I Love Him But I'm A Spy

It's my first day at my, new school, Summerleaf High, and it’s my ninth high school. If you don’t already know I am a level 9.5 spy. (Insert shocked gasp here) yes, you heard me spy. My uncle, aka boss, sent me here for a mission and because I am going to be here up to two years he let me just be myself, no fake identity, no hair dye, nothing, the real me for once. So, my real name is Kat Sparrow, I’m seventeen and that is all you should know for now. I'm pretty used to changing schools and I've created a plan, I stay away from the populars, I sit near the back corner in class and I find a private spot with no-one around to sit at lunch.

This is my spy life


4. The Assignment Sleepover Part 1

Kat pov 


Walking up to the front of Nicks house With my duffel bag slung over my shoulder, I seriously wanted to just run home and do an all nighter in my own gym but thanks to bloody Solemon and Nick I was stuck. They both made me agree to come over to Nick's house, much to his delight, and study.  


Standing in front of the door with my finger about to push the doorbell, the door swings open and Nick's standing there with a huge smile that's mixed with a smirk.  


"Thanks. Got any food Hale I'm starving."  

"Hi to you too Bishop. And yes I have food." His smile dropped when he started to speak but as soon as I turned around menacingly.  

"Is it just us here, no parents?"  

"What about siblings?" He quizzically asks.  

"You don't have any now answer the questions." 

"Creepy but yes, it's just us." He smirks and at that I break. I leap at him holding my arm on his neck, blocking his airway. I push him against the door, shutting it in the process.   

"First don't call me Bishop and don't you ever flirt with me. It'll never end well for you. Understand?" I darkly whisper into his ear and I feel him nod cause he can't talk.  

"Good. Ok let's get to work but first can I get some food?" I ask sweetly reading his neck and he just gasps for breath.  

"Um, sure, what do you want?" 

"Got any chips or chocolate?"  

"Yeah, if you go and set up either in the lounge or my room." He still looked pretty shaken and I almost feel bad but it's kind of cute seeing him squirm.  

"I'll be in your room." He look shocked but I can't blame him, I just said not to flirt and I'd just chosen his room to study in with only us in the house. Bit confusing I guess but I need to do some of my own work.  


Walking up the stairs I try to remember the map I have for the floor plan of Nick's house. At the 2nd door on the right I stop and open the door.  


I'm actually shocked at how clean it is for a normal playboy teen. It's spotless. Not even my rooms spotless except it has guns and that sort of stuff all around the floor instead of the normal clothes.  


Looking around, I see a walk in cupboard, perfect, a bed that's large but not very high off the ground so it'd be hard to crawl underneath, again perfect.  


I put my bag gently on the floor herring the clattering of my hand guns. I unzip the bag and grab out a Glock 19 And place it under the bed, lightly gluing it to the underside of the mattress along with an extra cartridge of ammo. 


I grabbed my bag again and walked over to the walk in cupboard and, well, walked in. looking around for a good place to hide my Remington M24A2 and when I looked up I found the perfect place, a top shelf with boxes all on it that looked like they haven't been used in years. I just placed the bag up top behind some boxes instead of taking it out, just incase Nick decided to have a look up there.  


I walked out and sat on his bed, getting out my books ready to actually work on this stupid assignment. just as I finished setting up, Nick walked in with FOOD.  


"Thanks, I didn't realise how hungry I am."  

"That's probably the nicest thin you’ve said to me in a year." 

"Well I guess seems how were partners that I have to be kind to you." I cringed at the word partners but Nick didn't notice thankfully. I used to have a partner but he left me and now I'm a solo spy. bit annoying when you have to get into places that require a date. but it's good so that you don't have to worry about someone else.  

"Oh, and I thought that you were kind on your own accord, now I'm just sad." 

"Don’t ever get your hopes up with me, they generally get smashed." 

"I can always try." 

"Good luck with that but I guess that we had better get on with this assignment seems this is the reason I'm here." 




We started our assignment and ate and after 3 hours we finally decided to call it a night.  


"Thanks Nick. See you tomorrow."  

Hang on, Kat Bishop just called me Nick not Hale. I'm about to faint from shock." 

"Haha very funny Hale. Guess I'll walk myself out then."  

"No no. It's alright. How are you getting home anyway?"  

