freddy

Freddy: sweet tree house.

Kyle: It's not mine yet

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