The nerd who stole my heart


1. another day

Hi guys this is my 3rd fan fiction and I'm really excited for this one, I hope you guys all enjoy it please leave some feedback in the comments. Also like and favourite. And if you love me follow my fan account on Instagram @_im_frozen_. Thanks guys

Marcel's P.O.V

*beep beep*. I wake up and press the button of my alarm clock I sit up and put my glasses on, I really didn't want to go to school I hate being bullied but I want good grades, I walk to my closet and choose out a white shirt grey pants and a best it was my favourite outfit I put my clothes on and combed my hair in the same way as everyday I walked downstairs to eat breakfast I saw my twin brother Harry he looked at like I was some kind of freak "why are you wearing that" he chuckles "I like it" I say "you look like granddad" he laughed I just ignored him I hated Harry so much he was always so mean to me, he has dated nearly every girl in the school and he broke up with them all after he got what he wanted that was sex, anyway I just picked up a bowl and poured some fruit loops into the bowl along with some milk "good morning marcel" says my sister Gemma she was really nice I liked her "good morning how did you sleep" I ask her "great and yourself" she says "pretty bad couldn't get my mind off what happened yesterday" I frown "it's ok marcel just stay strong you are a beautiful boy with a big heart you can get through this" she says hugging me "thanks Gemma" I say and she walked out I sat at the table and ate. I ran back upstairs and got my bag books phone and car keys and walked back downstairs "it's about time loser" Harry says I just rolled my eyes and opened the door to my car

Harry's P.O.V

I hated that my nerd twin brother had to drive me to school. Every morning he listened to the most boring classical music I was sick of it "LISTEN TO SOME REAL MUSIC FOR ONCE" I screamed at him putting music on he looked like he was going to cry "don't be such a pussy" I say he looked away and pulled into the school car park I quickly jumped out of the car so I wasn't seen with him. I saw my newest girl friend Alissa "hey babe" I say kissing her mouth "hey" she says I take her hand and we walk inside

Marcel's P.O.V

I walk alone into the Corridor I hear people laughing at me I was walking then all of a sudden my books went flying everywhere and I was on the ground my glasses fell off I fumbles for them but I couldn't find them "are you ok" I hear a beautiful voice say "no not really" I say she out my glasses on my face I saw her "t thanks" I say stuttering she was beautiful she has light blonde hair and blue eyes she has a beautiful smoke "it's ok" she says "I I'm mm marcel" I say stuttering "I'm emily nice to meet you, it's my first day here could you help me around" she asks "yes of course love" I say building confidence we picked up my books and stood up "thank you" I say smiling "it's ok marcel" she says "what home group are you in?" I ask her " 10E" she says "me to so well be in all the same classes" I smile "great, can you take me to the office I need to ask about a locker" she asked "of course" I say

Emily's P.O.V

Marcel was a beautiful boy, I knew he was a nerd but I liked his cute little smile and green eyes he was quite cute and a gentlemen "hello mr styles" said a lady in the office "hello, this is emily she needs a locker" he says "oh yes dear your going to be next to marcel" she says I feel myself smile "ok thanks" I say "here is the lock marcel will help if you need it" the lady said "yep thanks" I say and we walked back to our lockers we opened my locker and I put everything in there neatly marcel opened his everything was placed perfectly he got his book and supplies for our first class science I got mine and we shut our lockers and we walked to class we sat towards the front "this is where every science session will be" he says "ok" I say "good morning class today we will be doing a dissection of a rat" says the science teacher I felt like I was going to be sick "are you ok emily" marcel asks "umm yeah why" I ask "you've gone pale you look scared " he says " no it's ok marcel" I say smiling "now everyone go chose a partner" the teacher says. I Was worried marcel was going to chose someone else but he stayed seated I was about to ask him when a boy with brown curly hair and green eyes came up he looked a lot like marcel "hey babe do you want to be with me" he says with a cheeky smirk. " no thanks I'm with marcel" I say. "He's a loser " he laughs " c'mon marcel I say taking his hand and Walking away from curly. We sat at a desk far from the curly guy. "He's my twin brother his name is Harry" marcel said "why is he so mean" she asked "he just is" I say *skips to the end of the day* "emily would you like to come over to mine tonight" I ask "sure" she says smiling we close our lockers walking to my car Harry was standing there making out with the same girl as this morning "ugh there's the loser again" Harry says "shut up Harry" emily snaps "what did you just say" Harry says chuckling "you heard me. Stop being such an ass to your brother" she says "em it's" "no it's not ok marcel" she says "just leave it babe" Harry says smirking "don't you" "it's ok love he'll find his own way home and we can talk" I say taking her arm walking away from Harry "marcel I'm sorry I just can't stand it when he's like this to you" she says "no it's ok love" I say "I'm giving you a makeover so this all stops you'll be a different guy" she says "don't bother I'll still be the nerd marcel who no one likes" I say "that's all about to change" she says "drive to the mall" she says I nod my head and drive straight there

Emily's P.O.V

I hope marcel isn't offended about me wanting to give him a make over it's not that he's unattractive he's actually hot but we need to do this so he stops getting bullied we parked the car I took his hand and we walked inside we looked in a store that he liked we walked over to some skinny jeans "I like them" he says "they'd suit you" I say he picked up about five pairs he walked to some tank tops he picked some he liked and walked to the change room I walked out to let him get changed "ready" he yelled I walked in I was completely speechless "w wow marcel you are hawt" I say "you really think" he smiles "I want to kiss you right now" I say "you can but wait to later" he said winking damn it was cute when he did that I stood there like an idiot blushing he took his shirt off damn that boy has abs and tattoos "m marcel" I moan "get out" he chuckles I walk out I loved this marcel he's acting so cute he came back out again and we payed for the clothes "now for the shoes" I say we walked into a shoe shop he chose a pair of white converse and a black pair of vans after that we walked to another shop that had clothes he brought a black jacket a few plaid t shirts plain tight tees 2 pairs of denim shorts and a shirt. We walked out of the mall "thanks for helping me love" marcel says "it's the least I could do

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