The Tree House

Awesome great seriously awsome



Kyle: What happened to you I'm grounded and we might not go check the house out.


Freddy: Nothing happened to me she does not know I told her I was out playing Bball with you


Kyle: That's not fair you should get in trouble I have to take all the blame


Freddy: You should have lied


Kyle: No I'm not a jerk like someone


Freddy: Well maybe we should not be friend's fine


Kyle: FINE


Teacher: Boy's what's going on back here


Kyle: we got in trouble we were trespassing and the cop's caught us but I told my mom the truth he lied and said we were playing basketball and he forgot the time


Teacher: Thank you Freddy do you have something to say


Freddy: No


Teacher: let's go


Kyle: where


Teacher: guidance council Freddy and I will meet you there  Freddy has something to say to his mom


Kyle: Ok


Freddy: What about him


Teacher: I'm sure his mom handled that well


Freddy: That's unfair


Guidance: Ok boy's I heard from ms. Graph you had some trouble's in class in class today


Guidance: Who's gonna start talking


Kyle: This is what happened we went to my house well it's not mine yet we went in the tree house and the cop's caught us and I told my mom the truth and got in serious trouble maybe you should ask him what he did.


Freddy: I told my mom the truth and did not get in trouble


Kyle: That's a lie he did not tell the truth he was just in the office explaining to her what really happened.


Freddy he's lying he deserve's a yellow slip


Guidance: No No we will just ask ms. Graph


Guidance: Ms. Graph what happened I just spoke with Freddy's mom and she said he lied


Guidance: That's a yellow slip and call your mom and tell her what you just said to me.




Kyle: Hi mom I'm home


Kyle: So what's your answer are we going to the house or not


Mom: I have decided we are??????????...............







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