I Love Him But I'm A Spy

It's my first day at my, new school, Summerleaf High, and it’s my ninth high school. If you don’t already know I am a level 9.5 spy. (Insert shocked gasp here) yes, you heard me spy. My uncle, aka boss, sent me here for a mission and because I am going to be here up to two years he let me just be myself, no fake identity, no hair dye, nothing, the real me for once. So, my real name is Kat Sparrow, I’m seventeen and that is all you should know for now. I'm pretty used to changing schools and I've created a plan, I stay away from the populars, I sit near the back corner in class and I find a private spot with no-one around to sit at lunch.

This is my spy life


17. Paintball, My Favourite Game

Saturday's training went through as planned but River and Max were late to breakfast cause they slept in too long and also missed the whole camp training, terrible idea, they got triple the numbers for the rest of the day. 


It was way easy for me, even the stuff that the guys in the unit did was too easy compared to why I've been doing lately at MIAA. What they're doing is about level 7-8 but being a 9.5, it's all really easy. Except teaching was fun, especially seems I got to use Solemon as a demonstrator for the whole thing. It was hilarious, making him look bad by having me pin him down in do many ways with him never being able to fight back, for teaching purposes only, sadly.  


But Sunday was slightly different, we did the thing that I've missed most about the camp, seems no one at MIAA is good at it and is therefor just boring to play it with. What is the 'it' you're wondering, well it's the best game that has been invented, paint ball. Yes I love paint ball, and to be honest and stuck up, I rock at it too.  


So during the unit training session at 7:00am we waited just outside the camp gym like usual but when Solemon and Jack Sandler, the highest field officer in the camp plus the units supervising commander, walked over with cheeky gins on their faces and Solemon looking at me with his smirk that practically yelled, you're-gonna-have-fun-today-but-they're-not. And that's when they announced the paint ball challenge.   


In the true camp style Solemon and Sandler had gotten some of the higher scoring MIAA trainees and some extras from the camp as well And guess what they intended to do, pin everyone against me, again! They always used to do it when I trained here cause I would always win even if they had a hundred people against me but today they only had 42 people including Solemon and Sandler cause they thought that if would be fun for them to be on a team together and Solemon said he wanted to see if I really was the legend everyone thought I was.  


So the teams are  


The unit 

Solemon and Sandler  

The specialist PE class  

The extra MIAA trainees 

The extra army trainees 


5 teams against me and they had all (except the class) agreed to gang up on me mainly. The class though, took some convincing that it was fair to have me on my own and Solemon's tiny team against their teams of 7, 13, 10 and 10.  


Our equipment is the same as what we would use in the field. We've never used real paintball protection and gear except from the actual gun and anything to do with ammo but the gun is modified so that it looks like and functions like a normal army gun. It helps us to get use to the gear. But the newbies, including the boys, always wear all the protection instead of just the chest protection. 


One of the other officers blew the whistle once we were all strapped up and ready to go with out protective gear and guns. While the guys, and a couple of girls, all ran away in their groups a sprinted to my usual hiding spot, yes, I still know where it is after years and hopefully all my gear was still there.  


And in my tree that’s at least the height of a two story building near the small pool of water I found all of my extra guns, both for paintball and real life, strategics plus cation, plus my extra protective gear that I stole last time I was here. I have guns and pistols along with big machine guns for paintball and the same for normal things.  


Even after playing this game at least a hundred time in the same spot, no one, not even Sandler or Solemon know where my spot is. I have the perfect camouflage cause of the leaves blending with my pants and if I shoot at different distances then they never know exactly what tree I'm in. It's great to be honest.  But everyone is always pissed at the end of a game cause I always win without a single splash of paint on me.  


So, hiding in my awesome spot, and I hear a group of guys that I can tell is the unit. They know that I'm always around this area somewhere and always come here first to hunt me down so when I look around with my binoculars, yes, I stole some of them too. What? They're really useful, as demonstrated now. So, I took out my binoculars and looked around spotting four of the boys. Guess they'd split up to try and pin point me better. I saw everyone but Rowland, Fitz and Black. Guess they were going to pin point me, or attempt to but fail miserably because I looked harder to find them and shoot them first so the other guys didn't have much of a chance.  


See, our rules are that if you're hit, just once, then you have to lower your weapon and strap it on your backs (as a show of surrender and it cannot be faked) while walking to the starting point, you then wait till the games finished.   


I spotted them within 2 minutes but I saw Black looking at me as he lowered his gun. I looked around and saw a paint ball splatter on the tree next to me and I was shocked, he didn't shoot me, he save me. There is no way I'm letting this slip, I'll talk to him later. But I quickly place the silencer on the paint ball gun and aimed carefully. I pulled the trigger, holding it down just long enough to release 3 balls full of colourful paint at 3 boys, hitting their targets perfectly without any fuss. 


They must've felt the impact cause they all looked down at their chest and saw a pink, yellow or blue paint splatter on their chest. Rowland's face was hilarious, he was so mad, I swear that steam was going to come out of his ears and nose. Fitz was just plain startled and Black, well being him, he just started walking with no expression what so ever.  


The four four boys looked surprised cause they heard the shots hit their targets and turned around to see the others with paint in them. So I didn't keep the four boys out of the fun and I released another 4 perfectly aimed bullets that hit their marks perfectly.  


I sprung from the branch I was on to another tree, leaving the main supply of weapons and just bringing a hand paint ball gun. I kept going until I'd caught up with the boys and I jumped down. Landing perfectly on my feet.  

"Guess I beat you boys with in 5 minutes, new record. Go me." I smiled with a slight smirk that just made me feel evil and happy.  

"What ever Bishop, you've always had a spot that no one can find but we will one day and we will have revenge." Rowland stated angrily. I looked over all the boys and I could all see the annoyance clear on their faces, except Black, he just had a small smile tweaking at his lips and when he saw that I saw he gave me a nod, acknowledging my shooting.  We always had this thing that we always respected and credited each other's shooting, even of we got out. Guess that it still stands, so I nodded back. 


I ran away again and climbed a tree, then jumping from tree to tree to get back to my tree and little stash. I sat there waiting for ages. I'd shot almost all of the extra MIAA and camp people but is still haven't seen the boys or the adults (if Solemon counts as an adult) so I just sat there, waiting.  


It paid off though cause after 20 minutes of jumping silently from tree to tree with my binoculars looking for any signs of an enemy, I spotted a body. A tall, well built body. Definitely male and adult so it must have been Sandler cause as I said before, Solemon is not an adult in my mind, just a kid with a well built, adult looking body. S I just ducked down and waited for any others. But instead of only one other body, there was another 5, so 6 in total. I guess that the left over MIAA teamed up with the left over army and the oldies. Oh, I like that name, I'll keep it.  


I quickly but quietly jump back to my tree and grab some heavy artillery then run back, just incase they do see me, they won't know the exact location of my tree, only my decoy. I crouch down on the tree, getting my gun ready to fire at them. I waited for less then five minutes till two of the group stepped our into the clearing and started to look around. to be honest I could've thought that the oldies would've come up with a better tactic than sending out 2 of their players. Firstly they could've just sent out one and then looked  for me from the trajectory. But sending out of their players that have been hit, that's just low, sending them out to get double the bruises. 


So I did the unexpected, I spoke.  

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