I Love Him But I'm A Spy

It's my first day at my, new school, Summerleaf High, and it’s my ninth high school. If you don’t already know I am a level 9.5 spy. (Insert shocked gasp here) yes, you heard me spy. My uncle, aka boss, sent me here for a mission and because I am going to be here up to two years he let me just be myself, no fake identity, no hair dye, nothing, the real me for once. So, my real name is Kat Sparrow, I’m seventeen and that is all you should know for now. I'm pretty used to changing schools and I've created a plan, I stay away from the populars, I sit near the back corner in class and I find a private spot with no-one around to sit at lunch.

This is my spy life


15. The Schedule

Walking through the familiar camp to my cabin, I recognise everything, I know where everything is, nothing's changed. The large forest is still opposite the car park. And the camp is still split in two, the smaller is the MIAA's area and the larger is the armies. The areas are separate and everyone generally sticks with the people from their area. Except for me. I was probably the only one to mix but I guess that everyone has their reasons. Generally the lying isn't what everyone wants to do when it comes to friends but I've lied my whole life so it wasn't that different. Plus I liked the guys.  


When I enter through the gates to the MIAA area, everyone around me stops and stares. I don't know why, they have no idea I am.  

"Why are they staring Solemon?" I question.  

"Because you're Kat Sparrow, that's why." Ok, now I'm just plain confused. 

"But how?"  

"Well, they knew that Kat Sparrow and Harrison Solemon we're coming to train them and I guess that we're sort of legend, especially you." 

"Just cause I'm 18 and a level 9.5 plus my records, wow, that's crazy. Never thought that would be possible. I thought I could at least walk around before the classes without any staring at how awesome I am." I smirk having fun, strutting my stuff down to my cabin. Everyones  heads followed us and it was funny. Wait till the guys at MIAA heard about this.  


Walking into my little wooden cabin I looked around spotting a little bed in the corner and a little fridge plus power points thank god. I walked over to the bed and sat down but heard a crumpling under me. I stood up and looked down spotting a piece of paper that's now got a lot of wrinkles in one corner. It's my schedule. (Write schedule and put in as table. Also have diagrams of  the camp and cabin. )  


This is your schedule for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday. You will not have anything scheduled for Friday.  

Please be prompt to session as to not keep trainers and students waiting.  

There is also a uniform in your draws that you are expected to wear.  

Thank you.   

5:00am - Whole camp training 

6:30am - Breakfast 

7:00am - Unit training 

9:00am - MIAA training (As student) 

11:00am - MIAA training (as coach to newbies) 

1:00pm - Lunch  

1:30pm - School training 

3:00pm - Individual gym session  

4:00pm - Group gym session  

5:30pm - Free time  

7:00pm - Dinner 

9:00pm - Curfew  


Guess they're still just as strict as when I left. Oh well. At least we have more free time but then I have bloody group training. And I didn't know the group was staying till Monday. I'll ask Solemon When I see him next.  

Which wasn't very long. I got changed into the usual army uniform with a few of my own adjustments like only wearing the pants and wearing my high necked, midriff, white shirt. To be honest. I looked awesome. After I got changed Solemon came in. He looked me up and down and just smirked. "You know that you have to wear the correct uniform right?" 

"Yes." I state plainly with a hint of a question.  

"You're not in the correct uniform." Solemon states back in a questioning way.  

"It how I always wore it. Plus I'm a instructor and your not wearing yours properly either." I state with a smirk of my own.  He wearing his the exact same way except he has a plain white shirt on.  

"Ok, too true." And my smirk just grows.  

"So what's with my schedule saying that we're here till Monday?" 

"It's only us, if that's what you meant by 'we'. It's so you can do some extra training and to see if you have the potential to be a mentor for other agents."  

"That actually sounds fun but what happens when the group leaves, do I still train with the unit and what do I do when I'm meant to be with the group for training?" 

"Yes, you'll train with the unit still and instead of training with the group, you'll train on your own with me. It'll be fun." 

"Yeah right." 

"Just came to remind you that the gym is open 24/7 and that the guys will be coming at 8 ish so they'll have a late dinner and then go to their cabins for some sleep cause kg the early morning start. That's when they'll meet the unit and start training." 

"So will they be training or relaxing when I'm in the MIAA area?" 

"Relaxing." Damn them. They'll pay for this. I'll make them need every part if that rest.  

"That's so not fair. While I'm busting my but training, they're off relaxing." 

"Well to be truthful, they're no where near as fit as you to do all of the training required, that's why it's only a weekend and not a week plus they don't need the training and coaching practise." 

"Why do you always have to be right Solemon? Sometimes it gets really annoying." I grunted frustrated.  

"For you yes, but for me, it's just plain old fun." Solemon smirked much to my annoyance.  


"Well I'm going to the gym now since the boys won't be here for ages and I have nothing on my schedule for today, plus I need as much muscle as I can to beat Rowland and the other boys as easily as I can all in one go. Black and Rowland were always the hardest especially when they teamed up but they're not as strong now that it's just a duo instead of an awesome trio with me in it." I smirk at the end but then realise just how strong the boys look now. They're practically all muscle. Then there's little old me who looks like I have none but man I may not look it but I have an 8 pack and all my other muscles are as strong as anyones in this camp plus I just use my speed but strength does come in handy sometimes.  


"Ok, well I'll use this fight as you grade and to see what we need to work on in training. I will most likely see you in the gym or when the others arrive. Good bye sparrow." 

"Bye Solemon." And with that, Solemon was out the door to who knows where and within a couple of minutes, I was out the door and off to the 24/7 gym to wait for the boys.  


A/N - I just wanted to say a thank you to HarrietMalik4ever. Your comment affected me so much, I felt so happy and excited that you liked my book, let alone how you were checking everyday for more and I hope that this is alright to make up for me not updating for a while but I have a couple more chapters to update after this so but I need them to be checked by my friend before I post them, hope you enjoyed.


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