I Love Him But I'm A Spy

It's my first day at my, new school, Summerleaf High, and it’s my ninth high school. If you don’t already know I am a level 9.5 spy. (Insert shocked gasp here) yes, you heard me spy. My uncle, aka boss, sent me here for a mission and because I am going to be here up to two years he let me just be myself, no fake identity, no hair dye, nothing, the real me for once. So, my real name is Kat Sparrow, I’m seventeen and that is all you should know for now. I'm pretty used to changing schools and I've created a plan, I stay away from the populars, I sit near the back corner in class and I find a private spot with no-one around to sit at lunch.

This is my spy life


3. History

Kat Pov


The past year of my life at Summerleaf high has been hell. Most of The kids at school hate my guts and as a result I've been suspended 3 times for breaking noses and sometimes other bones while in fights with Nicks little posse. I have one friend, Cammie, well I think she is my friend. I haven’t made any proses on the mission in about 2 months I got a small lead but I led to a dead end, literally. I haven’t seen Nick around but I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. My uncle is thinking about changing my case because of the rough time I am having but I have convinced him to let me stay on the case. I can solve this case I just have to keep my priorities straight and Nick is not on that list at all.


Nicks POV


“Come on guys, lay off.”

“No! She deserves it no one lays a hand on our bro and gets away with it.”


Ever since the guys heard about Kat nearly pushing me down the stairs they have be making her life a living hell. I must admit at first it was fun but now it is plain mean. Don’t get me wrong she deserved what she got but after about a month it was too much. She still intrigues me, I have been keeping my distance for everyone’s sake but I’ve been watching her, studying her like a science project. She’s different, not just in the way she dresses but in the way she is, she is hiding something and I want to know what it is.


“Come on Nick we have to move or we will be late for history, you know how Mr S gets when we are late.” One of the guys yell at me.


“Ok I’m coming River, god. See you guys at lunch the usual spot.”


We start to run down the hall towards class I turn my head to see if River is keeping up, as I turn my head back, this figure is in front of me. Next thing I know I’m on the ground with a girl under me and books on top.


“Wow man, getting a bit physical there.” I hear River say from behind me as he catches up.


“Gross get off me you big lump!” wait a minute I recognise that voice please don’t let it be her. As I get up I see her face, oh shit, the girl I ran into was Kat Bishop, shit this is not going to turn out good not at all.


“God watch where you’re going Hale, unless you want another broken nose.” She bites back.


“Hey this was your fault you bitch!” God River, why did you have to say that.


“I’m sorry, alright, it was an accident, and river shut the hell up.” All I am thinking now is, ‘please don’t break my nose.’ But to my surprise she just turns and walks away. I mentally slap River hard in the face and we continue walking to history.


As I walked into class, everyone was already there. I walked in and sat at my usual seat. Today we were meant to get our assessment piece.


“Ok class, as you know, you are going to be getting your assessment today.” Mr S  started. “Your assessment will be a partnered task. I have already chosen your partners so don’t be looking at your best friends thinking that you could be partners. I will put the list up and if you have any real problems you can come to me after class.” Great I don’t even get to pick, I don’t want to end up with one of those dumb bimbo’s.


“Your task will be to create a multimedia presentation on the effects of the cold war. You will be able to access the task sheet online and if you would like a paper copy please come up now.” A couple of students went up but I prefer online.


The lesson continued and we went on to what the cold war was and what happened during it. Mr S told us a little bit about what the effects were but he didn’t give us to much information, I guess so that he didn’t defeat the whole purpose of the assignment. I wasn’t really listening at all during the lesson I just wanted it to end so that I could find out who my partner was. I turned my head at one point and noticed Kat giving me a death stare, I just ignored it assuming it was from the whole hallway incident earlier.


