I Love Him But I'm A Spy

It's my first day at my, new school, Summerleaf High, and it’s my ninth high school. If you don’t already know I am a level 9.5 spy. (Insert shocked gasp here) yes, you heard me spy. My uncle, aka boss, sent me here for a mission and because I am going to be here up to two years he let me just be myself, no fake identity, no hair dye, nothing, the real me for once. So, my real name is Kat Sparrow, I’m seventeen and that is all you should know for now. I'm pretty used to changing schools and I've created a plan, I stay away from the populars, I sit near the back corner in class and I find a private spot with no-one around to sit at lunch.

This is my spy life


11. Take Down

I may not have shown it but I'm trained not to, I don't show emotions and I block them all out, especially love an hope after my past. It's defined me and I wouldn't be who I am with out it. I might have let Nick into my life a little to much but I honestly don't care at the moment. This is what I'm doing and I now have a boyfriend, Nick Hale. Suck that MIAA guys.  


I got ready for school not thinking about anything, just getting ready until Nick brought something to my attention.  

"So where are your patents?" My patents aren't here and never will be, they're gone.  

"They're away for a while so I have the place to myself, great right?" 

"It's awesome." Nick stated as we continued to get ready.  


Just as I was about to get into my car Nick pulled me back and opened the passenger door to his car.  

"You're my girlfriend now, you can ride with me and hang out with me no matter what." 

"Thanks Nick. I think I'll take your offer." I say with my signature smirk, getting in the car. 


We drove to school, Nick sitting in silence and me singing my head off to the song on the radio.  

"You do know how bad your singing is right?" Nick joked.  

"It's only when I want it to be." Then I started to sing to underwater bride by passenger in the right pitch and I actually didn't sound that bad to be honest. 

"Ok, I take it back you can sing." 
"What about you, you sing?" I ask looking out the window and as soon as I'm finished I hear a voice that is just perfect and I just relaxed into my seat closing my eyes and sing along with Nick and the song. We made a perfect harmony and I could see Nick relax into the song as well and just sang.  


By the time we got to school we were full on singing like lunatics again. Can't judge us though, 'this means war' was on the radio and you just want to go crazy. So when Nick turned off the car and therefor turning off the radio I turned and glared at him and guess what he did, he bloody smirked.  


He got out of the car while I sat there crossing my arms across my chest in annoyance. Nick walked around the back of the car and opens up my door holding out his hand. I looked up at him, still glaring.  

"Please walk in with me with a smile, being the first day that we're a couple." Nick pleaded. Damn, I can't resist, I'm doing this date thing to the full.  

"Fine, but you are so going to pay." 

"Sure just let me walk you in at least." 

"Ok then let's go." I placed my hand in Nick's and pulled myself up.  


We walked up to the school doors hand on hand. When we got into the hallways everyone stopped and stared. Why do people always stare.  

"Yes we're holding hands, now stop bloody staring." With that everyone snapped out of their staring and parted like the Red Sea, allowing us to get to Nick's group.  


"Hey guys." Nick and I say synchronized. They stare shock still. "What is it with stating and shock I going to kill the next person who stares." I snap.  

"Are you guy a …?" One of Nick's nice friends asks.  

"Yes we are a couple Liz." She squeals happily.  


"What do you mean by finally?"  

"Well you two have shown signs of liking each other for a while."  

"What signs?" I panic.  

"You two always fighting and hating each other. There's a very thin line between love and hate." Thank god there weren't any real signs. I don't like Nick for real. The bell suddenly rung. I turned to Nick and kissed him on the cheek.  

"See you specialist PE Nick." And I just walked away to get changed for PE. Man this was going to be fun.  




Walking into specialist PE in my normal training gear, black crop top and black 3/4 leggings.  

"Sparrow?" Solemon questioned.  

"Check your role. I'm sick of business." 

"Welcome to specialist PE. I hope that you did it to your standards." Solemon said but between us it was a joke, I'm a specialist just in different areas and my standards are set very high seems Solemon' the teacher.  

"That you and I hope they are." Referring to my expectations.  

"Well, we'll start by 20 suicides up the court and then 20 laps round the oval." 


After finishing the suicides and laps before any of the boy, seems there's no girls, I walked up to Solemon with a smirk, barely making a sweat. 

"What's next Solemon?" 

"Partner work and seems as we now have uneven numbers, I will be your partner." Solemon smirked as well.  

"We'll it honk that this should all be taken into my training hours then, what do you say Solemon, want me kick some dealer but?" 