"Walking." I state like its nothing to be walking alone on the streets at 10pm, which for me is normal (and slightly fun).  

"On your own? No way in hell."Nick stubbornly demanded and I could tell he wasn't going to change his opinion.  

"I'll be fine Nick, I've done it before and nothing bad happened." Nothing bad but something fun cause a couple of guys did try to get me but I beat them up as practise.  

"Whatnot stay the night? I can take you to school tomorrow and you won't have to walk home alone." Really he just asked to have a sleepover. Not normal.  

"Dammit, I'll ask."And it's so not normal that I just agreed to ask. I took my phone out of my bag on my way downstairs for the phone call and once I got down I called Solemon to ask him if he can pick me up and if not warn him of what he's in for next training. 


"Can you come and pick me up from Hale's, please?" 

"No can do." 

"Why not?" 

"Don't want to." 

"So you're bloody making me stay here? With him? With no adults? Terrible brother/uncle you are." 

"Suck it up princess." Princess seriously? I'm no where near a princess.  

"Well he's as stubborn as you and won't let me walk home in my own even though it would be fun, and funny." I laughed at the thought of some guy trying to  

"It's why I like him, you can't just push him over like normal, plus you sort of like him too." 

"Do not." 

"Do too." 

"Solemon I'll kill you next time I see you." 

"But then all of your funding will disappear cause you would become rouge."  

"Don't play the funding and rouge cards, it's not fair." At that moment Nick came out from the corner. I just turn and look at him, trying to see if he heard to much of that conversation.  

"Gotta go bro. See you tomorrow but damn you." Solemon just laughed as I ended the connection.  


"So I'm guess that your bro agrees with me." 

"In a way. Where am I sleeping?" 

"Either in my bed, my room on the floor or on the couch." 

"No way in hell am I sleeping in your bed or your room so I'll take the couch, I just need a pillow and some blankets." 

"Ok. At least I tried. I'll get you some blankets." He was flirting with me, again. It's annoying as hell.  

I tried to ignore it and just reply a simple, "yes." 


Nick walks out of the lounge to get some blankets and I go make myself comfortable on the couch with the remote to the huge flat screen tv.   


"You make yourself comfortable easily, want to watch so TV before we go to sleep?" Asked walking back into the lounge passing me the blankets.  

"I was already going to but yes you can join." I say as get comfortable, stretching out my feet wrapping the blanket around me and place ing the pillow behind my head in the perfect position. But suddenly I felt a huge weight on my legs and I yelped in surprise. 

"Get off my legs, find your own couch."  

"This is my spot not yours and plus this is my house." I suddenly felt 2 awfully cold hands on my legs dragging them up towards my chest so I was in a sort of crouch position sideways on the couch. Damn Nick, and his cold hands that even seeped through the blanket.  


Your hands are bloody freezing." 

"Suck it up princess." Seriously, princess, it's like Nick and Solemon have this mental connection trying to make my life a living hell.  

"Don't call me a princess." I almost growl. It's driving me mad.  

"Alright, alright. So what do you want to watch?" 

"Do you have any Castle episodes, it's my favorite show of all time." 

"Luckily I love it to so yes I do have a couple of episodes I haven't watched in season 6." 

"Yey, they're the only ones I haven't seen." Man I sounded like a girl fangirling, how pathetic for a spy.  


Nick Pov 


I turn on the tv and we watch maybe 3 episodes and when I turned around to ask Kat what she wanted to watch next I saw her sound asleep and I couldn't help but smile. She looked peaceful, completely opposite of her normal personality.  


I turned off the tv then slowly got up so I didn't wake Kat up. I gently stretched out her legs but I guess my 'cold' hand slightly woke her cause she sort of rolled over a bit, from her back to her side, and started mumbling something and as I leaned down to hear I realised what she was saying. Secret, classified, dead, die, spy. She muttered them in a continuous loop. It's confusing cause why would Kat be muttering about killing and secrets plus spies.  


Her face suddenly scrunched up like it was in pain so I bent down and took her hand in mine, I like Kat, hang on, no I don't, I do not like Kat. Who cares, I just didn't want to see her in pain. Yes cheesy, so, who cares.  


As soon as I started to rub little circles with my thumb on her hand she card down a bit and eventually her face went back to peaceful so I stood up and did a quick check around the house to lock up then I went straight to bed.  


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