Kat Pov


When Solemon said that he chose the partners he gave me a look, a slight, smug smirk. No, he didn’t, if he did I would kill him (spy insincts), he could not have partnered me with…


He saw the realisation on my face and his half smirk turned into a full blown smile. He knew my past and he had become a great mentor, not only in class but in my mission as well but also a some sort of odd brother or uncle. Solemon is only 7 years older than me so I guess it isn’t that odd. But the downside of me trusting him and telling him everything was that he knew my past with him. Nick. He usually just teased me like a brother.


The difference today from his teasing was that I’m guessing he went a little too far by the smirk on his face and used my background with him. I was, shit, I couldn’t, Solemon didn’t, he wouldn’t, shit, shit, shit.


Bloody dick head of a so called person, Nick, was my stupid partner for the assignment. I just death glared him for the rest of the lesson.


When the bell rang Mr Solemon but up the partners but I just left and went to the roof. The people waiting their turn looked at me quizzically. I ignored them and walked out, quickly dumping all of my books in my locker and ran up the stairs to the roof.


Over the years I have made a few adjustments to it. I added a punching bag that slides out from a pulley that is activated by a leaver behind a loose brick. I also added a small compartment of guns and weapons. You may be wondering how I did it during school, bring guns, weapons and a punching bag from my house to the roof without being noticed. Well I didn’t s I during school. I did it during the second month I was here.


I love the punching bag cause it always helps me take out my anger on something. It’s usually caused by the case or that stupid human called Nick. The only good thing about him is that he hasn’t come up to the roof since the day I nearly pushed him down the stairs. So this is my safe spot and I come up here every lunch. Sometimes on the other breaks I do go down and sit with Cammie but she has her own group and when I go down she leaves them.


I pulled the leaver for the punching bag and it swung out. I pulled out my tape from my weapons area and strapped up my hands. I pulled out my comms unit and started listening to some music while I started punching the bag. It swung back and forth from the force of my punches.


With the loud noise of the bag swinging and my music I couldn’t really hear much else, I helped my focus. But I guess it had its downside as somehow a person seemed to sneak up the stairs and through the door. The only way that I knew that the person was there was when I hit the bag and as usual it went flying, the person cused under his breath.


I suddenly turned around with shock on my face as I saw the face of my stupid History partner, Nick Hale. Thank god I didn’t have a gun within reach otherwise he would have one pointed and ready to fire, aimed at his flawless face. Wait where did that come from?


“Shit, I told you to never come up here Hale,” I was going to tell all his hideouts now. He will never have a moment alone.


I guess though, today is different and the universe is just against me. First Solemon put me with Nick and now Nick was up in special hideout and he saw me punch the bag and send it flying. Great, just great.


“Well you just walked out of the class without even looking at the list of partner…” I cut him short, I didn’t want to hear the next words from him o I said them.


“I know you are my bloody partner Hale.”


“Three things, first how did you know, second stop calling me god damn Hale, and third how the heck did you punch that bag so hard that it went flying yet alone where the bag came from.”


“You do realise that you asked four questions.”


“Just answer the damn questions Sparrow.” No one ever calls me that unless they’re in MIAA. I almost lost my temper completely. Only agents call agents by their last name. and they only do if they know that their an agent.


“God damn it Hale, first, secret, second, no your Hale, third, I do boxing, fourth just found it one day when I tripped and pulled the secret leaver. Now, WHY THE HECK ARE YOU IN MY SPOT AFTER I TOLD YOU TO NEVER COME UP HERE.” I snapped.


“I realised that this was my spot before it was yours and that you have nothing on me. I have no secret spot that I hang out at and if I did, how would you find out about it, you’re always up here.” Hale stated smugly believing his own lies. Oh how much I want to tell him his whole  life story from what I read in his file, but I refrained myself, that may just lead to more questions so I stuck to the facts that aren’t that hard to answer questions about.


“Correction on multiple thing stated in your previous statement,” damn I was sounding like my professional self, stupid me, oh well, “this is my spot now and it will always be my spot. And you do have a secret spot just behind the bushes that lead to behind the school and I can tell everyone that. I know, I may be evil but how about, for the history project we just split it in half and then join it together at the end?” I kept myself controlled and I let a little bit too much hope out in the last question. Damn it.