"I'll talk to the MIAA." 

"Thanks bro." And then I punched his arm lightly.  


"Who's the MIAA and what dealer and training?" Nick asks walking over.  

"Don't worry 'bout it Nick. It's just an after school thing."  

"Well how did you finish everything so quick?"  

"Hint the previous question, training? What do you think?" I finish sarcastically.  


"Alright everyone get into your usual groups and start the usual work out and I want it all finished otherwise you're doing during lunch. Sparrow, you're with me." Yes one on one, no holding back.  

"Why does he keep call you Sparrow, not Miss Sparrow? And why do you call him Solemon not Mr Solemon?" Damn him for picking those up.  

"No idea Nick. Just wish me luck for my torture." I grimaced, yey an extra couple if training sessions each week.  


Solemon lead me into a room. I looked around, it has gym equipment and mats.  

"Ok we're going to do some hand to hand combat, alright?" I was secretly happy, I can use my new move to finically take down Solemon, but I didn't show it.  

"It's not really a question is it?" I ask already knowing the answer.  

"Nope and don't even think about beating me cause it's way to far in the future for that to happen." 

"Be careful Solemon, the future comes sooner than you think."  

And then we started. Me throwing a strong rift hook at Solemon but he blocked t and returned just as strong with his own move.  


We continued like this for about 10 minutes and trust me, I a fight that's a really long time. Not many people can survive that long in a fight but with years and years of training under my belt, it's a piece of cake.  


After about another 15 minutes Solemon finally used his special move to try and finish me off but he didn't know that I'd learnt how to avoid it then throw my own move even harder and stronger. My move you ask, it's basically a round off but instead of landing on the ground you kick you feet into your opponents chest. Ok I admit that I may not be the first to use it but I mastered it even better, incorporating a back handspring in to avoid Solemon knock out punch. 

The other difference from the normal move is that I modified it to take advantage of Solemon's slight off balance. And I finally pinning him down.  




Nick Pov 



I hear Kat scream. We all stop and look at each other in confusion. They've been in there for 15 minutes and all we hear is grunts and now this.  


River, yes, River's in the specialist PE, walked over to the door and peaked inside, to where Solemon and Kat were, and gasped. "Nick, come n' look at your girlfriend." River said in a shocked but in a slightly joking way about the girlfriend part. So I did, I walked over and what I saw drew a shocked 'shit' out of my mouth.  


You know what I saw? My girlfriend pinning down our teacher with her arm at his neck, leaning over him from the side. If no one's shocked then they're crazy.  


After I came over, the rest of the guys followed and they either cussed, gasped or laughed.  


Mr S and Kat seemed to be chatting and when they stopped, they turned their heads in synchrony to face us, then burst out laughing at what I'm guessing is the look on our faces.  


Kat moved away an pulled Mr S up And they walked towards the door as we backed up and ran back into our partners. Just getting back in time a they stepped out of the other room.  


"Ok thank you class, I know that you all saw Sparrow and I in the other room and I would appreciate it very much if you didn't mention it to anyone." 

"But then how's my plan meant to work  Solemon. You wanted me to be more social so I am," she spook softly to Mr S but I still heard it, "change of plans, tell everyone you can that I beat Solemon,ok?" Kat asked to the class, well more like commanding us and man it felt like she had some strong power in her voice, like an army commander.  

"I .. word … spread …." Kat smirked at Solemon but I couldn't hear it all. Damn.  

"Not going to happen Sparrow." Solemon stated firmly but I could tell that he was laughing and possibly scared a little if you look deep enough into his face, eyes and stuff like that.  


"Alright class, sparrow stand with you class mates," and surprisingly Kat came and stood next to me. "We're going to do some work on our muscles for the rest of the lesson, I want you to work so hard that you won't be able to walk for 48 hours. We're first going to do a group core session then split and do some arm and leg work outs in the gym." An that's sadly what we did.  


Kat Pov 


Word spread quickly, and by quickly I mean by the end of the class, about me pinning Solemon down, mainly because someone took a photo in PE. Sadly when Solemon tells MIAA, they'll take it off, so luckily I took a screen shot and just for a laugh, I sent it to my friends at MIAA saying that I pinned down a level 10 agent.  


Walking down the hall to maths, everyone parted like the red sea, again. I just smirked and laughed to myself, guess that everyone's finally scared of me. The nerd is now the crazy, popular, bad girl who fights the teacher and comes out on top.  

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