The nerd who stole my heart


2. the makeover

Hi guys sorry the first chapter took so long I've started high school and it's been hectic this chapter will go up faster. Thanks for all the support please keep liking commenting and pressing the favourite button. Ilysm lukeismypenguin.

Marcels P.O.V

We ran up to my room and closed the door "ok let's do this" emily says I take off my shirt emily blushed again she wouldn't stop I walk towards her i get closer to her she put her lips on mine we kissed eachother slowly I was kind of worried I wasn't doing it right it was my first kiss she let go "your a good kisser" she says "that's the only thing I could say for you" I say she blushes "I love you" she says "I love you to" I say I put on Emily's favourite tank top a pair of shorts and converse "you look hot" she says "now for hair" she says walking into the bathroom we styled the quiff a bit more after we finished i looked great she hugged me "thank you so much" I say she kissed my lips "it's ok" she says "one more thing" I say walking to my room she followed me I pulled out my contacts "perfect" she says I put them in and I had finally finished "Is that even you" she says "It is" I said blushing she picked up her phone "selfie time" she says we took heaps she posted one on Instagram with the caption "my boy #bejealous" "marcel" I heard my mum call I took Emily's hand and ran downstairs "hey mum" I say "wow marcel who did this to you" she asks " my fri- "girlfriend" emily says "well done baby" my mum says and hugs me "hello darling my name is Anne I'm so pleased to meet you she says hugging me "hello I'm emily your son is suck a gentlemen" she says "my thank you beautiful" marcel says Harry walks in he was drunk as per usual he walked to emily "hey babe come with me" he says "no Harry go away I'm with Marcel and it's going to stay that way" emI snap "what he's 17 he's never even kissed anyone" he laughed "yes I have actually" I say "haha naw was that your hand" Harry says "no actually it was me" emily says "what you chose him over me" Harry says "Harry if I could be honest you've got good looks but your a complete asshole" emily says I took Emily's hand and ran as I saw Harry's face show anger I locked my door "babe what's wrong" emily asks "don't say things like that to Harry he gets mad" I say "sorry I'm just trying to protect you" she says I hug her "thank you but don't mess with Harry ok" I say "ok" she says I kiss her and Harry bursts into the room I tried to let go of the kiss but emily obviously wanted to do somthing to make Harry jelous "no no no babe that's not going to work he can't even kiss properly" Harry says and pulls us apart "he can kiss atleast he's not choking me with his filthy tongue like you would" she says to Harry and he walked out. "Wow baby your good at this" I say to emily "thanks" she says to me we sat at my bed "I can see you like to read" she says "yes I love to read" I say "me to" she says "really" I ask "yes" she says. I loved emily because she loved me and I loved her she likes what I like and she never judges me and she protects me and makes me feel worth somthing. She picked up a book from the shelf "you read Percy Jackson to, that's my favourite book series" she says "me too" I say happily. "Marcel dinner is ready" my mum calls I took Emily's hand and we walked down stairs "smells delicious Anne". She says "thank you love" my mum replied we went to sit at the table I pulled the chair out for emily because I know it's polite "thanks babe" she says "your welcome " I say taking a seat next to her "I made your favourite marcel" mum says "spaghetti" I ask "yes" she says I smiled as she served us both "thank you Anne for having me over" emily says "it's no problem your welcome anytime dear" she says "thank you" she says *skip meal*

Emily's P.O.V

Marcel and I sat on the couch watching a movie cuddled up together as a girl walked through the front door "who's this" She asked "ooh this is my girlfriend emily, emily this is my sister Gemma" marcel says I stand up and hugged her "hello love" she says "hi" I say. "Thank you so much for doing this for marcel he really needed someone" she whispered in my ear I winked at her and sat back with marvel "mum I'm going out for the night" Harry yells running down the stairs "no your not" she said "yes j am" he says "no your already drunk enough your staying here you'll get into trouble" she says "I'm not that drunk I'm ok to drive" he says "no I'm not letting you" she says "but" hrs says "Harry I dint think you should go out" I say winking "o ok" he said and walked upstairs "how did you do that" marcel asks "I don't know" I said "well I think it's time we got you home" marcel tells me his mum walked to me "thank you for coming it was lovely to meet you. Your welcome anytime" she says hugging me "thank you for having me it was nice meeting you to" I say "bye love" Gemma says "bye Gemma" I say marcel took my hand and we walked out to the car and drove off "thank you so much for everything" he says "it's no problem at all" I say seeing so happy made me happier than anything else he waved goodbye as I got out of the car. I walked into my house and ran upstairs and went to bed.

The next morning

I woke up to a text from marcel "good morning beautiful x"marcel-

Good morning- emily

I texted back and walked downstatid

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