I Love Him But I'm A Spy

It's my first day at my, new school, Summerleaf High, and it’s my ninth high school. If you don’t already know I am a level 9.5 spy. (Insert shocked gasp here) yes, you heard me spy. My uncle, aka boss, sent me here for a mission and because I am going to be here up to two years he let me just be myself, no fake identity, no hair dye, nothing, the real me for once. So, my real name is Kat Sparrow, I’m seventeen and that is all you should know for now. I'm pretty used to changing schools and I've created a plan, I stay away from the populars, I sit near the back corner in class and I find a private spot with no-one around to sit at lunch.

This is my spy life


25. The Touchy Fight

A:N/ so just saying that it’s Sunday even after all of the chapters that’s happened. I tend to go into a lot of detail and have lots of little things in one day ;)


So just to remind you (cause I would've forgotten already myself) I'll give you a run down on the previous days



Kat leaves for the camp early in the morning and meets her old unit and trains all day

Kat's school class arrives late in the afternoon/night



Nothing really that important happened



They had the big paintball game.

Kat trains on her own.

Kat trains with her MIAA class and talks to Elizabeth Black.

Kat goes and talks to Damon Black

Kat talks to Nick after talking to Damon.




So when Nick and I arrived at training, everyone was there and they were just about to start. "Now I have some news about this camp." Solemon said to the whole class that were all talking but after that everyone shut up. "We will all be staying tonight and leaving midday tomorrow." Solemon said, accenting the word, all. And I just stood there shocked. What about my special alone day with the MIAA kids? I'm glad that they can stay and all that stuff, but I just want one day to myself to be a normal MIAA agent for once. Not a normal high school girl in the PE specialist class, ok so I'm not even normal at school.


"Now lets get back to our normal training. We're going to be using the gym equipment and we will also be doing doing some more combat but we will be using different weapons like fighting sticks and some fake daggers. I will call you all out one by one and see how you have improved in your combat skills. So first up it'll be Max, but Kat, can I please talk to you?"

"Sure Solemon," so I walked over there to see how terrible my fate could be.

"Kat, I would like to make some more adjustments to your training schedule for today's session."

"Sure, you know that I get bored easily."

"Well firstly, your numbers will be triple everyone else's. Second, you'll be training last and with real daggers and knives." Solemon smiles, thinking that he could give me a scratch or two most likely, but it'll be the other way round but deep, long gashes. This is going to be fun.

"Sure Solemon. Can I bring in some MIAA kids to show them what it's like to be in a real fight with real weapons instead of their guns and fake daggers?" I smile devilishly. I silently promise him that  he was going down in front of the newbies when we arrived and I'm going to fulfill that promise.

"Oh shit this isn't from when we arrived is it?"

"Yep, I promised myself 3 times you'd be dead by the end of this camp."

"Oh well let's get it over with." Solemon gave up knowing that now I can beat him, I'll do it over and over again, especially since I'll have real weapons. He used to be able to beat me with no weapons combat but with weapons, I was always the best.

"Well I guess I just have to wait for this glorious battle." I smirk as I walk away.

"Oh shit." Solemon muttered as he called up Max and I just went to do my numbers.


After everyone had gone through Solemon's little training he called me over to get the MIAA kids from their training while he told the guys from school to go have a break for this section.


Once I got back from getting changed out of my army uniform, well adjusted army uniform, and putting an announcement over for all MIAA students, all the MIAA kids were sitting around the mats, almost all of them looked like they wanted to see blood while some were just there for tactics and those are the kids that I like. Solemon was on the mats with two daggers in his hands. He held one arm out with a dagger to give to me but I refused. I went over to the weapons storage and wheeled out the knife and sword rack and placed it next to the mats. I grabbed three knives, placing them in my belt ready to throw, and two daggers, one in each hand.


"Now kids, this is an exhibition and training match so we're trying not to kill each other. There are a few rules that we use. First, we can't step off the mats and second, no deadly stabs." I speak loudly and clearly to the kids. But when I look around at their faces, I see Liz and when I look up, I see Damon standing next to his sister and my old team standing next to him. When I looked at Damon I gave a slight smile which he returned but larger, knowing what I had in store for poor Solemon. I guess the knives where a give away for him. 


"Good luck Solemon. You'll need it." I smirk at him.

"You too Sparrow." Solemon retorted as confidently as he could and from what I could sense he was. "5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Go" Solemon counted slowly but loudly. The kids ended up joining in and taking over, leaving Solemon a couple of seconds to prepare.


Now normally there's a but of a stand off at the start in most of these sort of fights. But I hate stand offs so as soon as the kids said go, I lunged forward for a slice towards his chest with my right dagger and it hit it's target. Solemon lunged back and slashed me across my left arm, not aiming at my good atom to keep the fight going a little longer. This continued for another couple of minutes till we were both at a stand still. That's when I decided to talk to the class and give them a very useful life lesson.


