I Love Him But I'm A Spy

It's my first day at my, new school, Summerleaf High, and it’s my ninth high school. If you don’t already know I am a level 9.5 spy. (Insert shocked gasp here) yes, you heard me spy. My uncle, aka boss, sent me here for a mission and because I am going to be here up to two years he let me just be myself, no fake identity, no hair dye, nothing, the real me for once. So, my real name is Kat Sparrow, I’m seventeen and that is all you should know for now. I'm pretty used to changing schools and I've created a plan, I stay away from the populars, I sit near the back corner in class and I find a private spot with no-one around to sit at lunch.

This is my spy life


16. Long Work Out

I'd been working out in the gym for about 5 hours (3:00pm). I'd found some other guys to train with in the boxing ring and let me tell you, I beat their ass's hard but I still have another 5 hours to kill cause the guy would've just left school and really is a 5 hour trip.  


So I took the opportunity, seems I wouldn't get another one, and slept. It was awesome. I slept for 4 hours straight and when I woke up, I felt refreshed and ready to go back to work, so I went to the gym, again.  


When I walked into the gym and saw everything being used, people lining up in pairs for the boxing ring. There was just a mass amount of bodies and just then, it hit me, group gym training. Great, not. There was no bloody things for me to on.  


So I looked around and found a little room that said 'coaches only' on a metal plate and I just smirked cause technically, I am a coach to some people here. So I went in.  


Inside was like a miniaturized version of the general area of the gym. It had treadmills, rowing machines, bikes, weights and basically anything that you could hope for, even another boxing ring. It was heaven.  


So I stayed in there for another 45 minutes when I finally walked out, I was drenched in sweat so I went back to my cabin an had a refreshing shower.  


By the time I was completely ready, hair up in a high ponytail and into clean clothes, a heard the sound of wheels from a bus move the grey gravel from its original place on the road into the camp.  


I went outside and through the gates to the car park to wait next to the door of the bus. Guess I missed the guys more than I thought. I guess I've become really close to all of the guys in our PE class and in Nick's group.  


The boys from my unit came over when they heard the bus and saw me walk, well, really run towards it in excitement. They stood beside me and when I turned I didn't see the kind, inviting smiles they give me, but instead cold glares as if they really didn't like the idea of new guys to compete with but I don't know what they're competing about, the guys are trmeraroy and the unit is the best plus it's permanent. Boys, all about the ranks. To bad, I out rank all of them.  


When the door of the bus opened, Nick was the first at the top of the short, steep stairs and as soon as he saw me his face lit up. Once he was out of the bus completely I walked over to him with a smile/smirk and gave him a huge hug. He wrapped his arms around me in response and lightly kissed the top of my head. I looked up smiling goofily at him, happy to see that I wasn't the only one looking so happy.  


We parted as the rest of the boys made their way down the steps and around behind Nick and I.  


"So who's Nick?" Rowland asked with annoyance, but intrigue lacing his voice.  

"That would be," Nick bravely said with his head held high and an arm wrapped around my waist, "why do you want to know?" 

"Because we're the unit that you're training with," Fitz stated in his matter-of-fact way but was cut off by Patterson in his cheerful-ish tone, "and we want to know who Sparrow's boyfriend is."  

"Well they seem friendly," River replied sarcastically.  

"They are a part of the army douche." I replied to River.  

"Why are you defending them?" Max asks annoyed and confused. Guess he doesn't like two timers, oh well, he's friends with one of the biggest in the world, me.  

"Because she used to train with us idiots." Patterson snapped. All I heard was a chorus of questions.   




'That explains a lot.' 


"I'm not doing this thousand questions. All you need to know is that I trained with these guys for just under a year and that we're training with them now so get over it, everyone!" I started looking at the guys from school but then directed my attention to the unit at the very end. "So let's go and get some bloody dinner, I've been training all day." I snapped. I guess that 2 out of my 3 lives don't really get along well.  


But they listened and the boys (that's the school class cause they're not classified as 'guys' in my books, the guys are the unit) all followed Solemon and me to their cabins. And then we went to a late dinner once everyone was all sorted.




A/N - Hi guys, I'm sorry for the short chapter but this week is exam block so I'm under a lot of stress and pressure with all the subjects and sport that I do. Also, I'll be away for the next 3 weeks on holidays, YAY, but I won't be able to update, I'll try and see to do at least once, but when I get back, I'll have heaps to update.

So thank you again to whoever is reading this, I really apreciate it and if you have any ideas, just write them in the comments, THANKS






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