“No can do Miss Evil. Mr S said we had to work together, he even pulled me up and told me to make sure you didn’t try anything like this, guess he knows you better than most, odd.” The last bit he muttered but all I could think about was how Solemon was going to pay for doing this to me.


Nick Pov


When I walked up the stairs, I had expected to see Kat sitting down eating her lunch but what I saw was a shock and as a result I gasped, loud enough to cause she turned around and looked at me with shock. She had just hit a punching bag, that I never remember being up here, so hard that it flew into the air.


I guess now I know why she’s so strong and able to break all those noses and bones. The odd thing is that she doesn’t do anything outside of school or sport wise during school so I don’t know how she is that strong because she would have to be doing full on training of some sort.


The other odd thing is that we are still in the same history class with the same teacher and that she seemed to get Mr S a lot more this year. They seem close, but that’s only if you look close enough. She seems smart but never boasts about it and only goes up to answer the questions that no one can do in all subjects. Everyone says she tries to save us from the lectures on how to do the problems cause she only goes up to answer with the teachers that give huge lectures on the smallest things.


Summerleaf is different from normal schools, we have a test at the end of each semester their on everything really. Once the tests are done and the results are calculated, the top 20 student of each year level are posted and then the top 50 of the whole school. It’s all based on percentages.


I've always been at the top in my year level ever since I came here but last year I wasn't first, I was second. The first spot in the grade was blank but it still had the percentage, 99%, both times. It was odd but even more than that, that same person was also the highest in the school. No one ever really gets over 95%. It was a shock to everyone. Not one student or teacher except the principle or the student themselves knows who it is.


The only way to get at the top is to beat 95% and as the only with a score higher is the mystery person and their in my grade so it narrows it down a bit. I have a feeling that it’s Kat because no one can answer those questions she does.


Once our maths teacher last year kept up a question on the board from the year 12 class that was before ours. Out of all of year 12 class not one person, even the smartest in the year couldn’t, but the teacher didn’t even tell us that though. She asked if anyone can do it and no one put their hands up so Kat did.


She answered the question with what seemed like ease and when she finished the teacher was amazed. She told Kat that she had just solved a maths question that not even the year 12’s could do it and I’m certain I heard her swear under her breath.


See, I have my reasons to believe that it’s Kat but I still don’t know why she would want to cover it up on the charts or why she swore about that impossible year 12 question.


But the main thing that I hate about Kat is that she can tell a lie. She knew about my super-secret hiding spot and had no hesitation with saying it and not even the stalkers of the school knew. The other thing is that she seemed to be holding back from something and by the glint in her eye I knew it wasn’t good for me.


And I know how stupid but apart from my hate of her secrecy and lack of any social life, is that in the year that she’s been at Summerleaf school, I started to be intrigued by her then curious and slowly the feelings have started to develop and I’ve started to like her, more than a friend, even though we never have been friends.


So this history project is going to be very interesting.



~~Back to the story ~~


“No can do Miss Evil. Mr S said we had to work together, he even pulled me up and told me to make sure you didn’t try anything like this, guess he knows you better than most, odd.” The last bit I mutter as it still confuses me about their ‘relationship.’ “Now, to the project, I’ve already organized for you to come over to my house this afternoon.” I smirk. She’ll be at my home on my turf. I can do what I want and I will find out about her. Man I sound evil and like a perv.


“No can do.” She states with a bigger smirk on her face. “I—“ her phone starts to ring and she answers it.


“Sparrow here… yes I do… no you can’t… but the…” she looks over at me just as she was about to finish saying something, I have no idea what. “Yes sir… goodbye.” She hangs up the phone looking defeated and pissed about something.


“Fine I’ll come this afternoon and we’ll arrange more meetings for it then. Now go away.” Kat commanded looking hot, wait, what, I’ve never thought of her like that but god damn she was hot. I shake my head quickly clearing those thoughts and smirked.


“See you tonight Sparrow.” She looked furious as I turned around and left. Tonight will be fun.


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