"Now kids, and teens. Here's a little lesson brought to you by Kat Sparrow. Fake daggers are good. Really good. But only for when your starting or unsure. Real daggers however, give you a challenge, a motivation to not get seriously hurt by some big old Buffon called Solemon. Fighting sticks are also a good weapon but are usually for defense and are especially good if you can use on any size and any weight so you could just pick up a pole lying on the ground and use it as a weapon, it's even better if it's got a spear like head. Now guns, guns, guns. They're just a cheats weapon for when someone doesn't want to go into hand to hand combat but that's why spies love them so much because using them, it's less likely that we're going together hurt. But it is fun to have a fight once in a while, it gives you a thrill like nothing else."


"Nice little speech Sparrow now hurry up and fight." Solemon demands as he grabs a knife to throw at me but I do the same and hit his in mid air, rendering it pointless and harmless.

"To bad I'm gonna kick your ass Solemon." My smirk appears at the shifty reply.

"You wish," I could hear how he was lying through his teeth, denying the fact that I'm going to win this match. So I continued to show him.


I grabbed another knife and threw it at Solemon's left shoulder, just aiming to get a scratch and hopefully not have it stick in, that would be a bit harsh for an exhibition match. Plus aiming at his throwing arm would make this over all too quickly. Thankfully Solemon didn't see it coming so it said true to my intentions and just grazed the skin on his shoulder before continuing to toss through the air into the crowd.


"Mind the crowd Sparrow, wouldn't want to have to explain a dead trainee with a throwing knife with your finger prints on it stuck in them. Plus you wouldn't want to add another tally now would we." Fucking Solemon knew my tally system and now anyone with half a brain knew what it meant. So much for the guys never finding out.

"No. I was hoping to have a more impressive memory to carry me into double digits but a prodigy son, mentor and trainer to me might actually be a worthy candidate." I snapped back, covering my emotions with my cold, hard face and my usual tone. 

"Oh Kat sparrow the almighty, with all her tallies wants to add me to the list." Solemon joked in a taunting, almost haunting like way.


With that I grabbed another knife from my belt and within half a second it was flying through the air towards Solemon's cut on his left shoulder and again the knife hit it's mark, creating a 10cm (4") long and 1cm deep gash which he instantly grabbed for in pain as it started to gush blood. "There are some subjects Solemon that you just don't go near and I thought that at least you would know about that one." At that point in my anger filled speech, I walked over to Solemon and punched him in the stomach. He bent slightly but didn't double over. I continued to fight Solemon and manage to still continue my speech while Solemon fought back hard. "That one thing." I landed a punched to Solemon's jaw. His head whipped to the side. While he was facing the other way, I crouched down and took his feet out from underneath him like in the movies, I think they actually got an MIAA agent to teach the stunt doubles in some moves. But anyway, Solemon fell to the ground hard and his head bounced hard on the mats, bound to give him a huge bump.


I held both of the daggers strongly in my hands as I held the both up to his neck so while I leant over him, they looked like a cross ready to slice his throat open if he were to move. "In my opinion, your best chance of surviving this would to be quiet and drop this subject entirely and if anyone asks what you meant you don't say a word. I have a reputation and I'd like to keep it secret from some of the audience members. You should know what it was like so how could you joke about something like this? Actually don't answer, I don't want to hear your lame excuse of an answer." I whispered calmly into his ear as I leant beside him. My face exhibiting a stone cold expression and my voice was so calm when it shouldn't be, all contributed to how Solemon looked at me in fear, the same look I got from my nine tallies. They say that the ones that are calm in situations where there should be extreme emotions, are the ones to watch out for, and in my case, they're the deadly ones.


I tried to not look at my old team. Even tough they still don't know what I do, I still felt like they would find out just because Solemon mentioned my tallies. And same with Damon. I couldn't meet his eyes and I don't think I'll ever be able to. I avoided the looks of the kids as I walked away. But most of all I tried not to look at Liz. But I snuck a peek which I regretted instantly. She looked so confused and I could just see the curiosity in her eyes as her brain ticked wondering what these mysterious tallies were and that made me feel worse than when I had to add another one to my wrist because I just know she'll figure out what they roughly mean, she won't know why I do it but that I just do it and that's what's the most painful.


I just need to go to bed and forget about all of this. But sadly I still had good old group training. But thanks to being a coach as well I got to get out of it. So instead I went back into the forest. I brought some of guns with me. I went to my usual hiding spot and climbed my tree. I just sat there for a minute. I got out my little SIG Suaer P226 and shot it at the tree directly opposite to me, aiming at where a little branch connects onto the tree's huge trunk. I shot it enough so it had shredded it and cause the branch to fall to the leaf covered ground with a loud thud. 

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